New boston crane swap meet 2012 presidential election

Nolan Ryan meets with Astros owner Jim Crane, son Reid Ryan |

new boston crane swap meet 2012 presidential election

Find out the latest news from your council. · · · · · · 3/12 Anglian Water teams up with Mountain's Boston Sausage to help 'Keep it Clear' . 29/1 Candidates for by-election; 26/1 Centuries-old flag heritage meets 21st Century .. Honour for Alison: 'Focus on what brings us togeth. house at the annual Town meeting in May unani- two tractors, 15 bulldozers, 22 cranes, a number of Skilled Care Center near the New Boston Inn. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40A and .. pool of candidates. . Sandisfield, November bring a modest gift for the Yankee Gift Swap. Find out the latest news from your council. Latest: Boston Calendar out now · High resolution. The Boston Calendar is out now. December scrutinised and approved; 22/10 Market Place survey extended; 19/10 Frampton and Holme by-election .. Honour for Alison: 'Focus on what brings us togeth.

Lottery rights were subsequently picked up by WCVB, which began airing the nightly drawings on March 7, This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In addition, the station produces Urban Update, a discussion program focusing on issues affecting the African American community; and Honda Sports Xtra, a weekly half-hour sports highlight program.

The station's weather radar is presented on-air as "Storm Scan Doppler" with a signal coming from the radar at the National Weather Service local forecast office in Taunton. Media partnerships[ edit ] The station, in partnership with MetroNetworks, launched the TrafficTracker truck during the Democratic National Conventionwhich was held in Boston. With traffic reporter Marshall Hook behind the wheel of one of the station's live vehicles, WHDH became the only station in the market to produce live traffic reports from the road.

Nolan meets with Astros owner Crane

The station continues to use the TrafficTracker during snowstorms, including the December 13, storm that resulted in paralyzing commutes that, in some cases, exceeded seven hours. News department history[ edit ] —[ edit ] When New England Television began operating the station, a massive attempt to bring channel 7 out of the ratings basement where WNAC-TV had largely resided for most of its history was planned.

David Mugar and company soon announced the infamous "dream team" of newscasters, headed by Tom Ellis and Robin Young.

Ellis had previously maintained WBZ's dominance in the news market, and then helped WCVB reach 1 in the ratings during his tenure there from to Young, on the other hand, had no hard news experience but was well-known to Boston viewers as former co-host of Evening Magazine. The new partnership, as well as the completely restructured news department as a whole, received heavy promotion in the months leading to the official launch of the finalized WNEV news product accompanied by a launch image campaign, "There's A New Day Dawning".

new boston crane swap meet 2012 presidential election

The newsroom facility, built feverishly over the summer ofwas cited by The Boston Globe as being the most technologically advanced out of all three network stations in the market. The curiosity of Boston viewers only lasted a week in large numbers, the following week, channel 7 returned to ranking as a distant third. WNEV's news department underwent more shakeups, both in talent and identity due to ongoing sagging ratings. Replacing Baker was former WBZ-TV programming head Sy Yanoff, whom Mugar had the utmost confidence in given his track record at channel 4 both Ellis and Young had worked for Yanoff at separate times, years earlier, at WBZ, this was a major factor in him taking the job.

Over the summer, the two fired quite a few of the "dream team" hires, in an effort to strengthen and better utilize the talents that worked. The largest issue they faced was the public perception that Robin Young and Tom Ellis were a mismatched anchor team.

new boston crane swap meet 2012 presidential election

Young, whose informal presence began to contrast severely with the seriousness of Ellis, was offered new avenues at WNEV by Yanoff so that the station could boast a more balanced, serious lead anchor team. Although she had stated in the spring of that she was at the anchor desk for the long haul, Young made a move with Yanoff and Mugar that July which granted her airtime on WNEV for primetime specials produced through her private production company, Young Visions.

Young decided that leaving the news department would allow her more time to focus on these specials, as well as the availability to be an all-purpose station personality.

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Willis was selected for the position in early September, and began anchoring with Tom Ellis that same month. Young, meanwhile, went on to host her primetime specials and events until In the spring ofNETV moved its on-air news look away from the changes made only two years prior, taking away the anchoring desk from the newsroom and utilizing a backdrop allowing chroma keys and CGI graphics to be placed.

Despite a continued massive influx of capital and marketing including a highly financed promotional campaign employing the refrain "Feel Good About That"and more positive reviews of the station's newscasts following the appointment of Willis as lead anchor, WNEV still failed to take the competition by storm.

In the spring ofYanoff and Rosser announced that they would try a second lead anchor team for the weeknight They planned to keep Ellis and Willis on at 6: However, when Rosser had a meeting with Willis for what was supposed to be her contract renewal, he was told by her that instead, she would be leaving to become a professor of journalism at Northeastern University. Willis and Rosser publicly announced her resignation in July, and Willis assured the staff that her decision to leave WNEV was isolated from her soon-to-be decreased air time.

Ellis, on the other hand, was unhappy about his reduction, feeling that he was no longer being considered the station's principal anchor. Yanoff and Rosser attempted to come to agreeable terms with Ellis, with two proposed plans — to either pair him with Kate Sullivan or Dave Wright, or to find him another replacement female anchor. The anchor replacement and Wright-Ellis pairing ideas were ultimately nixed by the s, the idea of two men anchoring together was passein the end, Sullivan and Wright took over both the 6: Ellis was demoted to reporter, a move that ultimately led to his exit from the station altogether in early December In Augustnumerous changes occurred when R.

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He referred to the New England soldiers under his command as Yankees: The meaning of Yankee has varied over time. In the 18th century, it referred to residents of New England descended from the original English settlers of the region.

Mark Twain used the word in this sense the following century in his novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Courtpublished in As early as the s, British people applied the term to any person from the United States. In the 19th century, Americans in the southern United States employed the word in reference to Americans from the northern United States, though not to recent immigrants from Europe. Thus, a visitor to Richmond, Virginia commented in"The enterprising people are mostly strangers; Scots, Irish, and especially New England men, or Yankees, as they are called".

He cited a popular theory which claimed that the word came from a tribe who called themselves Yankoos, said to mean "invincible". The story claimed that New Englanders had defeated this tribe after a bloody battle, and the remaining Yankoo Indians transferred their name to the victors—who were "agreeable to the Indian custom".

Sonneck notes that multiple American writers since had repeated this story as if it were fact, despite what he perceived to be holes in it. It had never been the tradition of any Indian tribe to transfer their name to other peoples, according to Sonneck, nor had any settlers ever adopted an Indian name to describe themselves.

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Quinion and Hanks posit that it was "used as a nickname for a Dutch-speaking American in colonial times" and could have grown to include non-Dutch colonists, as well. Its Anglicized spelling Yankee could, in this way, have been used to mock Dutch Americans. The chosen name Jan Kees may have been partly inspired by a dialectal rendition of Jan Kaas "John Cheese"the generic nickname that Southern Dutch used for Dutch people living in the North.

Linguist Jan de Vries notes that there was mention of a pirate named Dutch Yanky in the 17th century. The character was a plain-speaking American who becomes an example for Nova Scotians to follow in his industry and practicality; and his uncouth manners and vanity were the epitome of qualities that his creator detested.

The character was developed by Thomas Chandler Haliburtonand it grew between and in a series of publications. In an old joke, a Southerner alleges, "I was twenty-one years old before I learned that 'damn' and 'Yankee' were separate words". In fact, the spelling "damnyankee" is not uncommon. It became a catch phrase, often used humorously for Yankees visiting the South, as in the mystery novel Death of a Damn Yankee: Another popular although facetious saying is that "a Yankee is someone from the North who visits the South.

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A damn Yankee is one who moves here. The song was popular among the British troops, creating a stereotype of the Yankee simpleton who stuck a feather in his cap and thought that he was stylish. Philadelphia elections inspector Ryan Godfrey also refuted Hannity's claim. He also criticized the Obama administration for failing to apprehend Assange. I wish you the best. McCain's spokeswoman called Hannity out on it, asking him to "correct the record.

They speak on the phone multiple times a week, discussing Hannity's show, the special counsel investigation, even evaluating White House staff. In a breach of journalistic ethics, Hannity had failed to disclose that Cohen was his lawyer while at the same time taking to the Fox airwaves to defend Cohen and criticize those who investigated him.

Attorney's office served a search warrant on the office and residence of Michael CohenTrump's personal attorney. Trump, Elliott Broidyand a "prominent person" who did not wish to be named for fear of being "embarrassed". I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective.

I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third party. Sekulow had written a cease-and-desist letter to KFAQ on Hannity's behalf in Mayand later represented Trump in connection with the Mueller investigation. In March he publicized a theory, first proposed at the Wikileaks Twitter account, that the CIA could have done the hacking while making it look like Russia did it.

Donald Trump repeated these allegations as a candidate and as president. Now they're protecting themselves. They're trying to preserve their own power.