Buggy and shanks meet again fast

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buggy and shanks meet again fast

Rayleigh has shown to be extremely fast with extraordinary reflexes. Rayleigh was present, and he held Buggy back, telling him not to worry. Rayleigh met his former apprentice Shanks again and noticed the latter lost his arm and his hat . Luffy learns about Buggy's history with Shanks. Buggy hurls the upper half The crew meets a pirate named Gaimon on a legendary island. Watch Episode Former Cabin Boy of the Pirate King, Roger - He was known to be a part of Roger's Crew with Buggy, although this doesn't mean much.

Oh well, not much he could do about them. The one pinned under him, on the other hand The clown snarled, "They are not my friends. And besides-" Suddenly, the clown drove a knee into Shanks stomach, which made the redhead release him with a gasp and a curse. The clown quickly got to his feet and got into a fighting stance.

The people surrounding them all looked on in shock. No one seemed eager to get in between the two furiously fighting boys. They might kill each other! If I get in between those two, I will get pummeled too Leading the group were two men, one of them a tall, curly haired blond with a scar over his right eye and dark-haired beard formed in a stripe-like pattern, wearing round glasses and a dark-blue coat.

The other man,the one who had spoken, was tall, with raven hair hidden under a captains hat with a Jolly Roger on it, a great, black, curved mustache and wearing a deep red coat. It was obvious that these guys were pirates. The two boys had abruptly stopped fighting when they heard the mans strong voice and were now just standing with each of their right hands grabbing their opponent's shirt.

Of course, Shanks immediately recognized the men. Looks like your little experiment failed," the blond told the black-haired man, all the while starring disappointingly at Shanks.

The captain laughed and slapped a big hand down on the blond's shoulder. We had to try sometime. And it looks like he's been having fun and doesn't look too worse for wear.

I say all's well that ends well! He disobeyed a direct order, the least you can do as a captain is scold him. But right now-" The tall man started walking towards the two boys. The people in his path swiftly made way for him.

Even though the man seemed jovial, he was still a pirate. You never know when a jovial pirate would suddenly become a jovial bloodcovered pirate. He stopped before the two boys. What's this about, Shanks? Shanks answered his captain without taking his eyes of his opponent. I'm just getting my wallet back. He managed to steal from you? Either way is fine with me. Slowly he reached into his pocket, pulled out Shank's wallet and threw it at the redhead.

Shanks caught it with one hand. The captain now turned to Shanks. Shall we let bygones be bygones? No use to fight any longer And there was something else The two of them had just started walking back to the rest of the waiting crew when the blue-haired kid's stomach started growling, much to the clown's embarrassment.

Roger laughed and turned to the blue-haired kid once more. The coin flew through the air until it landed at the clown's feet. Go buy something to eat. He picked up the gold-coin and flung it back yelling, "Keep your flashy coin! The other townspeople also turned their eyes towards the blue-haired kid, who was panting with exertion after his outburst.

He then took a deep breath and resumed his yelling, "Who do you think I am?! If I wanted your frickin' coin I would have stolen it in such flashily brilliant way that you would have been blinded in the process, old man! I will become a pirate, find you and finish this! A few seconds of silence followed his departure, then Roger threw his head back and laughed. Hey Rayleigh, what do you think? Should we be watching our backs in the future? His first-mate, on the other hand, had a small frown on his face.

His clothes were nothing but rags and given how thin his face was, he probably hasn't had a proper meal for a long while, yet he seems to have obvious skills as a thief. If he's that good at stealing, he should have no problem keeping himself well feed.

Unless of course-" "-Someone else is getting the spoils. Depending on what kind of person it is that is taking care of him, he might never get the freedom to do what he wants.

There is no reason for us to get involved. Still, he was an interesting kid. The crowd jumped as one of the crew-members growled, "Hey, people! The shows over, move along already!

buggy and shanks meet again fast

But Shanks was still not moving. Roger noticed that Shanks had yet to accompany them, so he turned and yelled, "OI, Shanks! Come on, we're going back to the ship!

You still have a punishment to receive! A small wave of pain went through him. He looked down at his hand. It was bleeding from the cuts on his knuckles. They must have split open during the fight. The clown-nosed kid must be having siilar pains of his own. There had been something about that fight, though. Something that he still couldn't put his finger on With one last glance back, Shanks stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Don't worry about it. Small drops of blood dripped down from his busted knuckles down to the ground. Buggy was so furious that he felt like he could catch on fire. It was so frickin' unfair! Why was that flashy redhead bastard a pirate and not him?! And he was even part of a pretty awesome looking crew at that!

When the captain spoke to him, he nearly turned tail and ran. It was only through sheer stubbornness and pride that he managed to ignore the instinct. Of course, once the captain threw the gold-coin to him in pity, his temper had flared up and he just had to frickin' challenge the captain and his crew. At least they had been too surprised to act before he ran away. He was sure that they would have killed him for mouthing off at their captain.

The pain in his hand broke through the angry haze and as he cradled his damaged hand. The anger was slowly replaced by depression. He's the same age as I am and I hadn't planned to become a pirate for at least another six years. That's how long it's probably gonna take me to gather the money for Oh crap, the money!

This is not the time be thinking about that redhead! I need to hurry and get the money before What time is it anyway? When he saw what time it was, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Calm down, calm down. If I can find someone with a heavy wallet, I should still be in the clear.

He was a short-haired blonde wearing a dark- and light-green striped suit. Beside him stood two beefy looking men wearing dark glasses and black suits, and a third man in a white suit wearing a slimy smile. Standing in front of the men were a large group of children. There were about fifteen of them in ages between 8 and They were all boys and all of them were wearing old, washed out, dirty clothes.

Many of them looked half-starved. The one in the lead was a 14 year old black-haired boy who was missing an ear. The blonde in the green suit, Mr Fabioli, only sighed. He was one of my best. He will be sorely missed. I believe it is time for the collecting! Everyone hand over what they have managed to get a hold on this week!

The tall blonde nodded to the man in the white suit, who then started to examine the different piles and making notes in his notebook. The tension was thick among the boys, which is why everyone jumped a mile in the air when there was a sudden 'BANG' by the storage entrance. The two men in black turned towards Fabioli. He gave them a slight nod, which they returned, each drawing a big knife from their holsters and making their way towards the door. But before they got there, one of the doors opened and in walked Buggy.

He cast a look around the storage and grinned. The older boys stood back, glowering at the clown. When Mr Fabioli clapped his hands together to get their attention, the younger boys scattered away from Buggy and let him move forward towards the green-clad man. Fabioli smiled wryly at the boy. I heard you had been captured. But it's all been taken care of. You always were my favorite, Buggy! I will forgive you for being late this time! I hope you're prepared for that, Buggy.

Apprentices! Shanks and Buggy!

The day I can't make the quota, you may boil me, roast me, do whatever the hell you like with me. If I can't even get this done, my pride as a thief will be tarnished. Very well, place your loot by the others and we will see. The man in the white suit continued his assessment and was soon finished with the last pile. Fabioli turned his head towards him. Now you may go. Eat, sleep, celebrate, and continue your good work.

I will come back next week for the next rent. As soon as the door had closed behind the men, Buggy said, "Well, this has been a flashily exhausting day, I'm going to sleep," before making his way towards the stairs. It was the one-eared boy. How did you get away from those guys? The way I remember it, that redhead kid was the only one confronting me in the beginning. Could it be that you stuck around to watch the show, maybe see if I got arrested or lynched?

One might think that you don't like me. The other boys were casting nervous glances between the two boys, expecting them to start fighting any second. But Buggy only answered the boy's snarl with a smirk. It can't be that you're jealous, can it?

I don't blame you. With my flashily superior skills in stealing you must be feeling put down.

Silvers Rayleigh

But don't worry, with a lot more work, you might even be a considered rival some day. As soon as Buggy turned to continue walking up the stairs, Alfredo lunged for him, but was held back by the other boys. They knew that despite the difference in age and body mass, Buggy was the better fighter of the two, and always had a knife stashed on him to protect him from bigger foes, and he was a pro at using it.

Alfredo knew this too, he was just too angry to remember it at the moment. It couldn't be Roger. He always kept clear whenever Rayleigh was doing the inventory in fear of being roped into doing something he considered to be extremely boring.

And more importantly, he would never knock on the door. The door opened slowly and revealed the late visitor to be Shanks in his night clothes, shifting from foot to foot. Can I talk with you for a minute? Rayleigh considered the boy standing in front of him before continuing, "Alright, but only for a minute. I still have work to do before I can go to sleep He opened his mouth to say something, but hesitated and drew his legs to his chest.

It made him look the age he was and not like a pirate cabin boy who had been in a fight just hours before. Aside from having official roles in the crews, each crew-member had an unofficial role as well. Roger was the captain, and also the one you went to when you needed reasurance.

Howard was the cook, but he was always willing to share his kitchen space whenever anyone needed some quiet time. He was the vice-captain So whatever Shanks felt he needed to ask, he probably didn't want to ask. He finally looked up at him. What was that about? He had hoped that the kid would wait to ask that question until tomorrow at least. He was far too tired for this. But when had anyone in this crew ever made anything easy for him?

He wanted to see if you would follow the orders we had given you, even if we weren't around to enforce them. Roger was hoping that you would, but me? I kind of figured you wouldn't.

With the power you have, those traits can become dangerous, both for you and people surrounding you. We left you on purpose to see how you would react. Well, in the end something happened, but that was hours after I had lost you guys! Even though we expressively told you to go back to the ship if you got separated from us. And just because nothing serious happened this time, who's to say it won't happen the next time?

What if there had been Marines? Or anyone else that wants to hurt you? I'm not as stupid as you seem to think. In the future, what if we expect you to follow an order and you don't, and a crew-mate dies because of it? Did you ever think about that, Shanks? He hadn't thought that far. The thought that one of his crew-mates could die just because he had defied orders For some reason, the clown's face flashed through his mind.

I was just having fun It wasn't like we were in a battle or anything. People die just as much on good days as they do on bad days. Please remember that," Rayleigh said with a grim smile.

The red-haired boy looked down at his feet, the straw-hat shielding his eyes from Rayleigh. He could see the boy tremble. But you're not to set foot on this island anymore, okay?

That's your punishment for failing the test. You're a kid, you're supposed to screw up so you can learn to be a better adult.

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As he did, the small smile he was wearing slipped off and he sighed. He could feel the weight of failure on his shoulders and knew that the punishment he had received was fair. Guilt wasn't fun at all. Amongst these duties was disciplining the young apprentices Buggy and Shanks over their constant arguing about pointless things, such as which of the two polar regions is the colder one.

Roger's crew disbanded, Rayleigh became a coating mechanic in Sabaody. He specializes in coating ships with Yarukiman resina process which enables ships to travel to Fish-Man Island. Rayleigh is extremely powerful, easily one of the strongest characters introduced. Shakuyaku vouches for his strength by saying that he is " times stronger than all of you boys", referring to the Eleven Supernovas.

Garp reasoned that the Marines should not confront two legends, Whitebeard and Rayleigh at the same time. Admiral Kizaru even admitted that if the Marines were to make an honest attempt at capturing Rayleigh, they would need to do serious preparation, further explaining his great strength. However, Rayleigh himself has admitted that he is not as young as he used to be, and can tire in battle.

Jinbea former Shichibukai who was used to seeing Whitebeard, was later shocked to see Rayleigh in person. Eustass Kid himself even states that Rayleigh was "a legend". Another glimpse of his strength is seen when he seemingly snatches off Camie's exploding slave collar and tosses it into the air before it could self destruct. Why didn't my devil fruit work on him? He's using a devil fruit, isn't it? Whitebeard and Marco looked sternly at both shanks and Luffy, looking back years ago to the time the Roger crew attacked them.

Anxiously, Ace started vibrating. He had learned from pops that his farther had the voice of all things and that he might inherit it but it was more of a warning to the commander then he thought, and now knowing Luffy has it makes the butterflies die in his stomach. He was happy about it but he was also very worried, people would be targeting Luffy for the rest of his life because of it.

The demonic boy scanned his surroundings taking in the amusement, the stillness and the anxiety that engulfed Marineford.

buggy and shanks meet again fast

Briskly, Luffy's enjoyment faltered into a backwards smile. A dark aura approached his hands resulting in cat like claws to construct on his finger tips, he suddenly swiped at the red-haired yonkou only for him to duck. Forcefully, his hand cascaded, aiming for him again. Shanks repeated himself whereas he rolled to the side leading the young boy to hit the ground casting a blur of debris to erupt. Shanks glided across the ground on his knee until he jumped back up, that's some power you've got there Luffy.

Patiently, the red head waited, for reasons he hasn't got time to think about, abruptly the demon sprang from the smoke prison and came right for Shanks. He pulled his sword in front of him like a shield which clashed with the darkened claws, constraining Shanks onto the floor. Minutes passed as both of them shook viciously, trying to push the other one back. Eventually the red head drew all his haki into his arms and hustled the young boy back engraving squid marks on the floor.

They took their time to breathe, while that was happening everyone on the battlefield couldn't believe their eyes. My haki can't even sense him!

The kid was seconds away from hitting him when a gun shot was heard, the lonely bullet traveled through Luffy's head vertically causing blood to shoot out the other side. All the people's eyes on Marineford expanded. The grey haired man sighed and pointed his finger towards Luffy, ''look at him. The demon had a black metallic substance trickling down the right side of his head, he raised his hand near the hole and grabbed the bullet that had pierced his body.

Gradually the womb caved into itself leaving the boy pristine. The young boy glared at his hand, it contained a pool of black blood and a sea stone bullet, he crunched his hand together. He disappeared and reappeared at the rear of Benn, before Luffy could even touch him Shanks was back to back with his right hand man and blocked his claws.

Swiftly, Luffy arose behind Benn. The red haired Yonkou immediately twisted his body but it was too late, plasma ball hit the man.

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The fearful explosion of the ball caused an earthquake that shook the very essence of the island, it emitted powerful shock waves that blew marines and pirates away. Whitebeard was holding Marco and Ace who were watching in awe. How could he deny it. He recalls the times where Luffy would fall over and cry and the times where Luffy would always be slower then him. Shanks digged his legs into the ground, which decorated the stone floor with two lines, the pulses started the slow down indicating that the explosion was coming to a stop.

The dust cloud began to clear.