Interiit sports meet 2012 calendar

20th INTER IIT STAFF SPORTS MEET , Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

interiit sports meet 2012 calendar

1) Glory at the 51st inter iit sports meet to be held at IIT-Madras. 2) To make sports a 2) Making a hostel wise sports calendar for intra hostel events as the players can be recognized at the hostel level . 6) Champions of Spirit – Cricket The 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet Following is link to this event http://www. JOIN if you are coming, but if you. main. Faculty · Staff · Alumni · Companies · Current Students · Prospective Students · Media · Visitors · International. 48th INTER IIT SPORTS MEET

Can the Meet be pushed back to the next semester? The combined strength of all contingents is around including coaches and support staffand arranging for the accommodation of such a huge number is simply not viable, since students of the host IIT will stay in their hostels at the time. The contingent members would also miss a week of classes, which is undesirable.

Of 2012 48th technology institute sports meet indian inter iit

Can the Meet be pushed back to the summer? Quite a few students who are a part of a contingent would be doing summer internships, some of them leaving immediately after their end-semester examinations, ruling this option out. However, organizing the Meet in December comes with its own set of issues. Another option is having the Meet at the end of December, after Techfest. But even if this were to happen, the institute would still face an accommodation crunch, due to conferences and students coming back for the next semester.

interiit sports meet 2012 calendar

All these constraints cast a cloud over this option. But the preparedness of the playing surfaces are not known to us. Whatever it is, every option has its own cost implications, making it difficult to salvage the Meet. However, the problem of accommodation at such short notice in these IITs remains an unresolved issue.

48th INTER IIT SPORTS MEET , Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Sports Secretaries and Joint Secretaries are responsible for all other Institute and Inter-Institutes sports activities as well. When asked about the co-operation from the administration Mr Sukumar, quite surprisingly, had no complains.

There is no problem from their side. Players are casual, secretaries do not attend meetings regularly and seriously.

interiit sports meet 2012 calendar

This could mean two things. The substantial reduction in the credits awarded to sport proficiency NSO combined with a lack of promotional gesture towards Inter Bhawan sports activities, supports the aforementioned claim.

Formalities in the name of competitions Inter Bhawan in itself has a totally different story to tell. Currently, the Bhawan tournaments are as interesting as Vogon poetry. The sense of pride and emotion that surrounds the Inter Hostel tournaments of various other colleges is something that IITR can learn from. The tales of age-old hostel rivalries in other IITs add a completely new dimension to the lives of students there.

This, sadly, is absent from Inter-Bhawan tournaments mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, students rarely feel attached to their hostels since they are allotted new rooms every year.

Will the 51st Inter IIT Sports Meet see the light of day? Maybe.

Secondly, the involvement of Bhawan administration when it comes to conducting and promoting Inter-Bhawans and allocation of funds for the same is minimal. For the Inter IITs, the college administration provides support and encouragement to the players. Special camps for players, kit, shoes other merchandise with proper refreshments make it an enjoyable affair for players. The Inter Bhawan events on the other hand provide no such motivation. The concept of pride in representing your hostel is alien to IIT Roorkee.

Another contrasting situation is observed between the inter-bhawans and institute opens held for racquet games like Lawn Tennis, Squash, Badminton and TT. While the institute opens are a huge success, receiving a large number of entries, the inter bhawan events are a disappointment. Even the chief sports officer agrees that students need to be called specially just to get them to participate. But that is just not it.

It is a matter of intense pride for our institute. Firstly, introduction of more medium scale tournaments along the lines of Sangram can be a possible solution. These tournaments, unlike Sangram, should be invitational in nature.

Although the creation of house rivalry is something that takes years, it is not the only problem that stands in its way.

Inter-IIT — The Scholars' Avenue

The rotation of hostels on the basis of year and branch is yet another issue which prevents this. None of these is possible as overnight changes. But a constant endeavour on the part of authorities as well as the students can bring about the change that this institute badly needs.