How to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

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how to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

Relationship status updates can be seen with the following permissions: "type": "status", "created_time": "T+", "updated_time": hope to get the correct data, which we might still have to parse to remove other stories, . Beyond the logic and immediacy of the news feed (Bucher, ), through its . structure of the network makes it easier to share than to hide information. . The “ relationship status” on Facebook is a point of messiness and. your friends list about it. To change your relationship status without the press release, go to Facebook's privacy options, deselect "Remove My Relationship Status" then, in your profile Apr 24, , am. With the new.

In order for you to disable your tagged images being viewed by your whole list, follow these steps below: Here is a quick video to understand how you can make tagged photos and videos invisible to your friends. The Segmented Friend List If your profile is one of those that just keep growing exponentially, then you may want to start segmenting your friend lists as early as possible.

5 Facebook Privacy Settings You Must Now for Your Safety: 2018

For example, you definitely should not be exposing your party pictures, to work employees that you may have on your profile. So if you are one of those individuals, here is what you should do: If you have a lot of friends, then it will take you some time to go through this phase, but it will be worth it.

Once your friends list is segmented, it will allow you to further customize other security features of your profile by enabling them to be visible or invisible to certain segments.

how to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

How to create and manage Fb friend list Protecting Yourself from Stalkers We all have certain individuals in our networks that have absolutely nothing better to do than — stalk us!

They are out to figure out what your relationship status is, where you work, where you studied and even hope to go through your pictures or tagged images. You can tackle this issue through two different means.

Maintenance mode

One method is by going through the Customized Settings on the Privacy Settings page and manually customize parts of your profile to enable who can view them or not view them. The second method is used for when you want to customize who can search for you, who can message you or see your friends list.

how to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

Facebook says this is decided by "lots of factors," including your relationship to the person who posted the story, how many comments and likes it got, what type of story it is, etc. The "Most Recent" option will return to your news feed to a more chronological order. Mute a Friend If you're seeing too many updates from one person, you can edit what it is you see.

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In your news feed, hover over the post and press the small box with an arrow in the top right hand cornert. Click this, select "Hide" and you'll get two options: Now you can change what you see in your feed from this particular friend.

You can choose to see only "important" updates again, this will be determined by Facebook or choose to unfollow entirely. Don't worry — if you do unfollow, your friend won't be notified.

How to Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook (with Pictures)

Depending on the type of post you've clicked on, you'll also get the option to hide that specific kind of content. In our screen grab it offers the option to unsubscribe to status updates, photo posts, "comments and likes," and "other activity. Mute a Page If you want to mute a page, the options are a little different. Again, hover over the the offending post, click the arrow and select "hide". You'll now have the option to hide all posts from that page.

Mute an Application As well as friends and pages, you can get rid of annoying content from apps and third-party services. If you're fed up of seeing location-based checkins in your feed, don't want to see what music people are listening to, what they're pinning on Pinterest, what they're snapping with Instagram, what they're reading on other sites or what games they're playing, this can all be muted.

how to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

Every time you see a type of post you don't like, click the arrow, select "hide" from the menu and the option to hide all posts from the application will appear. Edit Your News Feed Settings To resubscribe to anything you've muted and to manage your news feed settings, head to your home page. Hover over where it reads "News Feed" at the top left of the menu and click on the pencil that appears. Click "Edit settings" and you'll get a pop-up window displaying the friends, apps and pages you've hidden posts from.

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You can click the "X" next to each item to start seeing that kind of content in your stream again. Managing Subscriptions You can really drill down into the details of what kind of content you see from people.

how to remove your relationship status on facebook 2012

This is useful if you have a friend you're interested in seeing most content from, but are getting really fed-up with their gaming addiction, for example. To tailor these settings to suit, head to your friend's profile page and hit the "Subscribed" icon under their cover photo. Now you can uncheck what you don't want to see and customize exactly what you do. Managing Subscriptions En Masse To do the same for people you're subscribed to, but those who aren't your friends, there's a quick way to manage all content en masse.

Although you can still go to each profile page in the way previously described, a quicker option is to head to your "Subscriptions" page to see everyone in one place. To get to your Subscriptions page, head to your profile. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of your four "Favorites" boxes and you should see a "Subscriptions" box.