Meet plan go 2012

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meet plan go 2012

MPG New York City is complete. Check out a full listing of all of our local meet ups here. "This was a fantastic event! It made me realize that. My father says that I have never met a stranger. I suppose he is right. I love meeting new people and I can talk to anyone, an innate ability that. Where will you go next? Join us for a travel meet, mingle and get inspired happy hour! February 26, JETSET EXTRA SOCIAL at Union Station. Picture The globetrotting . our first Meet Plan Go event in Los Angeles!Lisa and George.

Thank god for travel insurance!

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They are blogging at Changes In Longitude and writing about their adventure for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Changes In Longitude Twitter: ChangesInLongitude Craig Zabransky Craig traveled across 45 countries and 40 US states as a global consultant, a career breaker with a backpack on a RTW round the world adventure, and now as a travel blogger photographer. Still traveling, he writes stories to inspire his readers on how to take and make adventure in their lives.

StayAdventurous Nan Teh Born and raised in Malaysia, the first time Nan got on a plane, she flew 10, miles to a place called Iowa to attend college. Inthe seed of the idea to quit her job and travel was planted. For 15 months, besides seeking adventure, Nan also reconnected with old friends, spent quality time with families and established new meaningful friendships.

Nan attended various Meet, Plan, Go meetups prior to her trip and found it extremely helpful, so she hopes to pay it forward by sharing her experience with others. The Year of Magical Living Heather Molnar With vague notions of a career-break, and as the economy was going sour in earlyHeather Molnar decided to take the leap and quit her job as a Vice President of Internet Strategy.

meet plan go 2012

After a bit of research and budgeting, they decided that they would spend the year volunteering on farms and eco-projects in exchange for room and board. They traveled in Central America and the United States working on eco-hostels, farms, ranches, and an animal sanctuary and gained valuable skills, made wonderful memories and met many new friends. After college, Cate landed in NYC and began working her way up the editorial ladder in publishing.

She co-authored a camping guidebook and later interviewed with several guidebook companies. Several months and one jade engagement ring later, they were back at home with some freelance opportunities and a wedding to keep them busy. To spend day-after-day looking at travel brochures eventually became unbearable. He wanted to see these places.

meet plan go 2012

So he put in his notice and set out for New Zealand. He bought a car in Christchurch and spent three months exploring every dirt road and wilderness trail he and his girlfriend Cate could find.

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Whenever he had a spare moment, Aaron typed away on his laptop, trying to hone his craft as an aspiring novelist. After a quick stopoff in Tahiti, where they got engaged, they returned home rejuvenated.

She has managed to interweave travel throughout her life. Those experiences led Michaela to co-found Meet, Plan, Go! InKim decided she needed a career break and quit her job at a NYC public relations agency, convinced her friend Anna to do the same, and they traveled around the world for 3 months together. The trip was planned, fretted over, and talked about in very excited-yet-hushed tones for over a year before the actual departure date, but the minute she stepped on the plane she knew that the trip was going to be one of the most transformative experiences in her life.

Since graduating from college in she has been on TWO career breaks, the last of which culminated in her becoming a full time blogger and travel writer. She writes about her adventures across the globe on her website. Twenty Something Travel Twitter: Twenty-Something-Travel Michael Tieso Michael Tieso has been running the site and traveling around the world since ! Francis Tapon on FB Spencer Spellman After life came to a screeching halt after losing his dream job, followed by a divorce, Spencer packed his backpack and set out on a 9-month trip around North America.

With no money saved up and only outfitted with a thick southern drawl, Spencer used his work in the travel industry as an editor to begin a career as a freelance travel writer and blogger on the road. After spending most of his trip in Central America, the final stop was in San Francisco, where he has called home for the last year. The Traveling Philosopher Twitter: As a veteran of the teaching profession, Molly has made full use of her summer vacations to travel to such places as Peru, Italy, and South Africa.

She takes many volunteer holidays from working with South African Blackfoot penguins and archaeological digs with Earthwatch to ESL summer teaching positions in Italy and Thailand. Molly first realized her wanderlust when she was a teenager and worked for the National Park Service in Utah. In JulyMolly began a trip of a lifetime after being awarded a paid sabbatical from her school district. This past year she went to India and Nepal, studied the restoration of frescoes and had an internship at a restoration studio in Florence, Italy, visited Egypt and France, and volunteered in Thailand, Bali and Mongolia.

Her reporting projects have taken her around the globe, from Buenos Aires to Berlin. She just returned from a 2. Prior to their departure, Robin worked as a litigator with a large law firm in San Francisco while Pierre worked for a consulting firm and dabbled in winemaking at an urban winery in Oakland. The work routine had become a little stale, so they decided to take a break to see the world.

meet plan go 2012

They spent the next eleven months visiting and sampling the local beers of 24 countries on five continents. They saw places they had only dreamed of, they learned more about each other as a couple, and they mostly figured out what they wanted to do next. She loved the idea of going off-season to a small village so she could really get to know the locals. Traveling with her husband and sons, they went to small communities to get the feel of the local culture.

meet plan go 2012

Fran is a Ph. Fran feels one of the best things anyone can do to de-stress is to take a career break and helps her clients find ways to make this possible. Fran Wickner Molly Mitoma Molly Mitoma has traveled through 25 countries on five continents, independently, with a backpack and a budget. After graduating from college she taught English in Tanzania for 3 months and spent time volunteering with sea turtle rescue in Costa Rica.

Since then she has been working for Intrepid Travel. In the company shipped her off to Australia to live and work in the hustle and bustle of Sydney for a full year. Intrepid Travel Britt-Marie Alm Born to European parents who taught her that home is where you make it, Britt has long sought crafty ways of planting roots in far off lands. Though her love of travel has taken her from Guatemala to New Zealand, her life-long crush is on the Himalayas.

Over the past two decades, she has repeatedly abandoned daily routine and cell phone contracts to live and work on the Tibetan Plateau: Her most recent adventure found her braving extreme temperatures in China with a development organization focused on Tibetan nomad communities. She now continues to work in the world of philanthropy in San Francisco as a Senior Program Officer for the Global Philanthropy Forum — one of the few desk jobs satiating enough to make her stay put for now.

Born from the idea that travel is the best form of education, Learning AFAR grants international travel scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able to explore our world.

meet plan go 2012

Learning AFAR provides a global education by emphasizing leadership, service and cross-cultural exchange before, during and after an international expedition.