The apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

The Apprentice Meet the 18 candidates - The Irish News

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

Candidates compete to go into business with multimillionaire tycoon Lord Sugar. Meet the latest batch of aspiring entrepreneurs prepared to take on the. Nine men are among the 18 new Apprentice candidates. to pick a new winner on the latest series of The Apprentice. Lives: London. with Noam Murro, Director · Home / Media packs / The Apprentice is back / Meet the candidates Lives: London. Daniel set up his business.

Owner, Eco Cleaning Company Lives: Lincolnshire Having run her own eco-friendly cleaning business for the past three years, Khadija considers her people skills to be her best business asset.

Meet The Apprentice candidates: The women

He is inspired in business by his father who started his own airline. Kurran gets irked by people who are out for themselves rather than working collectively for the team and gets especially rattled by people who lie. He says that simply being himself will help him to breeze through the process. Lancashire Rick says that one of his best qualities is his confidence and assertiveness and that being able to separate business from pleasure means he is good at getting the best from others.

Meet the Candidates

People will have to like it or lump it. Owner, Tennis Events Company Lives: Middlesex Sabrina has had her eye on making money from the age of 14, when she set up a business selling retro sweets as part of a Young Enterprise Scheme.

She plans to throw herself feet first into the process and use her positive energy to get involved in everything.

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

Manchester Sarah owns and runs an acting academy for children. Sarah says she wants to be a role model to her young daughter and hopes her hard work and life experience will aid her in the process. Owner, lifestyle brand Daniel, from London, set up his business in I was blessed with both in abundance.

He also admits that being too trusting has been his downfall in the past.

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

I just keep going. Senior marketing manager Frank, from London, is a self-proclaimed trendsetter who says he likes to push boundaries with his humour. He claims to use charisma and charm for both negotiating and building morale within a group.

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

Frank admits he can sometimes play people off against each other to get what he wants. He says he can be brutal when he needs to be and does not stand for people who are lazy or shirk responsibility.

Meet The Apprentice candidates: The men - The Irish News

Sponsorship consultant Having sold her company in and published a business book inJackie says she is a trailblazer within the sponsorship industry and wider business community and credits her success to her positive attitude. Gary cites his biggest business achievement as delivering the largest property development programme in the history of the supermarket he worked for during Business management student Lives: Jenny is an adrenalin junkie.

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics

She also got the highest marks for her Business Studies course. She says Harry Potter star Emma Watson is her business inspiration. Owner, plumbing business Lives: Joseph says business is like being a parent, as it needs undivided attention and nurturing.

Meet The Apprentice candidates: The women - The Irish News

Hugh Hefner is one of his role models. Sales account manager Lives: Kosovan-born Mergim fled from the war-torn country to the UK with his parents and siblings when he was seven. Since the age of 18, he has been supporting his family by working in a range of jobs. Corporate account manager, Telecoms Lives: Director, digital marketing agency Lives: He cites Richard Branson as one of his inspirations.

the apprentice meet candidates 2012 olympics