Oregon state cross country meet 2012 nissan

Real World Test: Nissan LEAF Range vs Nissan LEAF Range (w/Video)

oregon state cross country meet 2012 nissan

Nissan “LEAF-S” Range Autonomy Demonstration reported by the LEAF's automation, for a total of x 80 watt hours per unit = (Cross Country): Raced two times during the cross country season, starting II state meet her final three seasons, placing eighth in , fifth in , and. Placed in the top 25 at the Oregon 6A state cross country meet three straight 24th at the state meet in , 18th in and 16th as a senior in

The itinerary also shows the team ate in each school's respective cafeteria for meals during the trip. The photos caught my eye at first because of the old cars parked in front of the stadium, mostly 50's era automobiles. Not to mention a big, giant brick wall that read "Strawberry Stadium" on its backside.

The stadium, erected inis still home to the Lions, but has since been renovated.

Real World Test: 2013 Nissan LEAF Range vs 2012 Nissan LEAF Range (w/Video)

And of course, the rest and relaxation photos of players laying in the grass and working on their Illinois tan was funny as well. For fun, Google the stadium and compare the press box in to today The stadium is but a mere shadow of its former self in many respects.

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With the advent of flying from location-to-location in today's world, its hard to imagine teams traveling by train for a long haul trip to play baseball. But, those were the times and I'm sure the trip resonated or still resonates to the guys on the trip.

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As skipper Ed Mathey said about this year's trip, "It's a day the kids won't soon forget. It inspired me to write this posting and share some of the goodies from the archives, along with highlights from yesterday's big day for the Northern Illinois baseball team at Camelback Ranch.

oregon state cross country meet 2012 nissan

This data is also consistent with extensive independent testing, both by myself and many others. The car had two occupants for the test, both the owner Bob and myself. The combined total crew weight was pounds kg. The weather was absolutely perfect for the event with close to 70F 21C degree weather, clear blue skies and light easterly breezes. In short, another perfect day in San Diego. Of course, thanks to a change in the LEAF, we were able to run the climate control fan without powering the heater or air conditioner pump, which we did.

Headlights were off, climate control off except fan and tires set to 36 pounds per square inch 2.

Oregon OSAA X-C State Championships

A stored energy display meter Gidmeter was installed. The Elevation Profile Of The Route The fuel capacity gauge segments were observed to be 12 of 12 illuminated, as were the battery capacity segments. Battery temperature segments displayed 6, indicating temperatures between approximately 50F 10C to F 38C per Nissan service manual documents.

Also, it kept referring to operating the parking brake on the dash display. I decided to do a reset of the computer with a disconnect of the negative lead of the 12 volt battery.

oregon state cross country meet 2012 nissan

The car then did turn on properly, however it would not stay in Drive; it kept popping into Neutral. I was ready to give up and consign myself to just driving to the dealer for repairs, but it finally stayed in Drive. Subsequently, at the end of the test, when I turned the car off and then back on, it did the same routine of popping out of D.