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'Meet Me There' Review

meet me there 2014

A journey of self-discovery becomes a quest for survival as Ada (Lisa Friedrich, Least Favorite Love Songs) and Calvin (Micheal Foulk, Zero Charisma). [DVD Review] 'Meet Me There' is on Time with Good Character Study, With Lex Lybrand's Meet Me There, it seems even with professional. Meet Me There is an amazing film, across all areas. Meet Me There probably has the funniest dialog in a horror film I've ever seen. Dustin Runnels as Preacher Woodward shines, but Michael Foulk and Lisa Friedrich, as Calvin and Ada are just as wonderful.

This is the first of many warnings that returning to Sheol might not be the best idea, but Ada seems oblivious to how ominous this sounds and Calvin is determined to help Ada, so they forge on.

When they get to Sheol, the couple encounters ominous event after ominous event. The town is literally in the middle of nowhere and has no telephones or cellular signals. When they finally realize that they must leave, it turns out that nothing in Sheol is ever that simple or that easy. In a low budget, independent production, the personnel often need to wear several hats.

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Meet Me There is no exception. The original score was created by Mark Daven. The direction, writing, score, and acting all contribute to the atmospheric tension that builds throughout the film. The only drawbacks of the film are what are to be expected in low budget efforts.

Some scenes could have used a few more takes and adjustments. But all-in-all, this film is very close to being the best that it could be and I thoroughly enjoyed Meet Me There.

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Not because I dislike people or find their problems trivial. Upon their arrival, Ada and Calvin are greeted with hostility from the locals. The hostility increases to the point where their car is torched, leaving Ada and Calvin to have to fight their way out of town to survive.

meet me there 2014

The film can be best described as a psychological horror film with hints of arthouse cinema. Much of the film deals with Ada and her inability to recall her past. Mixed in are dream sequences shot in black and white that bring out that arthouse feel. Runnels is definitely an imposing presence in this film, making for some disturbing moments. It also helps that her makeup sells the backwoods redneck in her character.

[DVD Review] ‘Meet Me There’ is on Time with Good Character Study, Creepy Atmosphere

Of course, the film focuses on Ada and Calvin, first and foremost. Both Friedrich and Foulk turn in great performances, and genuinely come across as a very real and caring couple.

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The car ride near the beginning of the film does a good job of developing these two as they converse. It also helps that Lybrand devotes a great deal of the first part of the film to developing the two characters, which is essential to a film like this.

meet me there 2014

The thing is that the camera remains in this close quarters setup for much of our time with Ada and Calvin, either apart or together.