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detective conan meet again fanfiction

The boy groggily forced himself to sit up, but was met with a sharp pain in his head again. Well, at least it seemed his hands were in working. What would happened with two lovers will meet again? Rated: Fiction T I don't Detective Conan, it belong to Gosho Aoyama-sensei! If I do, I'll. After destroying the Black organization, Shiho goes back to the US, Shinichi and Ran get married but Ran dies few years later leaving two kids.

But none of the detectives questioned it, of course, instead hurrying to his side so he could point out the discrepancy.

Before he could start explaining what he'd seen, he felt a sharp gaze focused on him. He spun around, but there was no one behind him and no one looking at him. The feeling didn't dissipate. Shinichi turned back with a sheepish smile. Shinichi stopped on instinct before shaking it off and continuing. Shinichi frowned and turned slowly.

He wasn't sure who he was expecting to see, but Kaitou Kid was not it. And certainly not in civilian clothes and a baseball cap. That explained the weird feeling from before, at least. That's rich coming from you," Shinichi turned around and kept walking. Kid fell into step beside him easily. It wasn't that he didn't still want to see Kid, but things were different now. He was obligated to do his job and not bother Inspector Nakamori needlessly.

He was working with Division One, not Division Two and that was that. Besides, after everything they'd been through… "Great Detective, I'm surprised at you! Giving up a mystery as great as me for petty murderers… I'm ashamed that I ever considered you my best detective.

Shinichi tried not to be pleased at the compliment, but was pretty sure something must have shown on his face. He stepped quickly in front of Shinichi, hat pulled securely over his face. By the time the air cleared, he was gone. The card was similar to his usual heist notices, but was addressed to him specifically.

As he read through it, he picked up on a subtle hint that the police knew he was invited and would be expecting him. He was considering just throwing it away without solving it fully. The police would have to force him to attend. Before he could just get rid of the card, he noticed something off about the doodle.

It looked like it was blowing him a kiss. Shinichi closed his eyes. He had not done anything to deserve this. There was no reason for the thief to be so enamored with him. Sure, they had teamed up to take down the Crows, but they'd gone their separate ways.

It wasn't like they could continue working together, not when Kid was still looking for Pandora and still stealing. He just wasn't going to go, no matter how much he wanted to. There was no reason to encourage this kind of behavior. He was going to stay home and read a book.

That settled, he made his way home. He stared balefully at the rose still on his coffee table. He'd been about to throw it out, but… He just couldn't quite bring himself to.

It was kind of sweet, in a way. So, there it was, in a vase, in his library. He was going to throw out the notice, too, but he hadn't been able to let the puzzle go. The heist was going to be tonight in—he checked his watch—an hour. The inspector had called him, but he'd quickly shifted his voice to sound like he was sick.

He tried to forget about the heist and go back to reading, but it was hard. He was starting on his third or fourth story, smiling to himself, when the door to the library opened. When he peeked around his chair, he was not surprised to see the spectacular pout on the thief's face. He was surprised to see the night's target being tossed about absently.

Shinichi pressed his head to the edge of his armchair. He was not dealing with this tonight. Before he could say anything, Kid laughed brightly. How would your precious Holmes feel if he knew you were cheating on him?

He smirked when his eye fell on the rose. Shinichi looked away, trying to at least pretend he was reading. Before he could even turn the page, the book was removed—vanished—out of his hands. Why can't you just accept that I'm busy now? I chose this day because it's your day off," Kid admitted, frowning deeply.

Don't worry, I won't bother you again.

detective conan meet again fanfiction

He looked so dejected. There was no change to his expression, but his usual energy seemed muted. And he'd called him Kudo.

detective conan meet again fanfiction

God, he must have really hurt Kid if he was dropping the nickname while in his full costume. Shinichi was going to regret this. I just…" Shinichi sighed, standing and turning to face Kid's back. Shinichi felt his heart pounding. He was in so much trouble. I can tell you appreciated the rose," he continued, taking a few steps back into the room, closer to Shinichi, edging towards too close.

Did he really mean…? Kid shook his head, "Honestly, for a Great Detective, you can be remarkably dumb. Then, are you or aren't you interested in dating me? I also have a civilian persona, you know. You'd be dating him, not the phantom thief. That could certainly be arranged. Kid could obviously tell that the objections were more an obligation than anything.

Frankly, Shinichi couldn't think of a reason not to date Kid. They worked well together as a team and got along when they weren't fighting—he even enjoyed their fights. Kid was, admittedly, attractive, though Shinichi had never seen his whole face at the same time. Kid was up to more dangerous things than Shinichi and wouldn't be able to hassle him much about his work. Not to mention, Shinichi would never have to lie about his past. Kid seemed to be waiting for a proper answer now, not bothering to address his last, pathetic objection.

He'd only bothered to argue for the principle of it, really. Kid's grin was brighter than Shinichi could remember seeing. I'll meet you in the food court. Kid made a show of being offended and swept out of the room. Tomorrow at noon," Kid called over his shoulder. It seemed like Shinichi was going to meet Kid properly tomorrow. That would be interesting. Hakuba was making his way towards him briskly, and apparently recognized him from the news when he'd still allowed photographs.

They'd never met while he wasn't Conan, after all. You've been in the papers recently. Two detectives in one place could only mean an impending murder. As he stepped forward, Shinichi understood at once. Shinichi wouldn't trust his skills as a detective if he didn't. After his father's death, he had forgotten so many things. Like the cute little brunette he used to play with when he was small.

And how he had asked the boy to marry him! That was the reason he was so fixated with Edogawa Conan, because he looked exactly like the boy he subconsciously remembered from his childhood.

How could I have forgotten you? Shinichi laughed softly and slung his arms around Kaito's neck, resting his forehead against the taller boy's shoulder.

The magician swirled them around, lifting his favorite detective up.

detective conan meet again fanfiction

His feet touched the ground again, but the Heisei Holmes couldn't muster the will to let go of the magician who had been his closest friend before he had met Ran. The contact broke when Kaito's father had died. Shinichi remembered it vividly. He had blamed the magic for Toichi's death and had insisted that Kaito should stop being a magician, but the damn idiot had been unbelievable stubborn.

That was when their friendship broke. Because Shinichi was afraid he could loose the messy-haired boy the same way as Chikage had lost her husband. Instead he had lost his best friend for ten years now. There was no way he would ever let the messy-haired teen go again. You were my best friend, Kai-chan and it was my fault that you stopped talking to me", mumbled the shorter teen against the firm chest he was leaning in. Something smells like it's burning", interrupted Aoko in a startled voice.

Chikage took the head-seat, Shinichi and Kaito on each of her sides, Ran next to Shinichi and opposite Aoko, who sat next to Sonoko, while Masumi sat on Ran's other side and Hakuba at the other end of the table.

You used to be best friends and now we meet him coincidentally in college? I'm sure that's fate. Fate that Shin-chan and I would meet again! His Shinichi had always been his Shinichi, even when they had been children. It had to be fate that they were reunited again like this. As tantei-kun and Kaitou KID.

As Shinichi and Kaito.

In the Rubble Chapter 1: Decision, a detective conan/case closed fanfic | FanFiction

Where have you been, anyway? I can't tell you about it. I was investigating it, that's the reason I was away for such a long time. Now I'm back, but since the bad guys are not yet behind barns, my parents are kind of worried for my safety They said that either they will return home until the case is over, or You know you're always welcomed, my boy. Relief and gratitude colored his face and he nodded at her.

We're having a slumber party, just like back in the old days! Oh, there are so many things I need to know about you, Shin-chan! Like, when is the wedding date? The other teens laughed loudly at the dumbfounded expression adoring the brunette detective's face. Aside from much, much teasing, the dinner was calm and nice. Soon after, the others excused themselves and left. The Kurobas and Shinichi waved them off before returning back inside.

The youngest snatched his bag from where he had dropped it after entering the house the first time that day. His grip around his things tightened once he realized that it was getting late.

You look like you really want to go to bed. I know my way around, I can do it myself", assured the Heisei Holmes hastily. Good night, my boys", smiled Chikage and left for her bedroom.

detective conan meet again fanfiction

They didn't get very far, though. Just as Shinichi wanted to bid good night to his old friend when they had reached Kaito's room the taller teen snatched his hand and pulled him along into the bedroom. The detective stared at the messy-haired boy in wonder. Preparing a guest room would take like forever!

You can sleep here! Like you did when you were younger! Blushing furiously, the younger one sat down next to Kaito on the bed. Violet eyes observed his every movement, how he opened his bag and pulled his pajamas out.

The redness darkened as he stared at the garments. She bought it for me, as a joke and I packed hastily Kaito still snickered over the pajamas adored with uncountable little KID-smileys. The detective mumbled some incoherent words and started stripping down, feeling the gaze of those intense violet orbs on his body, until the slightly older teen too changed into his bed-robe. The bed felt soft and comfortable and smelled like Kaito.

Two arms slung around his waist and pulled him into a firm chest. His fingers clawed into the fabric of Kaito's pajamas and he inhaled the scent deeply. But he didn't feel like sleeping. There were so many questions whirling in his head, questions that needed answers. Shinichi sighed and stemmed himself up to look down into those violet eyes.

The messy-haired teen gulped at the serious and dark expression aimed at him. Because the two of them had a friendly rivalry. It wasn't hard to figure out, really. The first KID vanished when Toichi-occhan had died. And a teenage-version reappeared when you reached the right age? And I need to find the ones who killed my father", answered Kaito honestly and grabbed the younger one's chin. Will they fall for each other?

detective conan meet again fanfiction

Is he going to meet his partner again? And to everyone's relief, the FBI and the others can finally breathe day after that confrontation, Conan was currently watching the television with Ran when he got a message from Haibara.

He read it silently and his eyes narrowed in confusion. Conan saw her, her back facing him. He slowly approached her but stopped when she started to speak.

Can I have it now? Haibara rolled her eyes and tossed a snow-colored pill to him. Aren't you going to take a pill too? Ran doesn't need to wait any longer.