Taaf state meet 2014

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taaf state meet 2014

Meet Schedule. Frisco Heat will compete in the TAAF circuit meets including Regionals and State. The Circuit Meets are assigned to each track club by the. TXE / Team Meeting. TXE Facility. Sat, Dec. 14 TAAF Region 5 Regional Meet Region 3 Regional Meet (ONLY REGION 3 ATHLETES)(A) vs. April 28, TAAF Gymnastics State Meet Riley had her last meet yesterday at Pioneer Hall at the TWU Campus. It was a great venue.

Publication should occur in early Several other submissions are forthcoming. Several team members participated in developing and presenting materials on program outcomes, online training, and the effects of incentives on training. These materials were presented at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association annual meeting. Program results were also summarized for each business planning consultant and TAA educator that participated in the program.

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What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals? Nothing Reported Impacts What was accomplished under these goals? The TAA program reports these results: Each training session was three and a half days of training on TAA, financial analysis and business planning. In post program evaluations, of the business planning consultants who responded marked the business planning training with the two highest ratings.

Evaluations were conducted at six points during the training, -a pre-assessment -after the Initial Orientation -at each Intensive training workshop -after completion of the Initial Business plan -after completion of the Long-term Business plan -six to 12 months after completion of the program There were nearly 52, evaluations that were collected during the life of the TAA program.

Program results show that: Conference Papers and Presentations Status: The Future of Extension Program Delivery: The Case for Online Training. Awaiting Publication Year Published: Results from the evaluations will be disseminated after they are analyzed and summarized.

We will continue to collect evaluations from participants, particularly the one year post program completion evaluations.

We will work on analyzing the evaluation results. We expect to collect more than 60, evaluations that will need to tabulated, analyzed and summarized. We will develop presentations to communicate the results to stakeholders, educators, and participants.

Several papers will be written documenting the findings from the program. Impacts What was accomplished under these goals? As of September 22,- 9, applicants completed the Initial Orientation training - 9, completed the 12 hours of Intensive training.

An additional two day training session was provided to all business planning consulants in December to provide additonal training regarding issues and questions that arose during implementation of the business planning phase of the project. We will continue to provide to be provided to applicants both at workshops and online. Business planning consultants will continue to work with applicants who still need to complete their business plan.

We will continue to evaluate participants and begin to analyze the results. Additional update training will be provided to a subset of business planning consultants. As of September 1,- 9, applicants completed the Initial Orientation training - 8, completed the 12 hours of Intensive training. Eligible commodities must document at least a 15 percent decline in price or production in the most recent marketing year relative to the three previous years.

Individual producer applicants must complete four phases of training including, a one hour Initial Orientation, 12 hours of Intensive Technical Assistance workshops, writing an Initial Business Plan that describes what they learned from the workshops and how they will apply it, and fourth, write a Long-Term Business Plan.

taaf state meet 2014

Once a commodity is approved, producers have 90 days to apply to the program and another 90 to complete Initial Orientation. To develop the infrastructure to quickly deliver the required training, the National Training Center: Developed coordination subcontracts with the four regional risk management education centers to help coordinate the program throughout the country.

Recruited a state TAA contact from each and and some institutions and each Sea Grant program.

taaf state meet 2014

Provided orientation training for all state contacts. Recruited and trained a commodity development team for each commodity to develop and deliver training curriculum.

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Wrote a 60 page procedures guide covering all aspects of TAA technical assistance. Developed an online tracking system to track all training progress for each applicant and developed an interface with FSA software so payments could be made from FSA.

Developed the national portion of the Initial Orientation training. Developed online delivery capacity and protocols for all workshops. Developed the national TAA website with information about all aspects of the program. Developed a secure login for participants to track their progress and take online training. Recruited national experts to develop eight nationally available three hour long curriculums for the Intensive phase.

Worked with commodity specific educators to identify topics and curriculum developers to develop 26 commodity specific intensive courses. All 34 courses have been recorded and are available online. Recruited and trained business planning consultants to coach participants through the development of their long-term business plan. Robert Craven, Center director and extension economist; Kevin Klair, extension economist; Curtis Mahnken, extension economist; Dale Nordquist, extension economist; Wynn Richardson, extension economist; Chris Mikesell, web developer; Jeff Reisdorfer, graphic designer; Dave Nordquist, technical support; Eliza Herman, program support; and Jane Sandstrom, program support.

Partner organizations also include the institutions at which the commodity development team members are employed.

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Only producers and fishermen of approved commodities can participate in TAA training workshops. The target audience were the 10, shrimp, catfish, asparagus, lobster, and blueberry producers who applied to TAA.

Not relevant to this project. Commodity development teams were organized for each of these commodities. The teams are comprised of educators from each of the states that have significant numbers of eligible producers and industry representatives.

TAAF Gymnastics State Meet

Two day long training sessions were conducted for each commodity development team. Subcontracts have been put in place with 22 universities to fund the development and delivery of TAA technical assistance. A three and a half day training session was developed and provided to all business planning consultants.

Training must be completed sequentially, so successful completion of Initial Orientation qualifies applicants to proceed to the Intensive Technical Assistance workshops. Participants were able to select from a series of workshops the topics that are of most value to their business. They must complete at least 12 hours of Intensive training.

As of the December9, producers and fishermen have completed Initial Orientation. Haight, Glen; Klair, Kevin. Klair, Kevin; Nordquist, Dale. Individual producer applicants must complete four phases of training including, a one hour Initial Orientation, twelve hours of Intensive Technical Assistance workshops, writing an Initial Business Plan that describes what they learned from the workshops and how they will apply it, and fourth, write a Long-Term Business Plan.

Recruited national experts to develop five nationally available three hour long curriculums for the Intensive phase. Topics and curriculum developers have been identified for 18 commodity specific Intensive courses and the courses are in the process of being developed.

A business planning consultant will be assigned to each applicant to coach them with the development of their business plan. The goal is to recruit and train business planning consultants. About 80 have been accepted so far with most of them being retired educators. TAA overview presentations were made in the four regions to state contact meetings. Training presentations were also made to each of the commodity teams. Initial Orientation curriculum was delivered at 94 workshops.

Online Initial Orientation was delivered to participants. The target audience for were the 5, shrimp, catfish and asparagus producers who applied to TAA.

Nothing significant to report during this reporting period. Her favorite subjects are physics and English. Her parents, Stephanie and Craig, are obviously proud. Madison with parents Stephanie and Craig. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lilley "We are humbled by this award, but Madison made the commitment to swimming last summer," Stephanie said.

TAAF State Meet - 100 Hurdles - Finals

It was a great night. Madison has enjoyed swimming with the T. She said she hopes to enjoy the sport of swimming for many years to come. I set goals for myself and then I push myself to achieve these goals.

My aspirations are to compete to my best ability and to strive for bigger goals that are definitely something that really matters to me. Summer Games of Texas. A city submits its local nomination to its T. The community can be involved by continuing to support and participate in City of Southlake athletic programs. The city offers youth basketball, flag football, volleyball and swimming that all compete in T.