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Choice of Campus: Indicate the CSU campus where you are submitting your application. .. are required to pay nonresident tuition and meet other conditions. . "Black or African American" refers to people having origins in any of the Black . not use the SAT or ACT writing sub-scores for admission decisions . University Catalog Electronic versions of the CSU undergraduate and graduate applications are accessible on CSU Mentor. .. the American Language and Culture Institute,ALCI, providing students meet all requirements for. Colorado State University-Global Campus ( - ). • Assistant Professor Community Change; 74th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society in.

The University offers conditional admission with the on-campus intensive English language program, the American Language and Culture Institute,ALCI, providing students meet all requirements for regular admission, with the exception of the English language proficiency requirement. Deadline information can be found at http: English language proficiency requirement: Evidence of sufficient financial support to complete degree program is required for admission.

The current required amount is found at http: These figures are subject to change. SAT I is not required for admission. Results may qualify you for exemptions from certain placement tests once you arrive in Chico.

See Mathematics and Writing Requirements. All admitted international students on F-1 and J-1 visas must agree to obtain and maintain health insurance as a condition of registration and continued enrollment in the California State University.

A reasonably-priced policy that meets these minimums can be purchased at the time of arrival at the University. All students must show proof of measles and rubella vaccinations. International students must submit results of a recent tuberculin test. All students 18 years of age or younger on the first day of the semester must also show proof of Hepatitis B vaccination 3 shot series over a 6 month period. The University Health Center can administer the required vaccinations for a charge.

Applicants currently enrolled in a full IB diploma program will be considered to have met or have in progress all college preparatory subject requirements for admission. Students completing less than the full IB diploma program must meet subject requirements as described in "Subject Requirements for First-time Freshman Applicants.

Additional honors points will be awarded in GPA calculations for achievement in up to eight IB courses taken in grades 11 and 12 and indicated on the high school transcript. Applicants who plan to enroll at Chico should submit a copy of the official IB transcript when it is available in July. Six semester units of advanced standing credit will be awarded for each Higher Level examination passed with a score of 4, 5, 6, or 7. No credit will be awarded for Subsidiary Level passes. CSU will award honors points in the GPA calculation for eight semester courses taken in the 11th or 12th grades, including up to two International Baccalaureate IB or Advanced Placement AP courses with 11th or 12th grade content taken by a student in the tenth grade.

Up to six semester units of advanced standing credit will be awarded for each Higher Level examination passed with a score of 4, 5, 6, or 7. High School Scholars High school students in the 11th or 12th grade maintaining a 3. A special application form is required and may be obtained in the Office of Admissions. Approval to take courses is granted on a semester-by-semester basis and does not constitute the right to continued enrollment. The High School Scholar program is subject to yearly budgetary renewal.

Please refer to this High School Scholars link for program status. EOP provides assistance to historically low-income, first-generation college students. Students may be academically underprepared or lacking the subject requirements, grades, or test scores normally required for college attendance, but have demonstrated the potential for academic success. Students who are academically eligible for regular admission to the University and meet the EOP criteria may also apply.

For additional information about the Educational Opportunity Program, please call or e-mail eopadm csuchico. Veterans If you are a veteran of the United States military service and a California resident, you may possibly be granted admission even if you do not meet the University's regular admissions requirements.

If you wish to request consideration under this provision, follow regular application procedures, and send a letter of appeal to the Office of Admissions. More information for veterans is available here. Adult Students As an alternative to regular admission criteria, an applicant who is twenty-five years of age or older may be considered for admission as an adult student if he or she meets all of the following conditions: Possesses a high school diploma or has established equivalence through either the General Educational Development or California High School Proficiency Examinations.

Has not been enrolled in college as a full-time student for more than one term during the past five years. If there has been any college attendance in the last five years, has earned a C average or better in all college work attempted. Consideration will be based upon a judgment as to whether the applicant is as likely to succeed as a regularly admitted freshman or transfer student and will include an assessment of basic skills in the English language and mathematical computation.

You must send a formal letter of appeal and all transcripts from high school and colleges. An admissions committee will review each appeal for adult admission. Admission is determined on a case-by-case basis. Recent coursework in math and English to demonstrate college-level proficiency is essential for admission. Applicants Not Regularly Eligible Applicants not admissible under the guidelines of one of the above provisions may enroll in extension courses, at a community college, or at another appropriate institution to meet eligibility requirements.

Denied applicants may choose to petition for special admission consideration. Only under the most unusual circumstances and only by special action will such applicants be admitted to CSU, Chico.

Auditing Classes Auditors regularly attend classes. However, they do not actively participate by preparing outside assignments or by taking examinations; nor do they receive academic credit for participation in classes. Enrollment as an auditor is subject to the permission of the instructor, and permitted only after students otherwise eligible to enroll in the course on a credit basis have had an opportunity to do so. Auditors are subject to the same fee structure as credit students.

Applying to the University Undergraduate Application Procedures Prospective students applying for part-time or full-time undergraduate programs of study in day or evening classes must file a complete undergraduate application during the filing period. Application fees may not be transferred or used to apply to another term.

An alternate major may be indicated on the application but applicants should list as an alternate campus only a CSU campus that also offers the major. Generally, an alternate major will be considered at the first choice campus before an application is redirected to an alternate choice campus. An electronic CSU undergraduate application is available on the Web at http: If you are applying for admission as a graduate student, see http: CSU, Chico advises prospective students that they must supply complete and accurate information on the application for admission, residence questionnaire, and financial aid forms.

Further, applicants must submit authentic and official transcripts of all previous academic work attempted by the established deadline. Failure to file complete, accurate, and authentic application documents may result in denial of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension, or expulsion SectionArticle 1.

The CSU designates programs as impacted when more applications are received in the initial filing period October and November for fall terms, June for winter terms, August for spring terms, February for summer terms than can be accommodated.

Some programs are impacted at every campus where they are offered; others are impacted only at some campuses.

You must meet supplementary admission criteria if applying to an impacted program. The CSU will announce during the fall filing period which programs are impacted and the supplementary criteria campuses will use. That announcement will be in the Impacted Programs Matrix, and available online at http: Information about the supplementary criteria is also sent to program applicants.

You must file your application for admission to an impacted program during the initial filing period. If you wish to be considered in impacted programs at two or more campuses, you must file an application to each.

Applicants from CSU Chico's service area will receive priority for admission if enrollment space becomes limited. However, if you have been away from the University for only one semester, you are exempt from paying the application fee, unless academic work was taken during your absence from Chico at another collegiate institution. For further information on educational leaves, see "Planned Educational Leave" in the Academic Policies and Regulations section.

Please note that if you were disqualified from CSU, Chico, you must 1 apply for readmission to the University and 2 formally petition for reinstatement to the University.

Appeals for Reinstatement are sent to the Academic Advising Office. You must be reinstated before your application for admission will be processed.

Additional information about these programs is available from Office of Admissions Many online courses at CSU campus are available for concurrent enrollment. Students are strongly encouraged to submit applications by the deadlines: Fall semesters—May 1 Spring semesters—September 30 Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the International Undergraduate Admissions office to discuss submission of a late application ator iss csuchico.

For detailed information regarding international student admission requirements please visit our website at www. Steps in the Application Process 1. Initial Priority Filing Periods Due to the high demand for admission to Chico, first time freshman and transfer applicants must apply during the initial filing period. All other applicants are strongly encouraged to do the same. All applications received electronically or postmarked during the initial filing period will be given equal consideration within established enrollment categories and quotas.

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If applying after the initial filing period, consult the campus admission office for current information. Similar information is conveniently available at http: Many campuses limit undergraduate admission in an enrollment category due to overall enrollment limits.

Similar information is conveniently available at: Hardship Petitions for Late Applicants The campus has established procedures for consideration of qualified applicants who would be faced with extreme hardship if not admitted. Petitioners should write the campus Admission Offices regarding specific policies governing hardship admission. Application Acknowledgment On-time applicants may expect to receive an acknowledgment from the campuses to which they have applied within two to four weeks of filing the application.

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The notice may also include a request that applicants submit additional records necessary to evaluate academic qualifications. Applicants may be assured of admission if the evaluation of relevant qualifications indicates that applicants meet CSU admission requirements, and in the case of admission impaction, supplemental criteria for admission to an impacted program.

Transcripts and Test Scores For specific information visit our website at http: Notification of Admission If you submitted your application during the initial filing period, and if all necessary documents have been received, you will receive confirmation of your admissions status, once the review process has been completed.

Applicants who file later will be notified after necessary documents are received. Information about advising, orientation, and registration procedures will be sent to you. Late applicants may miss some of the options open to those who file in a timely manner. CSU, Chico may conditionally admit first-time freshman applicants based on their academic preparation through the junior year of high school and that which is planned for the senior year.

The campus will verify the senior year of study to ensure that those so admitted complete their studies satisfactorily, including the required college preparatory subjects, and graduate from high school. Appeal of Admission Decision Section Each CSU campus must publish appeal procedures for applicants denied admission to the University. Ana Mari Cauce, the interim president recently made an institutional commitment to combat racism and inequity. Student groups are also available to serve the many different cultures and interests of the nearly 54, students.

Classes are offered on campus at the Academic Center in Largo, and at satellite campuses throughout Maryland, as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Because the UMUC serves such a vast number of students in a variety of locations, the ethnic diversity found in the student body is vast. Student life is vibrant with over clubs and events per year.

With this kind of support, it is no wonder GMU ranks on our top 50 most ethnically diverse schools. In Decemberthe U. To receive this designation, institutions must meet specific primary indicators, which include diversity of the student body by race and ethnicity.

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Other indicators include the number of minority students who qualify for federal assistance including the Pell Grant, Work-Study, Perkins Loan or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant programs. The university is ready to meet the needs of these racially and ethnically diverse students with 52 different cultural, ethnic, and religious-based student organizations.

Humphreys College An independent liberal arts college located on campuses in both Modesto and Stockton, California, Humphreys College was the first institution of higher education in the area.

Founded in by John R. Humphreys College serves a diverse population: Serving its local community, most of Humphreys. Rutgers University Rutgers University is home to an ethnically diverse student body. There are many clubs and student Organizations that support various ethnic groups, as a well as scholarships available for minorities.

Minority Scholarship was created to increase diversity at the School of Management and Labor Relations and is available to Rutgers students. There are six centers on campus that are focused on providing friendly, welcoming, inclusive environments, and rich, diverse programs to Rutgers students.

University of Texas — Dallas With a diverse ethnic make-up, the University of Texas-Dallas is notable in their commitment to inclusion and education. The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement ODCE coordinates resources, events, activities for the promotion of diversity and inclusion at all levels of the university and in the community.

Breakfast, and Multicultural Living and Learning Community. UT-Dallas also offers a variety of scholarships available for minorities, has many groups to choose from, and provides great support for all students.

This ethnically diverse student body works hard to study, serve, and play together in the community while celebrating differences. Andrews University Andrews University is one of the best-known Adventist educational institutions in the world today, and home to an ethnically diverse population. Founded in as a tiny school by teacher Mr. University of Texas — Arlington The University of Texas — Arlington is an exciting and growing school that challenges students to be leaders.

Like the state it resides in, UT-Arlington is large, serving 51, total students from over different countries. With degree programs and ten different schools, choice abounds.

The student population is a medley of different cultures and ethnicities. The most represented four races are: With this diversity the university has an annual tradition of celebrating International Week with a parade of banners, international food, fashion show, nationality exhibits, and a Global Extravaganza talent show to name some of the exciting events. There is also the Semana De Cultura showcasing the Latino culture and traditions.

The Diversity Certificate Program DCP is interesting in that students work with a DCP advisor to individualize, supplement, and enhance their major by studying aspects of human diversity. It is an Honors University that offers academically talented students a strong undergraduate liberal arts foundation to prepare them for graduate study and entry into the workforce.

One student group is the Intercultural Living Exchange that specifically aims to promote cultural diversity. Residents are monitored by international students and participate in social events and cultural festivities. Students earn academic credit for participating in this group. This group, along with many others, is just one reason UMBC earns a spot at the top of the list. University of San Francisco Located in the ethnically diverse city of San Francisco, the University of San Francisco directly reflects its cultural environment.

With a diverse student body, the University is constantly looking for ways to support these students in their college endeavor.

The Cultural Centers team works closely with various culturally-focused student clubs, organizations, and programs, as well as the Culturally-Focused Clubs Council that work together for intergroup communication and collaboration. There are currently 22 Cultural Clubs on campus, ensuring that there is a place for everyone.

Representatives from each club meet regularly to participate in leadership development, cultural competency, and ally-building training. With a hugely diverse student body, over 60 percent of students are of ethnic descent, the University is ready to meet the needs of their students.

This then is to lead the to proactive changes regarding the challenges faced on campus by helping participants recognize bias and the harm it inflicts on individuals and society.

Students will also explore their own personal and cultural identity. Programs like this diversity training are just one way that Florida Atlantic University creates a positive environment for students of all ethnicity. On this diverse campus, 32 percent of the student population is Hispanic, 26 percent are African-American and 8 percent are Asian; there are many cultural organizations on campus ready to meet the needs of this racially and ethnically diverse student body.

Along with the many special interest groups at St. There are four campuses in New York and two international campuses. Serving such a large student body, recognizing ethnic diversity is a crucial element of a St.

One specific program at St. There is a Division for Equity and Inclusion with purposeful focus on creating a respectful environment for all people. The belief in intercultural education has led Nyack to become the most ethnically diverse Christian College in the history of American higher education.

Celebrating this feat is an important part of their effectiveness and identity, Nyack remains committed to the task of enhancing this diversity in every decision, from curriculum to hiring, to pricing. Even though Texas Wesleyan is a small school, it is diverse and inclusive.

The most represented ethnic groups are: African American at As for commitment to inclusion and diversity, Texas Wesleyan offers a Black Student Association and a Bilingual Education Society focusing on the Spanish language and culture.