Sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

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These players would have acquired projects to sell them at a particular price.

With pricing taking a beating, the profitability of these projects reduces. Construction firms, which had gone to Dubai to carry on contract jobs, would also be affected, since payments would get delayed and project sizes will be curtailed, thereby affecting their bottom line. The importance of the Indian link to Dubai and the UAE, of which Dubai is a part, can be gauged from the fact that Indians constitute 40 per cent of its population, forming per cent of India's inward remittances.

Thirty one per cent of the 5. Indian companies had already become cautious in taking up projects in Dubai since the economic slowdown last year. But we will work in other emirates,'' said a senior executive from Afcons Infrastructure which is executing the Rs crore Dubai Race Course Connectivity Project.

Dharmendra Raichura, managing director of BSEL Infrastructure, which is building a waterfront project and six towers in Emirates City in the nearby emirate of Ajman at a cost of Rs 1, crore, said he expected the turnover to fall by 10 to 15 per cent and defaults by 8 to 10 per cent in the project.

Sales have been down 10 to 12 per cent since the last 12 months,'' Raichura said. Hyderabad-based Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited NCCLwhich is executing two projects in Dubai, has completed 45 per cent of a pipeline project and sold one tower in a realty project. These accounts are well-maintained and unlikely to cause any kind of impact on the balance sheet. The items represented the heroic and the indomitable spirit of womanhood.

Students displayed various patterns and formations, using a dual-coloured stretchable fabric that illustrated the trials of the world, subtle qualities of adaptability of women, and the way to direct our lives to Sai in the path of light. Next up was a Gymnastics performance on an oscillating structure. Breathtaking stunts on the structure exhibit students' determination, flexibility and stability.

SSSIHL | Integral Education | Annual Sports & Cultural Meet

They formed multiple patterns on and off the structure to end the morning session with a visually pleasing performance. The performance was a dance drill using shimmering wings with beauty, elegance and grace. Eswaramma High School had the privilege to break first ground with their presentation, Surrender to God, that included an interplay of dances and combat skills depicting the journey of man from the long-lost innocence of peaceful times of earth, when truth and righteousness reigned this earth and peace and love had made a home in every heart and every Radha had her Krishna and beauty and harmony prevailed.

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

The routine took the viewer on a journey to the gradual loss of this peace to the current day times of strife, division and disharmony. Eventually, the inner conflict within man leads to the ultimate surrender of his will, intellect, emotions and impulses to God at His Lotus Feet in an effort to win back that very peace.

Hundreds of little students, some as young as five years of age, put on the most colourful and adorable set of items. Starting with Dance, a prayerful offering of love to Lord Sai to Gymnastics, an exuberant gymnasts gambol in gratitude to Lord Sai, to Chirpy Birds, when the mirthful tots tweeted in joyful abundance, thy were a sight for all the Gods at Sri Sathya Sai Hill View stadium.

Other items included Droplets of Pure Love, where these little angels dove deep, deep into the ocean of love and bliss; The Magnificent Trailers, when the trailers mesmerized us with their mind- blowing feats on wheels; The Message of Lord Sai, when the divine harbingers highlighted the message of the Lord with their hands; Sai Ganas In Ecstatic Worship, a Sai Ganas dance to the cosmic rhythm in prayerful adoration; Sunny Sunbeams, a frolic in joy to the celestial beat, and Feats on The Ladder, a trailblazing balance on ladders performing amazing feats.

They ended with beautiful Waves of Love, fanning the flames of divine love in every heart. The dancers sung the chorus of the song whilst dancing around the drum or dhol, which sets the unique beat of the dance.

Next up was Janbaaz - The gallant stilt adventurers, a performance with stilts and walking poles. Students marched in files in unison, race with the prop tied to their feet, play games on stilts, performed yoga postures and skipped around with their feet levitated.

They also walked on fiery embers and bravely battled with sticks of fire. The concluding item was The Inspirators.

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

Using Buugeng Japanese for Martial Arts combined with Illusionthese unique, S Shaped sticks made a fine display of a focused, synchronized effort, producing an infinite, amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions, resulting in this phantasmagoria - a spectacle of creative beauty.

Brindavan Campus has always treated us with creative performances and this year was no different.

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

They presented five items. The first was Zorbonauts, which saw the introduction of the bubble-ball, a high energy, high fun sport showcasing a colourless inflatable capsule over the upper body. Zorbonauts wrestled with other players, played soccer, and performed unique gymnastic stunts.

The second item, BrinHkers Brindavan Hockey Playersallowed the Brindavan Hockey team to showcase their skills with the sticks with a synchronized display of skills with some real match experience. Twilight Swings was a dance item that demonstrated a Western style of dance, the Jabbawokeecz style, that involves brisk vigorous movements interspersed with slow continuous movements.

It was imaginatively integrated with Bhangra, the popular Indian dance. The fading evening light made way for the Illuminati, an enthusing blend of dance moves and human formations wearing indigenously created LED costumes.

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

The dance styles included freestyle and dance-pop genres. The grand finale of the day was Celestial Rhythms, with students performing a rope display highly parched on a tall crane. The strokes of courage and love scripted a fitting final offering unto the Lord with prayers to Him to bless us all to be a perfect note in His Celestial Rhythm.

Despite this, we allow our minds to lead us into an illusion thinking that we are the ones responsible for our actions. The drama depicted this journey through Keshav, a blind sculptor with a robust vision. In the attempt to gain sight, Keshav gradually loses his vision.

sssihl sports meet 2012 nissan

He leaves the Lord's hand blinded by ego, and all he sees is his own creation. He has his eyes and yet he is blind. He isn't able to summon his talent during the most opportune moment of his life. Left in the lurch, Keshav had no option than to ponder within, over and over again. Understanding his folly, Keshav realizes that the The Lord is now his only refuge!

His Master appeared in the nick of time, granting the final touch of sculpting You were a mere instrument in My hands oh child, as I was the Divine dramatist. Beginning with a flashback, the drama talks about the story of Srinivasa Naik, who was known for his tightfistedness and greed for money. As fate would have it, Lord Krishna came to him in the guise of a Brahmin seeking alms, seeking his helping hand in conducting his son's thread ceremony.

After being turned down repeatedly, finally Krishna played His Divine sports wooing Sriniavasa's wife, who out of reverence for the Brahmin give Him her nose-ring as charity. Finding out the truth of Krishna leela, Naik was puzzled and deeply ashamed of his conduct, thus the great transformation into Purandara Dasa.

It highlighted how the Lord is waiting for that one true step towards Him in order to rush and embrace His devotee. It beautifully featured the fact that transformation in a devotee is that One step that the Lord expects of us!

The journey was portrayed through various layers of existence - the gross, subtle and causal, finally to merge back into the Supreme Divinity. It brought to life the mystical story of the severe penance and subsequent boon won by the three demonic sons of Tarakasura from the hands of Creator Brahma, the presentation portrays how, with the help of Lord Vishnu, Mahadev finally annihilates the Tripura, symbolically signifying man's esoteric journey form 'I' to Nothingness, redeeming his Self from the three illusory levels of existence, to become one with The Supreme Divine.

The programme commenced at 8: Following a short genesis on the history of the Sports Meet, he narrated how this event was a perfect example of Bhagawan Baba's unique and divine way of seamlessly integrating values-based education with secular education.

He narrated his personal experiences during the Sports Meet over the years how Baba would teach students the art of balancing the heart with the mind through the event. He especially reminded students of the gratitude we all owe towards Baba, the Trust, the various offices, supports staff and the endless number of people who make the Sports Meet a grand and successful event.

He concluded with Baba's famous saying, Life is a Game, play it!