Meet chris brown 2014 quotes

chris brown quotes

meet chris brown 2014 quotes

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When we asked what they meant by customer focus and how did it apply in their organizations we received many different answers — good customer service well targeted offers to market segments, quick handling of customer complaints.

meet chris brown 2014 quotes

It was clear that different people in the same organizations and across businesses had a different view as to what customer focus means. There was a clear need to be able to define it and make it tangible First, we must distinguish between customer focus and customer culture. The term customer focus means different things to different people.

In this last meaning, every department and every employee should share the same customer-focused vision. It is this meaning of customer focus we call customer culture in fact, we maintain that to have real customer focus you must have a customer culture.

Toyota embodies this thinking and has developed customer culture practices over many years. This was highlighted on the rare occasions in Europe when families travelling in the French Alps were stranded due to mechanical breakdown. Lexus arranged to collect them by helicopter to take them to their destination, understanding that it is not about the car, but it is about getting its customers to where they planned to be. As one insider said: Third, customer culture does not mean that a company responds to any and every request for improvements or new products and services that any and all customers say they want.

This is usually impractical and unprofitable and does not allow the firm to focus on the customers it can best serve with superior value. A strong customer culture delivers a customer experience that is consistently excellent along the whole service chain. The ultimate aim is to have the customers make your business the center for everything they do for your particular offering. Then your customers will be advocates of your business and your products and services.

Our research program was built on the prior work of empirical studies by market orientation academics and corporate culture researchers. Our study was built on the premise, supported by convincing evidence, that a strong customer culture drives positive future business performance.

In our research we wanted to identify the tangible customer culture factors and their links to business results. These determine if a business can create customer advocates and win in the marketplace.

The names we have given these seven traits and their associated behavior summaries are given in Figure 2. The Seven Customer Culture Traits These traits also have a decisive impact on sales growth, profit growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, new-product success, and innovation.

meet chris brown 2014 quotes

Figure 3 shows each trait as a driver of particular business performance outcomes. These customer culture traits predict better, sustainable business results. Each trait drives predictable and measurable improvements in sales, profitability, and new-product or new-service success.

Customer Culture Drivers of Business Outcomes We came to realize that customer culture is a discipline-a set of behaviors and skills that can be developed, refined, and practiced to become habits that lead to better personal and business results. Also, we found that the disciplines are linked with different strategic focuses that drive specific performance outcomes.

These are summarized in Figure 4. We now describe each of the seven disciplines that reflect a strong customer culture. Think about the many ways customers interact with your business every day. All staff behavior is driven by your culture and the expectations placed on everyone to know his or her customers and treat them in a certain way.

The questions you should ask include: Does it know how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with its products or services?

Does it act on this knowledge? They found that customers who left Westpac did so because they did not have a relationship with anyone in the bank. They simply thought of Westpac as a big bank. Those customers who were loyal had an ongoing personal relationship with a banker and said: Westpac took this insight and decided to decentralize decisions back to the bank branches so that bank managers and loans staff could make quick decisions and provide advice for customers and develop close relationships with them.

As a result customer retention increased. Will it lead the market by launching new services before customers recognize their own changing needs? Does the company gather information on potential customers? Does it target them based on its opportunity for competitive advantage?

Does it understand and invest in meeting future needs of prospective customers? Starbucks coffee shops have built their reputation, in the US and around the world, by developing personal relationships with their customers so that they know them as individuals.

But one of their keys to success has been to engage customers directly in helping them improve their services and provide innovative ideas that will lead to new products and services that will satisfy their future needs.

As a result Starbucks has redefined the customer retail experience for its customers and introduced Mobile order and pay for consumers. Competitor insight is reflected in workforce behaviors and prevalent activities that give the company a deep and dynamic understanding of its current competitors. Does the company monitor. Because it knows that consumers want a choice. So it offers that, confident in the knowledge that customers trust Amazon as the first place to go to buy online.

New innovative competitors have an impact on uncovering latent needs of customers and influencing their perception of their future needs. Does it identify market shifts in order to foresee potential competitors? Do staff members contribute to competitive intelligence relating to potential new competitors and how they might affect future customer needs?

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Also its Apple shops give it direct access to end customers and provides an enduring competitive advantage. The Peripheral Vision Discipline Peripheral Vision reflected in workforce behaviors and prevalent activities gives the company a deep and dynamic understanding of its broader external environment.

Without these strong drivers, the company will miss opportunities and risk the loss of customers due to market and industry shifts. Changes in technology, economic conditions, government policies, and society all impact current and future customer needs. Are all staff members encouraged to scan their respective fields of expertise for new ideas relevant to the changing external environment? Does the company act on this flow of new ideas?

The Apple iPod has revolutionized the music industry. Nike, the sports footwear company, faced a challenge at that time that it only came into the consciousness of its customers and potential customers once every 6 to 12 months when people where in the market for running shoes or athletic gear.

Nike wanted a way to maintain a consistent relationship with its customers over time.

meet chris brown 2014 quotes

Originally it was a device that was inserted into specific models of Nike running shoes and would sync with the Apple iPod to provide speed and distance measurements.

As technology has changed it has developed into an iPhone app and various other wrist-based devices made by Nike.

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The idea was that runners would like to track their workouts and listen to music while they run. This has since developed into sharing workouts online, and Nike even runs global running challenges to get customers motivated. These five externally oriented disciplines-customer insight and foresight, competitor insight and foresight and peripheral vision-are focused into action for the entire company, business units, and teams through two enabling disciplines: The Collaboration Discipline Collaboration is another trait of workforce behavior that enables a strong customer culture and makes it possible for the company to transform the information generated by the externally oriented disciplines into value for customers and shareholders.

Without strong collaboration within a business, valuable information is squandered and business opportunities are lost.

Also, the impact of value delivered to customers is weakened. Key questions you can ask include: Do colleagues from different work groups share information and work together? Are your people working cross-functionally to solve customer problems and deliver better service to customers? Do staff members receive individual recognition tor initiating end-to-end solutions for the customer? Ikea, the global furniture producer and retailer, is one of the most successful businesses of its type in the world.

Its culture of collaboration is so strong that they are prepared to fire superstar managers and sales people who are not collaborative. Ikea actively encourages cross-fertilization of ideas, practices, and value creation within and between stores and across countries. They recruit new staff who will fit their culture and be a positive collaborative team member. Team members within shops receive individual recognition for initiating and delivering better solutions for the customer through collaboration.

With the Famous Flames, Brown sang lead on several more hits, including " I'll Go Crazy " and " Think ", songs that hinted at his emerging style. On October 24,Brown financed a live recording of a performance at the Apollo and convinced Syd Nathan to release the album, despite Nathan's belief that no one would buy a live album due to the fact that Brown's singles had already been bought and that live albums were usually bad sellers. Brown middle and The Famous Flames far left to right, Bobby BennettLloyd Stallworthand Bobby Byrdperforming live at the Apollo Theater in New York City, Live at the Apollo was released the following June and became an immediate hit, eventually reaching number two on the Top LPs chart and selling over a million copies, staying on the charts for 14 months.

James Brown

Terrell ended their personal and professional relationship because of his abusive behavior. Prior to the injunction, Brown had released three vocal singles, including the blues-oriented hit " Out of Sight ", which further indicated the direction his music was going to take. The Flames' dynamic gospel-tinged vocals, polished choreography and timing as well as Brown's energetic dance moves and high-octane singing upstaged the proposed closing act, the Rolling Stones. Changes in Brown's style that started with "Cold Sweat" also established the musical foundation for Brown's later hits, such as " I Got the Feelin' " and " Mother Popcorn " By this time Brown's vocals frequently took the form of a kind of rhythmic declamation, not quite sung but not quite spoken, that only intermittently featured traces of pitch or melody.

This would become a major influence on the techniques of rappingwhich would come to maturity along with hip hop music in the coming decades. Brown's style of funk in the late s was based on interlocking syncopated parts: On both recordings the tonal structure is bare bones. The pattern of attack-points is the emphasis, not the pattern of pitches, as if the guitar were an African drum, or idiophone. Alexander Stewart states that this popular feel was passed along from "New Orleans—through James Brown's music, to the popular music of the s.

As a result, James Brown remains to this day the world's most sampled recording artist. Guitarist Jimmy Nolen provided percussive, deceptively simple riffs for each song, and Maceo Parker 's prominent saxophone solos provided a focal point for many performances. In addition to a torrent of singles and studio albums, Brown's output during this period included two more successful live albums, Live at the Garden and Live at the Apollo, Volume IIand a television special, James Brown: His music empire expanded along with his influence on the music scene.

meet chris brown 2014 quotes

As Brown's music empire grew, his desire for financial and artistic independence grew as well. Brown bought radio stations during the late s, including WRDW in his native Augusta, where he shined shoes as a boy. The call letters were changed to WJBE reflecting his initials. Brown performing in Brown branched out to make several recordings with musicians outside his own band. In an attempt to appeal to the older, more affluent, and predominantly white adult contemporary audience, Brown recorded Gettin' Down To It and Soul on Top —two albums consisting mostly of romantic ballads, jazz standards, and homologous reinterpretations of his earlier hits—with the Dee Felice Trio and the Louie Bellson Orchestra.

Inhe recorded a number of funk-oriented tracks with The Dappsa white Cincinnati band, including the hit " I Can't Stand Myself ". He also released three albums of Christmas music with his own band. Godfather of Soul[ edit ] Main article: Brown and erstwhile Famous Flames singer Bobby Byrd who chose to remain in the band during this tumultuous period subsequently recruited several members of the Cincinnati-based The Pacemakerswhich included Bootsy Collins and his brother Phelps "Catfish" Collins ; augmented by the remaining members of the s road band including Fred Wesley, who rejoined Brown's outfit in December and other newer musicians, they would form the nucleus of The J.

Shortly following their first performance together, the band entered the studio to record the Brown-Byrd composition, " Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine "; the song and other contemporaneous singles would further cement Brown's influence in the nascent genre of funk music.

This iteration of the J. Clair Pinckney and drummer John Starks. The recordings on the People label, almost all of which were produced by Brown himself, exemplified his "house style". Several tracks thought by critics to be excessively sexual, were released at this time. He would later soften his vocal approach.

That year, he also began touring African countries and was received well by audiences there. During the presidential electionJames Brown openly proclaimed his support of Richard Nixon for reelection of the presidency over Democratic candidate George McGovern.

Chris Brown - Loyal (Official Music Video) (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

Brown relied more on touring outside the United States where he continued to perform for sold-out crowds in cities such as London, Paris and Lausanne. He also recorded another soundtrack for the film, Slaughter's Big Rip-Off.

Following the release of these soundtracks, Brown acquired a self-styled nickname, "The Godfather of Soul", which remains his most popular nickname. In he returned to the No. Admirers of Brown's music, including Miles Davis and other jazz musicians, began to cite him as a major influence on their own styles. However, Brown, like others who were influenced by his music, also "borrowed" from other musicians. The riff was composed by Alomar, who had briefly been a member of Brown's band in the late s.

Brown credited his then-wife and two of their children as writers of the song to avoid concurrent tax problems with the IRS. Starting in OctoberBrown produced, directed, and hosted Future Shockan Atlanta-based television variety show that ran for three years. Decline and resurgence[ edit ] James Brown Although his records were mainstays of the vanguard New York underground disco scene exemplified by DJs such as David Mancuso and Francis Grasso from onwards, Brown did not consciously yield to the trend until 's Sex Machine Today.

After 's "Bodyheat", he also failed to appear on the Billboard Hot As a result, Brown's concert attendance began dropping and his reported disputes with the IRS caused his business empire to collapse. In addition, Brown's former bandmates, including Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker and the Collins brothers, had found bigger success as members of George Clinton 's Parliament-Funkadelic collective. By the release of 's The Original Disco Man, Brown was not providing much production or writing, leaving most of it to producer Brad Shapiroresulting in the song "It's Too Funky in Here" becoming Brown's most successful single in this period.

After two more albums failed to chart, Brown left Polydor in It was around this time that Brown changed the name of his band from the J. The band retained that name until his death. Despite the decline in his record sales Brown enjoyed something of a resurgence in this period, starting with appearances in the feature films The Blues BrothersDoctor Detroit and Rocky IVas well as guest-starring in the Miami Vice episode "Missing Hours" Inhe teamed with rap musician Afrika Bambaattaa on the song " Unity ".

A year later he signed with Scotti Brothers Records and issued the moderately successful album Gravity in It included Brown's final Top 10 pop hit, " Living in America ", marking his first Top 40 entry since and his first Top 10 pop entry since Produced and written by Dan Hartmanit was also featured prominently on the Rocky IV film and soundtrack.

The Godfather of Soul, co-written with Bruce Tucker.