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Nithyananda Press Meet at Kanchanoor 16th May Nithyananda Press Paramahamsa Nithyananda Press Meet 24th May at Palani Bidadi, 09 July In a faltering bid to bring up some more allegations against Nithyananda, Lenin Karuppan held a press meet in Bangalore on 07 Sat, .. We may honor all deities and all masters: but the deep feeling. Controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda Paramahamsa, who went missing days on the run, and may find it difficult to get bail in his hearing on Thursday. advertisement. Vanu Dev: June 13, ; UPDATED: June 14, IST which aired Arathi Rao's interview, from the ashrama and allegedly beat him up.

Night they came and told me 'till today evening it will not come'. I said 'that and all I don't know, tomorrow I have to initiate people into samyama. I have to do the satsang. It will be there'. I just slept, that's all. Just before, 5 minutes before the morning satsang it was up.

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And still in Kodaikanal they have not got. This nirahara samyama is becoming a powerful process. I could see people all over the world becoming healthy, intelligent, more spiritual, evolving into high consciousness. Alright, we will start the morning satsang. I will answer your questions. The first question is from Bhavya, IA number Bhavya, do not force yourself on other person, your belief, your experience.

When you talk to the other person, see what he really wants. See, I am a spiritual mall. He may have some disease for which you can give our kriyas. He may have some life problems, you can give my life solutions. Communication starts only when you start listening. So, don't do with the agenda of evangelism. Don't carry the evangelistic spirit.

Listen to his problem. See, when you start talking to people, naturally they are going to tell only about their problems.

If he says he has some physical disorder, disease, come on, immediately tell him, see I know one person who has given some kriyas. If you see those kriyas and practice you will be healed. I will give you a small example. Come on, show the video ma. Just today morning I received a video. I will present that video to you guys. I got diabetes at the age of I used all kinds of insulin until now. Sometimes the ambulance would take me to the hospital as my sugar level used to be really high, around to One day my neighbor was talking to me.

He told me there was a formal exercise to do. He came to my house and taught me how I had to do it. And before I started the exercise, I checked my sugar level and it was I did the exercise the way he taught me to do it. When I finished it, I checked my sugar level, and it was Usually I have to walk around the neighborhood for half to one hour. Even then I have to put a lot of insulin to reduce my sugar level. When I went to the doctor to see how it was.

While using 5 milligrams of insulin and doing the exercise daily in the morning, it was a miracle and the doctor asked "only 5 milligrams of insulin? Just five milligrams each day is fine, but check your sugar levels everyday'. I check, if at times it goes up a little - only I am eating everything I normally eat.

Now you don't need to tell him to follow my teachings. He will just dive into my website, into our website. I can be sure for the next two years, he will be hooked to our youtube discourses, Spanish translation. See, if somebody has a disease, tell them to do the Nithya Kriya for that disease. Or if somebody has a life problem when they talk, give them one or two life solutions and tell them 'why don't you watch this Guaranteed Solution YouTube videos.

Just attend to their problem with compassion. Don't go with evangelistic arrogance. When you land there with evangelistic arrogance, by your very arrogance you create a barrier. So, go with tremendous compassion, listening.

Listen to them first. I know how many wives have driven their husbands out of me. See, husbands also know that Swamiji is right. But wife telling is wrong. So, understand, do not carry the arrogance of evangelists that 'I know, you don't know! When you know they have a problem, try to give only as a solution.

Once one solution works, I tell you all my solutions work! It is not a random click that this person, the diabetic kriya worked on this person.

Nityananda’s 35th Birthday in Tiruvannamalai | Living in the Embrace of Arunachala

Anybody with any disease, give that related kriya, it works. I have developed based on a pure spiritual science. How can otherwise one small breathing exercise bring sugar level down from to 85? See, the kriyas are built in such a way that when you sit in that posture and try breathing, immediately those special channels of kundalini get awakened. That is why so much of benefit. And I tell you, it will be miracle for him.

As far as he is concerned, from the age of 33, diabetic patient. It will be miracle for him. Now I am getting email from him that the patient was retired because of diabetes. Now he has become so healthy that he wants to go for work. Just in 10 days, from the reading has come down to forever. Before talking, listen, listen to people. I tell you, so many times, when these VIPs come to have my darshan, first half and hour I will not open my mouth.

I will just hold their hands and listen, listen and listen. Nobody is listening on planet earth. Understand, nobody is listening. Even if you pay to psychoanalysts and psychiatrists to listen to you, they are not listening completely. And all you need is you just have to have a rough view of our website, what we call site map. If the site map is in your brain, that is enough. When somebody talks they have disease, you know, remember kriya. If somebody says there is some life problem, guaranteed solutions.

If somebody says that they feel dry in their life, then come on, read the enlightenment portion. I am almost a spiritual free mall. Our website is a spiritual free mall. But everything is available. Actually, in the Inner Awakening, one full day I am going to be teaching only on communication, means listening, listening. Yesterday night we had a long discussion with a group of ashramites and they were telling me about the power of this kalabhairava darshan.

I will tell you some of the miracles happened in the kalabhairava darshan. If I am in the normal mood, I would not have asked this in public. He is very straight. And she was completely shaken. Such a personal thing. But what to do. I blessed her and gave whatever instruction I wanted to give and sent her. Dreams as if you are committing suicide?

I blessed and said whatever instruction I wanted to give and sent her. Then, after the darshan, while I was driving back I went to Madurai and came back. She had an abortion. The other one is having dreams of suicide. She said that in their country, if naturally the child dies, it is not called abortion. So, she could not understand.

And only if you voluntarily do, it is called abortion. It is called miscarriage it seems. But in India, whether the child dies by itself or you abort it, it is called abortion only. After all, Kalabhairava is using Indian version of English at that time.

He was using Indian edition of English, Indian version of English. So, that is the reason he used the word abortion. Anyhow, then, the other lady, she also said yes, I do get like passing out, dying, this was biggest problem. Please understand, in the normal way when you come and ask me for darshan, blessings and all that, I have a human angle of me which is sympathy, the consoling angle, the compassion angle.

So, I am not completely standing on the truth at that time, I am standing on compassion also. So, sometime, I do not tell the truth as it is. I tell in a way you want to listen with little sugar coating. He is too straight.

Condoms, drugs and secret contracts... the story of why Nithyananda is in trouble

During the kalabhairava darshan, anything uttered, uttered. So, we were having all these discussions. But another one problem with this kalabhairava darshan is because it is not politically polite, people who asked the question should be very mature to receive the answer. Sometimes, these fellows get offended. See, if you are offended by my answer, if you somehow digest it, great.

And one more funny thing happened. This Karuppar Swamy temple pujari, chief priest came. Do you guys know that day before yesterday he came. After the darshan, he went out and he was crying to our brahmachari. I worshipped Karuppar Swamy for 35 years, today I saw him, today I got his darshan. Actually he was not supposed to come here. He is not a devotee, first time he is coming to see me. But he is worshipping me for 35 years na, so.

I go to that temple regularly. That is my favorite spot, favorite temple. Karuppar Swamy temple in Azagar temple, just near Madurai. Practically every evening, I go for a drive.

I go there and bow down to him. See, Karuppar Swamy is kalabhairava. Shiva is karuppar Swamy. Shiva is only called as Karuppar Swamy. See, each action of Shiva becomes a deity, becomes a God. When Shiva came and destroyed the ego of Brahma and gave him enlightenment, that action is called kalabhairava. So, karuppar Swamy is the lord of blackness, darkness. Kaala means darkness, kaali means the feminine consciousness of darkness.

So, the kalabhairava in local terms called as Karuppar Swamy. They use the local cholaqual term. Karuppa means in Tamil means black. Kalabhairava is only worshipped as Karuppar Swamy. I notice that orange cloth was used to cover some items. The trademark color again. And I see in the truck a chair or something that is covered with gold! I have to say that I am surprised by this.

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I do not recall any stories of Sri Ramana Maharshi with golden furniture. Oh well, maybe times are different now, calling for different actions and marketing. In the back of the ashram are the lingams, the Dhyanapeetam. The big lingam in front usually wears an orange turban, like Nityananda. Today it is also covered with flower malas. The central shrine, in the background in the photo below, also looks nicely decorated. The objects in the foreground are additional hanging decorations that were placed all around the ashram.

Now it is the morning of 20 December, the big day. This sign is entirely in Tamil, so not at all for a Western audience. Here are Happy 35th Birthday greetings in English from 13 Indian men. Under one of the hoardings sits a group of policemen. Inside the ashram, a stage has been set up. On it is something large, covered in orange cloth, maybe something from the truck. Men carry a sign, setting up the ashram space for all the visitors they expect.

There are many chairs, I think more than already set out, with more to go. The ashram entrance, with the orange and white pandal with lights atop it. Banana stalks line the entrance.

To Tamils, these signify prosperity. You can see Parvati Hill, the west end of Arunachala, in the background. When Carol went through downtown Tiruvannamalai in the middle of the day, she saw huge groups of Nityananda followers near Arunachaleswara, the Big Temple. She passed two different groups walking in procession around the Big Temple, each with more than people, many of whom carried orange flags. In the crowd, there were many women carrying pots on their heads.

These pots contain milk, an offering to the gods. Carol also saw another group forming near the temple of perhaps more than people. The traffic was chaotic and roads were blocked off to accommodate the crowd. Many buses displaying Nityananda signs jammed the streets. We can see the props on the stage as they remove the orange cover. I think it is a golden throne. Outside on the street, local pushcart vendors are expecting lots of people.

Here are watermelons and papayas. I am not sure what these small fruits are, but they often have them. Naturally, sugar cane to crush for juice. In an area off the road, maybe meters from the ashram, there are many people. They are eating lunch. I would expect the ashram to serve food to whoever came. Thousands of meals today. I think that free meals are part of the reason that South Indian people attend these functions.

Most family functions include meals for all attending. This jayanti is like a big family celebration, so food is a part of it. A group of women walk to the ashram after eating. The young woman to the left is wearing a fancy saree for the big day. There is more activity around the ashram now, more vehicles, more people arriving. Buses are being parked down at the big lot on Perumbakkam Road, about 3 km. The buses all have the Nityananda banners.

More people walking towards the ashram. The buses park and unload the people. Then the crowds walk to the event. If you look closely you can see that many of the attendees are wearing some kind of paper badges or name cards. So if they all have their IDs, this is very organized.

The street in front of the ashram. This is about 4: I think several thousand people are here. On stage sits Nityananda on his golden throne. The throne is bedecked with colorful flower malas. The crowd includes both men and women. It seems like a lot more women, though. After a few minutes there is a roar from the crowd.

And now NItyananda has donned his golden crown. It is pretty big, bigger than his head. A few hours have passed and it is nighttime. Carol and I make another trip to see what is happening now.