Tiger meet 2012

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tiger meet 2012

NATO's annual Tiger Meet (NTM), Combined Air Operations (COMAO) exercise but also the gathering of units featuring a tiger in their emblems. Italeri F/A Hornet Tiger Meet F/A Hornet Tiger Meet - Image 1. Scale: Manufacturer: Italeri. Product code: ita Availability: out of. Last weekend we spent some time shooting the arrivals for the NATO Tiger Meet exercise that is taking place at the Krzesiny airbase in Poznan. NTM

tiger meet 2012

Communication appeared to be conducted by word of mouth and telepathy but everyone seemed to be able to be in the right place at the allotted times. None of this detracted from the photo opportunities afforded and as it transpired what could have got out of hand ran almost seamlessly.

tiger meet 2012

As soon as the last aircraft was airborne it was back to the fire station to be transported to the Northern taxiway to photograph the first wave returning. This whole procedure was repeated for the afternoon launches which started at around By this time the sun had moved to the opposite side of the roughly north-south aligned runway and some enthusiasts decided to go outside the airfield to capture the departures and subsequent returns in a favourable light but missing out on the taxiing aircraft.

NATO Tiger Meet 2012 «Arctic Tiger».

A practice by four Belgian Fs of 31 Smaldeel filled the time before the main Tiger formations returned from doing their photo shoots. This included an airfield attack and some formation aerobatics. The Turks of Filo had marked up a pair of Fs - a "C" with a blue tail and a two-seater "D" with a predominately red tail complete with very professionally created cartoon tigers.

tiger meet 2012

The Dutch also made a good effort with their tiger tail in red white and blue. The good news is that a weight was not needed in my build. That might be an issue if wing tanks are not used. Assembling the intake was a little tricky, and it might be just me, but I had a gap and misalignment between the intake sides and the front of the intake.

NATO Tiger Meet 2012, Ørland, Norway Report

Intake detail is limited, with basically only the lower half of an intake trunk represented, which leaves a modeler with only a few other options - install an aftermarket intake or install an intake cover. Since this kit's plastic has been around a long time, there is not a shortage of aftermarket intake and landing gear bay options.

On the subject of landing gear, the kit's detail is short of detail in the wheel bays, but unless you are putting a mirror under your display, what detail is there is sufficient. Hasegawa does provide current style wheels on an updated sprue, but the only landing gear option is the lightweight gear I pre-painted the gear but made sure I knew what the part numbers are; the opposite parts look nearly identical, so keep track of what is left and right.

The last of the airframe steps is to install gear bay doors, navigation light extensions, the AIFF "Bird Slicers" on the nose, and a few other little items. The canopy can be positioned opened or closed, with a relatively tight fit when closed, which is a plus.

Unlike previous kit releases, Hasegawa only offers only one clear sprue and instructs you to tint the canopy if desired. Most of the Vipers have made the switch to a clear canopy, so it is up to the modeler to choose tint.

tiger meet 2012

The only weapons supplied in the kit are missiles; it also provides wing fuel tanks, a centerline tank, and a travel pod. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to have the same load out as shown on the box or install all the pylons and missiles, but I chose the latter. The last item to add is a boarding ladder which really rounds out the build. From reference photos, sky blue is the color you need, so I used just that color for my base coat on the tanks.

ITALERI - F/A - 18 Hornet Tiger Meet

For the remainder of the kit, I used Xtracrylix paints with a little color blending with the darkest gray on top of the fuselage. The box photo clearly shows variations in gunship gray FSso most of the dark gray was lightened to give a sun-bleached appearance. Next, I used Gunship gray as is, except for thinning. However, the bleak economic situation in southern Europe made its mark on the participant field.

tiger meet 2012

No Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or Greek aircraft were present. Dizier, will make an appearance again. Fortunately, there were many F's present from host unit Skvjoined by those from Belgian Air component 31 squadron, KLu's squadron and of course the flamboyantly painted Turkish Fs. The latter had counted on sunny Portugal, hence the chosen device of a tiger on a surfboard on one of the FC's. This had to be reworked into a tiger on a snowboard, very aptly chosen considering the cold weather on this first of June, Onfortunately, the new one was hangar bound during the two days concerned.

A Dutch F in tiger marks in take off with to the right to of the Turkish particpants.