Meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

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meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

When the only witness to a couple of mysterious murders is a dog, Dean performs a risky spell to help him communicate with canines. Supernatural is a great show and all of it's actors have wonderful chemistry Seeing the videos in this list made me appreciate Supernatural even more and made me fall in .. littlecat I also enjoyed the episode when Sam and Dean met Carver and discovered the Supernatural Book series he. Two days after Jared Padalecki alarmed fans by canceling several appearances, reps for the "Supernatural" actor said he "is suffering from.

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One one occasion Jared decided to put leftover chunks of fish from his lunch in Misha's car under the seats. Misha's car was very smelly by the time he found the fish and at first blamed his kids for it.


After a while he realized it was Jared. The two friends had a good laugh about it. See them tell the story to the right.

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The Paper Airplane Story 5. At one convention Jensen and Misha were given a rabbit puppet as a gift and they played with it on stage. Misha gave the rabbit an alien sounding voice trying to get Jensen to crack up laughing.

Afterwards Misha opened a gift of some toy airplanes which inspired Jensen to tell an embarrassing story about Misha.

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In the story, Jensen and Jared Sam had been teasing and pranking Misha all day while filming an episode of Supernatural. They teased him so much that Misha had a horrible day and became very frustrated. When he tried to get revenge by throwing a paper airplane at the two while they were filming a scene, he epically failed and ended up throwing the plane straight down on the floor instead of at Jared and Jensen.

It's a hilarious story and you can hear it in the video to the right. Misha's Jail Stories 6.

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He once got arrested for reading a book on top of a bank and was mistaken for a bank robber. As a child, he and his younger brother also spent a night in jail with their mother when she was arrested after getting pulled over for driving without headlights. At a convention Misha shared how his mom got pulled over and before the cop came up to the car his mom stuffed a bag of pot down her youngest sons pants. Misha's poor 5 year old brother had to hide pot in his underwear all night while they were locked up in jail.

See Misha tell this story to the right.

meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

At many Supernatural Conventions, fans of the show get to hang out and sing Karaoke with a variety of actors from Supernatural. On one night Balthazar, Gabriel, Ash, and young John decided to enjoy some Grease and sang Summer Lovin from the hit musical with some female fans.

Balthazar particularly was having a great time. Lucifer has also been known to make an appearance or two at karaoke night! If you ever wanted to see Lucifer sing Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show then you might wan to check out the second video on the right. I guess the bad boys of the show just really like singing the soundtracks to musicals. Dean Makes Fun of Castiel's Resume When Misha was starting out in acting he may have embellished a bit on his resume to get acting jobs.

From Appalachian clogging to Tibetan Throat Singing, Misha listed some rather unusual and funny skills on his early resume. A Supernatural fan found a copy of it and brought it to a Supernatural Convention for Misha to see.

Jensen got a hold of it though and had a great time teasing Misha for his special skills.

meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

It was a hilarious moment because Jensen had so much fun making fun of Misha for listing such silly things on his resume bicycle touring, motorcycle license, horseback riding, and more.

See this video to the right. Misha pretended to be a fan and disguised his voice to sound Indian. He then asked Jared and Jensen what working with Misha made them learn the most and hate the most about themselves. At first the two thought it was another fan asking a funny question but they joked and said the show got worse with Misha. Finding that Sam is willing to die to atone for how often he has let him down, Dean talks Sam out of finishing the trials anyway, but the effects of the trials continue to ravage Sam's body and his life is left hanging by a thread.

Meanwhile, Metatron completes his spell by extracting Castiel's grace the essence of an angel that gives them their power and status as an angelthen sends the now-human Castiel back to Earth. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley look up into the night sky as thousands of angels begin to fall.

meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

Production[ edit ] It was announced on April 4,that showrunner Sera Gamble was leaving the show to work on developing other projects. Jeremy Carvera longtime writer on the series, took over as showrunner for the eighth season. Series star Jensen Ackles directed the first episode to be produced for this season but the third to air.

meet the cast of supernatural 2014 fall

Olsson previously appeared in Supernatural as the vampire Eli in the second season episode "Bloodlust". Writing[ edit ] "Why use flashbacks? Because fans usually hate it when the brothers are separated, so that's why they're being reunited quickly. Jeremy Carver said he will keep the "evil always forward" at least for a few more years.