Caraga regional meet 2012

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caraga regional meet 2012

Around 3, delegates coming from nine divisions of Caraga Region participated in the 15th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet which. 6 (PIA) -- Around 3, delegates coming from nine divisions of Caraga Region participated in the 15th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet Caraga Regional Science High School is a public school in San Juan, Surigao City, Philippines In S.Y. the school adapted to the new K Curriculum and pioneers of this curriculum were introduced If a student fails to meet the latter grade requirement the student will be in probation for a period of one year.

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Provincia de Caraga was born with Tandag as capital. At the dawn of the 20th century, the name Caraga drowned in oblivion when Provincia de Caraga became Provincia de Surigao; more so, when Surigao and Agusan provinces were sub-divided and formed part of Region 10 while Surigao del Sur became part of Region Years passed, underdevelopment plagued the provinces of Surigao and Agusan.

Thus, Caraga marched to a new dawn and began writing its own history as a new region of the Philippines. At the outset, the road was bumpy for the new region as it had to grapple with many issues like persistent poverty, slow economic growth, unemployment, malnutrition, environmental degradation, and others. But Caraga as a region believes that meaningful development can come only from convergence of efforts of different sectors of society. Subsequently, the Caraga Regional Development Council was convened to steer the region towards progress.

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Twenty years later, Caraga RDC has passed many milestones for the region. For twenty years, five chairpersons guided the Caraga RDC and pushed for continued progress for the region. Felix Villacastin as her co-Chair. During this period, the Caraga RDC: Siargao Islands are low-lying islands that rise to a maximum altitude of only m. The first batch of "Grade 11 or 11th Graders" will be introduced in S.

caraga regional meet 2012

Manliguis as the School Principal after the former principal retired. Selection will be done in three stages and is conducted by the school. The first stage is the administration of standardized mental ability and aptitude test. The student applicant must belong to the 40 percent of the first stage of examination in order to advance to the second stage.

The second stage is the proficiency test in ScienceEnglishand Mathematics. The stage qualifier should obtain at least 75 percent proficiency level in order to advance to the last stage of the selection process.

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The last stage is the interview of the student and parents. It would be conducted by the RSHS screening committee. The interview shall be rated in accordance with a prepared rubric and shall be an integral part of the score obtained by the student.

caraga regional meet 2012

If a student fails to meet the latter grade requirement the student will be in probation for a period of one year. Transfer from general high school to the RSHS is not allowed in any curriculum year. The curriculum consists of four levels, which is two years of general studies, followed by two years of a student-chosen major.

Students apply for majors in sophomore yearand take four semesters of major classes throughout junior and senior year. The school offers a highly accelerated curriculum for math, science and information and communications technology and a custom-made curriculum tailored for the school in the areas of the English and Filipino languagesSocial Studiesand humanitieswith required courses and a wide selection of electives.

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As I see your faces, you are willing to give your best and to sacrifice and to bring honor to your respective places. Sol Matugas turned over the athletic banner to Gov.

The hoisting of the delegation banners followed, then the entrance of the friendship torch and lighting of the urn by the star athletes of every delegation. Benigno formally declared the 15th CRAM open. Making the opening ceremony merrier, students from the Agusan del Sur, clad in their colourful dresses and hats and other paraphernalia march to the ground for a mass demonstration.

Then an exhibition of the drum and bugle from Bayugan National Comprehensive High School followed, while hats were thrown up in the skies by the athletes expressing their joy. Their day to show and gauge their skills and ability began.

There are 17 games for elementary level and eighteen games for high school level including arnis, basketball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, badminton, among others.

caraga regional meet 2012

In an interview with a local radio station here, Joy Rojo, city tourism council officer-in-charge said the crystal water of the waterfalls invite visitors to experience the coolness and beauty of nature. To date, the official said they are coordinating with officials of the said barangay to request the city government and give them the authority to develop this one-of-a-kind gift of nature and be one of the potential tourist destinations here.

caraga regional meet 2012

The official further said one way of developing the area into a tourist destination is to create Public-Private Partnership, which is also pushed by the present administration as one of its flagship program. With this, the city tourism council is hoping that the tourism industry of this city will slowly develop to uplift its economic condition.

Applications are accepted from faculty and staff of Philippine Universities and professionals from the private and government sectors.

caraga regional meet 2012

Among the fields of study includes the Study of the United States. This focuses on the study of American culture, life, and society through such fields as government, education, arts and humanities, law, economics, literature, history, the multi-disciplinary field of American Studies or any other humanities social science field with significant study of the U.

Meanwhile for open grants, these are fields of study not covered by the first two fields categories with the exception of engineering, medicine, nursing, and other health-related disciplines, and applied sciences and mathematics.

Applicants must be Philippine citizenship and proficient in English.