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Starbucks is launching its first brand campaign, and it's doing it ambitiously. For the global campaign, called "Meet me at Starbucks," the coffee. The whole world is buzzing this week thanks to National Coffee Day and the launch of the Meet me at Starbucks global campaign featuring a. On evenings and weekends, Joel Gascoigne would meet friends at a coffee Since its launch in , Callwood says million people have used the perfect set-up for Sullivan, who walks or bikes there from his home.

First Global Brand Campaign Launches 'Meet Me At Starbucks' 09/30/

His first visit to a Starbucks was back in and he almost immediately decided that he had to go see all the branches in the world. Funnily, he actually prefers artisanal coffee from independent stores, but he appreciates that Starbucks tastes the same everywhere. Motivation You wonder what motivates a man — apart from a taste for coffee — to embark on such a kickass some call it pointless mission?

My original motivation was simply to accomplish something singularly unique. However, since that time, I have discovered many joys in the traveling, the photography, and the puzzle-like challenge of my mission. Additionally, I hope to use the exposure this website generates to promote my ideas for creating a better world.

  • No Office? No Problem. Meet Me at Starbucks

At first It was just a hypothetical question. It seemed entirely possible and as it meant traveling around the country, it became a lot of fun. But the coffee chain has had such an astronomical growth rate since then that Winter has been struggling to keep up. As long as there are new stores to visit, I will try to visit them. Other beverage addicted people have tried to accomplish similar goals but they always involved a passion for beer.

First Global Brand Campaign Launches 'Meet Me At Starbucks'

In Ireland a fellow named Pete McCarthey embarked on a similar beer mission. InMehta co-authored a paper published in The Journal of Consumer Research that presented these findings and read like a love letter to coffee shops in the gig economy. Both freelancers, they needed a place to work and found that they gravitated to coffee shops. Suddenly, it all made sense. Since its launch inCallwood says 5. Coffee has fueled ideas for centuries.

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The first coffee houses sprang up in the s in the Middle East, the birthplace of the coffee trade. Adding productivity Once upon a time, coffee shops frowned upon workers camping out for hours in a row. But inStarbucks began offering free, unlimited Wi-Fi at its stores, an acknowledgement that customers who can pull out their laptops are more apt to stay longer — and hopefully drink and eat more.

We provide a comfortable venue where you can be alone or with other people and think and do work. On a typical day, Sullivan, the writer, rotates among several coffee shops, moving from one to another at least once a day, and placing an order wherever he goes. His go-to location is the Starbucks across from the National Zoo, which can get packed with tourists on a warm, sunny afternoon but at other times provides the perfect set-up for Sullivan, who walks or bikes there from his home.

A coffee shop provides that.

Starbucks Launches First Brand Campaign, 'Meet Me at Starbucks'

Eileen Chou, an associate professor of public policy at the University of Virginia, documented in a study in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making that the mere presence of other people encourages us to take more risks. Chou is specifically looking at the impact on creativity of working alongside others in coffee shops.

For those employees not lucky enough to be masters of their own domains, Steelcase, which designs office furniture, is bringing the coffee shop to them.