Meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

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meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

Looking at the most recent nationwide election in each OECD nation, the U.S. . voting in and began automatically enrolling eligible citizens. Greece, which has a compulsory-voting law on the books (though it's not. The June Greek legislative election was held in Greece on Sunday, 17 June, to elect all On 13 May, the president followed the terms of section 37 of the constitution and met with all party leaders to find a way of forming a majority. Presidential election, this was not the case in . references to Germany (4 %), Greece (3%), and the public deficit (5%), bringing the heads of European socialist parties during a meeting on the European aspect of his.

More than two years into an economic crisis that is increasingly being compared to a war, Tsipras' fiery, feelgood, anti-austerity rhetoric has gone down a treat.

meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

So, too, have his fierce denunciations of the corrupt political elite, crooked bankers and barbaric measures that have led to Greece's "undignified" descent into penury and misery. Like every war, says the telegenic politician, the first casualty is truth.

The Greeks — the eurozone's poorest nation despite living standards having leapt since joining the single currency — have been duped into thinking that there is only one way out of their economic mess, "through the cruel austerity Madame Merkel and the IMF have inflicted upon us". The truth, he argues, lies elsewhere: The memorandum of understanding outlining the onerous terms Greece must meet to acquire EU-IMF loans to keep its insolvent economy afloat has to be "radically renegotiated", if not torn up.

It is heady stuff. Six weeks ago, Tsipras was barely known beyond the borders of his homeland. Today, his Coalition of the Radical Left Syrizais a frontrunner in the battle to rule the country. Since emerging as the surprise runner-up of May's indecisive elections, Syriza — an eclectic alliance of ex-communists, former Stalinists, greens and socialists — has gone from strength to strength.

Surveys show it level with the centre-right New Democracy, although no party is expected to win an outright majority.

In Athens, where nearly half of Greece's 11 million people live, and which has been worst hit by the austerity, Syriza has stolen the show.

As Tsipras storms from town to village, addressing peoples' assemblies and pre-election rallies, his is a presence that nobody can ignore: It's easy to understand why.

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Creditors have made it clear that if Athens rescinds the structural reforms seen as vital to kickstarting its moribund economy, further injections of cash will stop.

Without the money, Greece will have to default, declare bankruptcy and leave the eurozone, sending the nation bloc into a tailspin from which the global economy might take decades to recover.

meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

The stakes have never been higher. With the party recognising the need to reach out to undecided moderates, cadres say the leader will seek to placate the fears in a television appearance on Tuesday. Tempering his speech at the weekend, he said: Problems reported by the media It was no different during the midterm elections.

The news media reported a range of problems on polling day - some trivial, others more serious. It is unclear whether these arose from accidental administrative mistakes or intentional dirty tricks. At least 18 state election websites were reported to have experienced disruptions on election day, preventing voters from using the sites to locate polling places and ballot information.

May 2012 Greek legislative election

In Virginia, a State Department of Elections spokesman said that 32 electronic voting machines at 25 polling places experienced problems. In both Virginia and North Carolina, the Washington Post reported cases of electronic polling machines which recorded a vote for the Democratic candidate when the screen was touched to cast a vote for the Republican.

meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

And in Texas the statewide voter registration system crashed, forcing many to complete provisional ballots when poll workers were unable to confirm voter eligibility. Meanwhile, new state laws requiring electors to present photo identification caused confusion in several states, including Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina.

These problems are not fading away. During the primary in North Carolinathere was confusion about new photo ID requirements and long lines. Court decisions over voter identification laws currently remain pending in Texas and Virginia. Problems of money in politics As well as repeated procedural flaws, there has been speculation that public disgust with the role of money in politics, and the role of major donors in buying access to Congress, is one of the major factors driving the primary campaigns.

He commonly claims that his organization is more self-funded than most presidential campaigns, without support by a super-PAC. This may appeal to voters who are suspicious of the role of money in American elections and of the honesty of politicians who are seen to be in the pockets of rich donors and corporate interests.

Similarly, Bernie Sanders has campaigned on his ability to raise funds from multiple small donors. He claims Hillary Clinton has been more beholden to establishment donors and fat fees from corporate speaking engagements. Suspicion of the role of money in politics seems to be widespread. Is there actually more systematic evidence suggesting that American elections are flawed? And how does the U. New evidence that gives insights into this issue has been gathered by the Electoral Integrity Project.

The annual Year in Election report compares the risks of flawed and failed elections, and looks at how well countries around the world meet international standards.

The report gathers assessments from over 2, experts to evaluate the perceived integrity of all national parliamentary and presidential contests held between July 1, to December 31, in countries worldwide.

These include 54 national elections held last year. Forty experts were asked to assess each election by answering 49 questions The overall point Perceptions of Electoral Integrity PEI index is constructed by summing up the responses.

meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

This chart compares and contrasts the overall point PEI index for all elections held since in the Western democracies covered in the survey. Americans often express pride in their democracy, yet the results indicate that domestic and international experts rate the U.

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Several democracies from diverse regions and cultures — for example, Israel and Canada — are ranked in the middle of the pack. The UK also performs fairly poorly, along with Greece and Australia. One reason for this is that proportional electoral systems — which translate votes into seats on a proportional basis — usually tend to score higher as they provide more inclusive opportunities for smaller parties.

meet the greeks 2012 presidential candidates

All of the Nordic countries, for example, use a proportional system. Comparisons can also be drawn with all parliamentary and presidential elections included in the latest report, covering countries worldwide. This is no one-time shortcoming.