Talbot swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

talbot swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

Even Hillary Clinton was a Republican. Crist, 57, has since become increasingly moderate and even endorsed President Obama's re-election bid. Then, in December , the former governor made his party switch official . Asked at a Dallas builders meeting how he and one-time compatriot Gore. Toby Talbot/AP File General Election. A tie! Five votes for President Obama, 5 votes for Mitt Romney. Republican primary. Another. Special Assistant for International Research, Office of the Vice President for Research and. Graduate . 6, • Invited Speaker, 36th Annual Meeting of the Interciencia Association & . Institutional Nominee for the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award .. R. Swap, M. Garstang, S. Greco, R. Talbot and P. Kallberg.

He then left the administration after serving one year, and switched party affiliations. Panetta was re-elected to the House eight times, and rose up the ranks to chair the House Budget Committee. Panetta moved from the Hill to the executive branch inas President Bill Clinton's choice to head the Office of Budget and Management, and just two years later, Panetta moved into the White House as Bill Clinton's chief of staff. Lincoln Chafee Lincoln Chafee began his career in Washington by stepping in to fill his father's Senate seat in The son of the moderate Republican then went on to be elected to a full term, as a Republican in Chafee spent his full term in the Senate in strict opposition to Republican President Bush, standing up against many of the former president's policy decisions, including being the only GOP senator to refuse a resolution authorizing the United States to attack Iraq.

After leaving the Senate, Chafee formally left the Republican Party inin favor of an independent affiliation, and won the Rhode Island governorship in in a competitive three-way race. Chafee shares a close friendship with the highest ranking member of the Democratic Party, President Obama, from their time spent working together in the Senate. When considering a re-election run inChafee decided to make another party switch, and joined his friend's party.

Obama welcomed Chafee to the Democratic Party with open arms in May but, ultimately, the governor decided not to seek a second term, and opted out of Rhode Island's gubernatorial race.

Bush's secretary of state and national security advisor, but she was a registered Democrat untilcasting her vote for Jimmy Carter in But it was Carter who swayed Rice, then a year-old assistant political science professor at Stanford, to the Republicans' side, dismayed as she was by his decision to invade Afghanistan in Rice registered as a Republican and cast her vote for Ronald Reagan in At the Republican National Convention inshe revealed that her father, "the Republican I admire most," also inspired her decision to switch, saying "My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of would not register him to vote.

Rick Perry flipped away from his father's political party affiliation. But the one-time Republican presidential candidate hopeful had quite the blue history before switching tracks. Perry began his political career inwhen he was elected as a Democrat to the Texas House of Representatives. He then went on to support Al Gore in the Democratic presidential primaries, serving as the campaign chairman for the state of Texas. It was the presidential primary election that inspired Perry's party switch, he later told the Austin-American Statesman.

He put a check by George H.

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Bush's name instead of the Democrat Michael Dukakis and said he "came to my senses. Asked at a Dallas builders meeting how he and one-time compatriot Gore could have gone down such divergent paths "Did you get religion? Did he get religion? What has happened since then?

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Norm Coleman was once a flower child, anti-Vietnam protesting liberal before switching to the Republican Party. Though Coleman would later make headlines in a heated election that resulted in a six-month legal battle and eventual lost of the incumbent seat to Democrat Al Franken, he started his political career on the same side.

Coleman was elected mayor of St.

talbot swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

But the onetime counterculture roadie and Woodstock attendee was unpopular with more liberal Democrats, even as the co-chair of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in Minnesota. He made the switch to the Republican Party in and was re-elected as mayor that year, despite his new affiliation.

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Thurmond was more representative of a typical Dixiecrat. The Dixiecrats were a short-lived political party that broke away from the Democratic Party in in light of its support for segregationist and Jim Crow-era policies. Thurmond was a big opponent of desegregation and decamped to the Republican Party in This was due in no small part to his opposition of the Civil Rights Act of and his support for one of its biggest opponents, ultra-conservative Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in his run for the presidency.

Susana Martinez Republican Susana Martinez has one of the highest governor approval ratings in the country, and that includes more than 44 percent of Democrats in New Mexico. So maybe it should come as little surprise that Martinez was once one herself. She shared the story of her switch at the Republican National Convention in a speech preceding Paul Ryan's.

Before running for district attorney of Las Cruces, N. That meal led to a change of heart. A lifelong Democrat, Bloomberg switched colors in and ran for mayor as a Republican, winning a second term in with the same affiliation. But his past was ever present in his policies, as the billionaire CEO mayor supported abortion rights, same-sex marriage, gun control and stem cell research throughout his term.

Prior to campaigning to change New York's term limit laws, claiming his expertise would be needed during the impending Wall Street financial crisis, and winning a third term inBloomberg switched again -- this time as an independent -- in The move was largely, and incorrectly, predicted as a foreshadow for a potential independent presidential campaign in In an official statement, Bloomberg said leaving the Republican Party "brings my affiliation into alignment with how I have led and will continue to lead our city.

As a political independent, I will continue to work with those in all political parties to find common ground, to put partisanship aside and to achieve real solutions to the challenges we face.

Specter actually served two stints as a Democrat and one as a Republican during his professional career. InSpecter lost the Democratic nomination for Philadelphia district attorney and switched his affiliation so he could still run for the position, though this time as a Republican. Though he remained a Republican untilhe was always considered a moderate and was one of six Republican senators to vote against Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination in the Perhaps the last straw among fellow Republicans was Specter's vote for President Obama's stimulus bill.

As Specter found himself being alienated by some of his colleagues, he switched parties and said: Elizabeth Warren is best known as a liberal favorite and Democratic senator from Massachusetts, but before serving in Congress as a Democratic senator, Warren admitted she was once a Republican.

In a interview with the Daily BeastWarren said, "I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets.

talbot swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

I think that is not true anymore. It worried me whether or not the government played too activist a role. Joe Lieberman started his political career in Congress as a freshman Democratic senator in Lieberman continued to rise through the ranks of the party serving in the Senate for three consecutive terms, and inthe senator from Connecticut was selected to join the Democratic Party's presidential campaign.

But after the Democratic Party lost the presidential election to George W. Bush, Lieberman found himself on the road to a slow separation from his party and, inran for re-election to the Senate as an independent. After spending his political career batting for the Democratic Party, the former vice presidential candidate found himself swinging for another team, as a star speaker at John McCain's Republican convention.

It was no longer the party it was when I joined it in the image of President Kennedy. Senator from North Carolina from toincluding six years as chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. For Ailes, the move was further evidence that Palin was flailing around off-message.

What had been an effort to boost ratings has recently become a complication for Fox.

talbot swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

Employing potential presidential candidates has opened the network up to criticism that it is too politicized. As Ailes struggled with what to do with Glenn Beck in a changed political landscape, an older problem reared its head.

Regan blames Ailes for her negative press in the wake of her ouster from News Corp. In late February, Shine made calls to Palin and her husband, Todd, to ask if she was going to run for president. The network is working hard to get a definitive answer out of her. A couple of weeks earlier, Shine and Fox general counsel Dianne Brandi called Mike Huckabee into a meeting to ask him about his presidential ambitions. And in making his announcement on-air, he turned his Saturday-evening show into an odd ratings-grab spectacle.

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In the halls of Fox News, people do not want to be caught talking about what will happen to Fox News after the Ailes era. One possibility in the event Ailes departs when his contract is up in is that Bill Shine could continue to oversee prime time and Michael Clemente would run the news division. This spring, the announcement by News Corp.