Cowtown nj swap meet 2012 calendar

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cowtown nj swap meet 2012 calendar

Jersey Regional AACA 42nd Annual Swap Meet and. Car Corral – Woodstown, NJ” you know, Cowtown. An Oral History – The Recollections. There will be a motorcar parts swap meet, so bring your extra parts and equipment. All motorcar and Hy-rails are welcomed. Set-on will be in. 47th Annual South Jersey Region AACA Annual Swap Meet & Car Corral Rain or Shine! AACA Annual Swap Meet & Car Corral Rain or Shine! Date: 01/29/ 0. Calendar NJ 5 miles West of Woodstown or 1/4 mile west of Cowtown . Cost: January · June · April · March · February

Sunday's run covers 60 roundtrip miles, and as an extra we can head down the Daily Branch for another mile. Participants will travel approximately forty-four round-trip miles between North Vernon and Madison, IN.

Set-on will be at the Hwy 50 crossing in North Vernon at 9: The excursion will go south to Madison then return to Dupont for lunch. Mileage may vary due to track maintenance or car storage. There is a no car limit. Participants will travel approximately 28 round-trip miles between Westfield and Holyoke, MA.

Participants will travel the mile round trip line twice, between Hooper and Fremont, NE. On July 11, Participants will travel the entire length of the railroad numerous times. Set-on will be at the New Haven engine house at 9: The group will go to Boston and return. This trip may be extended south to Gethsemani. Train ticket purchase at the station will pay trip fees. There is no car limit.

cowtown nj swap meet 2012 calendar

Contact Stan Conyer W. Set-on will be Saturday afternoon at the engine house in Stearns between 5: The group will proceed to Blue Heron and return after dark. On Sunday morning the group will return to Blue Heron departing at 8: Trip fee per car includes railroad costs, hotels, fuel, and ground transportation. There is a car limit. Portable hand-held models are not acceptable.

Special rules applicable to safety issues for above runs will be posted with individual runs. Further details available at http: Complete details will be sent upon receipt of the trip fee.

This is a CPR Rule. For trip details, contact Michael P. Participants will travel approximately round trip miles between Banks, OR. Deadline for registration and payment is due July 15, There is a minimum of 20 cars and a maximum of 30 cars. Participants will travel miles round trip between Chillicothe and Brunswick, MO. Participants will travel approximately to miles each day on a combination of the Pine Falls, and or Graysville, and or Winnipeg Beach Subdivisions.

These subdivisions run north and west from Winnipeg. The exact itinerary will be sent to registrants in late spring when it is confirmed by the railroad. Preliminary information and registration materials will be sent upon receipt of the trip fee. Participants will travel approximately miles between Winnipeg and Arborg in the beautiful Manitoba interlakes area.

This is a CPR rule. For trip details, contact Mr. Additional lunches may be purchased in advance. For trip details contact Michael P. We will then continue north as far as track conditions and time permit. Set on will be at North Street in Healdsburg starting at 7: At the railroad's request no minors will be allowed. To register, please send a check payable to MOW and enclose your e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address enclose a large SASE with 60 cents postage to: Ride through the Trough.

Home of the Bald Eagles. Lunch in Romney, WV.

cowtown nj swap meet 2012 calendar

Large cars must be able to turn without delaying the group at the same gravel crossing as all other cars. If in question call the coordinator.


This is wilderness trackage with about a dozen paved over crossings. Saturday - East Machias to Washington Junction. Total mileage is RT miles. Long pants and red safety vests are required. Over the ankle hard sole shoes work boots required at all times while on the property. Set on both days will be in East Machias.

This run is in August and blueberry picking will be allowed. For more info, contact Warren Riccitelli at There haven't been any excursions on this scenic line for several years, and permission has just been granted. It's short notice, but we wanted this date to go along with Ohio Railcar's South Branch Valley excursion on Saturday the 9th. This OVR sponsored meet will begin at 7: Departure will occur at 9: Fairmont A series or larger cars are not permitted.

Road, 25 Wapakoneta, OH or We will travel miles round-trip. Run fee is undetermined at this time. On August 21, 22, 23, 24, we will operate between Silverton and Rockwood a mile round trip. Each day we will try and do something different every day. You need not be a member of either club to participate. Please include a SASE. Steve Paluso at Pat Coleman at Participants will travel this mile round trip several times during the day. Participants will travel approximately seventy-eight miles round trip.

Hard hats, Steel toed safety shoes and safety Glasses are required. Jim Lindholm Fairfield Ave. Participants will travel approximately miles round trip plus we will have a night run on Friday evening. Participants will travel approximately miles round trip miles, with a minimum of two overnights in Lewistown, ID. For trip details contact B.

King - excursion coordinator. SE Kent, WA This year's trip will operate east on the main line through the West Virginia Panhandle and onto Avella, Pennsylvania. Mileage should be around miles. Available food will be limited, but available at our turn point in Avella. Ten tunnels and many bridges. No trailer cars permitted. There is a car limit for this trip.

No attendees under 14 years of age. This includes exiting your tow vehicle to unload your motorcar. Safety glasses or side shields for eye glass wearers. Violators will not be permitted to participate and will not be welcomed back to the railroad for any future excursions.

No hyrails on this excursion. Participants will travel approximately roundtrip miles between Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City, and Clermont with side tours of Montreal and Quebec City. There is a 15 car limit.

Trip price has yet to be determined. Participants will travel 1, roundtrip miles. The mission of this excursion will be the enjoyment of operating our own motorcars over one of the most modern, heavy, freight only mountain railroads in the world, from the shores and sheer cliffs of spectacular Howe Sound, to deep in the heart of the beautiful Cariboo country, to the Rocky Mountain trench of the BC interior.

There is a car limit and occupants are limited to the occupation of 20 rooms. For detail clarification and application contact Denny S. Anspach, 29 Street, Sacramento, CA On Saturday, we will set-on in Himrod and travel south to Watkins Glen before turning. We will then travel north thru Himrod to Penn Yann. This run also includes a ride thru New York's famous wine county and cross the high trestle at Glenora. Total roundtrip mileage is approximately 46 miles. On Sundays run we will depart from Geneva running the Canandaigua.

Total round trip mileage is approximately 66 miles. Call to arrange drop-off or pick-up, or set up a donation box in your school or office.

cowtown nj swap meet 2012 calendar

For information, call or go to www. There will be programs for all ages, with financial aid available. It will include worship, fellowship, conduct of business, discussion of public issues, sharing of actions, and lots of time for fun and talking.

For information, go to www. I hope they burn deep, leaving a mark so deep in our souls that we will seek to unearth the laws, institutional practices, actions, and inactions that bred and continue to feed the climate in Ferguson, Missouri, and the mindsets that enable such events to occur, not just in Ferguson, but also in our own towns and cities; our own blocks, civic groups and workplaces; our own schools and government; and in our own Quaker congregations, our meetinghouses, and our families.

And in the shadows of our own hearts. I cannot pray to ease our pain and discomfort, for when I do I hear the same response each time: This is your work. No Adult Class or committee meetings Meeting for Worship Closers: Anthony Stover and his daughter Taylor Stover All children are welcome to join Meeting for Worship with adults in Meetinghouse for 15 minutes, beginning at Infants and toddlers go to childcare in the East Kindergarten across the driveway, next to the burial ground.

Here is a link to an obituary submitted to a newspaper by the place where he worked: They were approved at the Nov. Thank you, Becky Johnson, you are an extraordinary recording clerk! If you would like to receive an electronic copy, just call Melissa Elliott at or send her an email message at gmm gfsnet. Give her your email address, and she will send you the digital file. For information, call the Shalom Center,or email email: Fruitvale Station, a film about the shooting of Oscar Grant, an unarmed, year-old black man, by a police officer in Oakland, CA, will be shown next Friday, Dec.

It is a dramatic telling of the actual incident, captured on video by onlookers, inciting protests, unrest, and argument across the country. Doors open at 6: Cosponsored by the Brandywine Peace Community. Her talk will be followed by a question-and-answer session and book signing.

t shirts | Fashion and Fun after Fifty

It will take place at Friends Center, Cherry St. All are invited to join in learning about the intersection of economy and ecology. For information, contact Pamela Haines, pamelahaines1 gmail. For information, contact Joanne Sharpless, or jsharpless gfsnet. For information, contact Marlena at or marsantoyo gmail. For information, contact Tricia Walmsley of Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting, who is coordinator of the potlucks, at or walmsley verizon.

Led by Karl Middleman, a musician and composer. Open Heart, Peaceful Mind—Relax into a time of rest and renewal and open to the unfolding of a new year. Led by Valerie Brown.

Led by Melanie Weidner. The retreats are expensive, but scholarship help is available. Contact Pendle Hill at Young folk will explore the lives of rabble-rousing Quakers from earlier years and how those early actions relate to Quaker activism today.

There will also be a talent show, so come prepared to showcase your strange and wonderful gifts! To register, go to http: Register by December Congress, and it is urgent to let your members know how important this effort at diplomacy is to you. You can even use the letter template that is provided, choosing the paragraphs you wish to include in your message. Your efforts during these crucial days can make a big difference in shaping opinions.

For background information, as well as for click-through letter-sending, go to the FCNL website listed above. The monthly demonstration will take place this Saturday, Nov. The pending command center will not have war drones on site but will house the computer equipment to send off and guide drones from other locations, guiding them by remote control to their targets in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The demonstration will display a large replica of a Reaper drone and will take place from noon to 2 p. For information, call There will be programs for all ages, with financial aid available, including worship, fellowship, conduct of business, discussion of public issues, sharing of actions, and lots of time for fun and talking.

Beliefs, of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, The internalization of this divine principle has the potential to remove the sense of powerlessness that so often characterizes the thinking of the downtrodden. For if the Divine Light is the Seed of God planted in the souls of human beings, in that Seed lies all the characteristics of its source.

Consequently, the Light within is also the Divine Power within. It is the indestructible power in us that is able to create from nothing, able to make ways out of no way, able to change what appears to be the natural order of things.

It is the power in us that can never be overcome by the darkness of fear and hatred or altered by the might or money of people. It is the power in us in which lies unfathomable capacity to love and forgive even the most heinous of crimes. Queries for our worship sharing: How can we as a meeting best serve as an effective resource for racial justice in the community, the nation, and the world?

What are the ways and means for personal and collective transformation to this end? At least she did until she became very sick with eating disorders and attendant emotional distress. Her mother lives in California and will pay for lodging and taxi service for her daughter, if only her daughter can find a place to stay. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give. Sally died on Nov. He died in They had five children, all graduates of GFS: Sally served in numerous roles at GFS from throughamong them: She formally retired in and went on to found Educating Children for Parenting, an experimental program designed for students to observe development of infants to gain insights about parenting—and to discourage them from becoming parents in their teens.

Her curriculum for this program was used in 2, classrooms across the country, reaching more than 85, students, and received national recognition. She was a highly respected educator, a master teacher and curricular innovator. Her extraordinary intellect went hand-in-hand with her endearing and engaging personality.

She was adored and respected by her students. If interested, send an e-mail to Charley McPhedran at charlesmcphedran hotmail. First come, first served!

Connect. Discover. Share.

The program will feature collaborations between the choir and other artists, including a string ensemble, a percussion ensemble, and a modern dance ensemble. The concert is free and open to the public. The choice this year is The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander, who challenges the idea that election of Barack Obama signals a new era of colorblindness. You may remember this book from the lively presentations and discussions the Adult Class of our Meeting held approximately a year ago.

Now is your chance to participate in more discussions with a wider group of Friends. Alexander shows us how targeting black men in the War on Drugs has turned the U.

There are resources for youth and adults as well. All can be found at www. This will involve planning programs to help our meetings become safe spiritual homes for Friends of all colors and backgrounds. At that time, Friends spoke with passion and concern about their vision to become a community reflecting the diverse composition of their surrounding communities, addressing racism in our midst that may be unseen and unacknowledged. This group is moving forward, preparing for a second set of meetings.

Friends who wish to be involved are invited to: Several Meeting members are engaged in this project and volunteer in classrooms at Kelly School. The talk will take place on Monday, Nov. Megan Gill is manager of Chestnut Hill Pharmacy and will address how medicines affect our bodies as we age, what questions we should ask our pharmacist, and how the role of pharmacist is changing in the medical profession. It is sponsored by Mutual Mt.

Airy, a community group that looks for ways for people to stay in their homes as they age. Airy, visit with people, and enjoy refreshments. For information, contact Peter or Anne Javsicas, Getting to Know the Russian People.