Bmw meet uk 2014

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bmw meet uk 2014

Video: Scenes From the Largest Ever BMW 1M Meet. Yesterday at All BMW M5 Generations Including New F90 Showcased at BMW UK HQ meet. 09/25/ Alex has been with the club since where she started as a part time office administrator. She is now Contact Michelle on- [email protected] . Meet the most powerful M5 ever. Matthew Jones. 7 May Facebook · Twitter · Google+ In other words, the most powerful production BMW ever built.

Before getting our test drive, we had an opportunity to have a good look around the showroom car.

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Inside the i3, it was even better; the interior feels really modern especially with the large central nav screen. Putting your foot down just elicits a huge grin.

It is such a hoot to drive. The instant and rapid acceleration takes a bit of getting used to but is addictive.

bmw meet uk 2014

Also being able to drive with just one pedal is great and it only takes a few moments to become accustomed to it. It really does drive like a BMW; the way it handles the road and the feel of the steering all felt familiar.

Since taking delivery of my own i3, I have also taken it to a local sprint circuit. The circuit is only metres in length but over 3 laps the i3 was great.

It really surprised most of the people there and I was posting times that were quicker than two MX5s, an MR2 and and an E36 i. The range was down to just 43 miles on the day including driving there and back on a dual carriageway. The M3 is much better suited to track work. The Options For anyone considering the purchase of an i3, the options list can be a bit daunting. I chose laurus laurel in the US grey which I am really pleased with and the standard interior because I liked it!

I was lucky to get the Pro Sat Nav free as I placed my order early and I think everyone should consider this as it really suits the interior of the car. Sheer physics and a bit of biology, some of which is still stuck between the panels dictated the bird came off worse, and it did.

bmw meet uk 2014

But the M3 had its nose bloodied. The nearside headlight washer hose and parking sensor were both knocked from their mounts, while the washer nozzle cover went walkies. He even manages a passable impression of excited as he takes the time to show me around Brands Hatch during a crucial British Touring Car Championship pre-season test.

bmw meet uk 2014

The M3 arrows across the circuit and momentarily reverberates as we run hungrily over the apex kerb. But that makes it more of a racer for me.

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The steering rack, the front end, the diff set-up — it is lively. And really the BTCC is all about the racing; plenty of contact and lots of overtaking.

Meet the most powerful M5 ever

West Surrey boss Dick Bennetts is on the pit wall, draped in stopwatches. This morning he was doing I make my way out to Druids.

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One of the Volkswagens hurtles into the top of Paddock Hill, still on the brakes, and gets hugely out of shape, the howl of its rear tyres shattering the peace. The CC slews across the circuit, front tyres flailing, before dragging itself back into line with horsepower and determination.

bmw meet uk 2014

Instead Priaulx drives with an accurate, apparently effortless economy, a product perhaps of his multi-discipline CV and, latterly, his endurance racing success. Team and driver are happy. BMW M3 diary notes: Are you the sort of person that has trouble making decisions? Then the M3 is a nightmare. You can even choose from three levels of gearchange ferocity.

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It feels like the M3 would be all the better if it just had one factory setting for everything, like, well, a normal car, so you could just jump in and enjoy it. A clear run at a decent stretch of road comes along about as often as a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird.

bmw meet uk 2014

The M3 is not like this. With its turbocharged torque lb ft from less than rpm the F80 unlocks even sinuous roads, its prodigious acceleration peppering them with effortless and often hitherto unseen M3-specific overtaking opportunities.