Phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

But it doesn't matter because Phantom Brave: We Meet Again is Wii a port of the PS2 game—and therefore not beholden to whatever inspired. For Phantom Brave: We Meet Again on the Wii, a GameFAQs I loved this game on playstation, haven't bought a Wii game in like 2 or so years. Phantom Brave is a tactical role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation 2 video A port for Nintendo's Wii console, titled Phantom Brave: We Meet Again was.

Phantom Brave's most impressive feature is its ability to remain easy to grasp while still challenging you strategically. The confinement system boils down to a matter of pacing, encouraging you to consider character class, confinement stat effects, and a slew of other factors before attacking. Choose wisely and your allies dominate the board, but act too hastily and you can be in trouble.

Elemental weaknesses play a large role in decimating opponents, and you have a healthy selection of skill types and elemental attacks spanning all classes. Slippery ground types, like slimy swamps or icy cavern floors, challenge you to tactically position allies as they slide across the map.

Crafty enemies work as a team to toss your characters off the board, use your own weapons against you, or even disarm Marona and wield her as a weapon--preventing you from summoning phantoms.

Bosses put clever tricks in play to catch you off guard, such as powerful protection bonuses or warping abilities, and each requires a different strategy to defeat. Decimate opponents with powerful skills when you run out of water cans and trees.

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

Plenty of easy-to-use customization options should please perfectionists eager to modify nearly every aspect of their team. A character creation system invests points into stats and elemental resistances, which is really useful when you're low on a certain class or resistance type. A blacksmith unlocks dormant skills in weaponry and levels your items, resulting in godlike gear that's a lot of fun to wield. A fusionist combines items to transfer skills, which can improve a weapon you're currently using or turn an under-leveled pointy stick into a spear of doom--saving you precious time that would have been spent unlocking those skills piecemeal.

In an interesting twist, you can also add items to characters to impact base stats, or you can combine characters, which is a great way to craft your own elite squad that bends traditional class molds.

For instance, you can blend a fighter with a mage to create a warrior with magical abilities.

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The only real annoyances stem from repetitive gameplay that feels a little outdated. In typical Nippon Ichi fashion, you'll be repeating battles to level allies, weaponry, and skills. Battle scenarios are unfortunately repeated, pitting you against the same number, type, and layout of foes with minor, if any, adjustments. Alternatively, you can play through random dungeons with various restrictions and challenges, but the sheer lack of random enemies or enemy placement for regular stages shows the game's age.

The blacksmith can lessen this frustration, however, by enabling you to forge pre-leveled hand-me-downs, which are great for your stragglers who need extra work. This method lets weaker characters quickly access powerful skills and cuts down on the time needed to level your support teams.

Highly detailed, prerendered backgrounds provide a colorful backdrop for cutscenes, and you can adjust the visuals to smooth out jagged sprites. The 3D battlefields are richly colored and dotted with molten lava lakes or pretty blue streams with the occasional fish. Spell effects are impressive, and skills are creatively displayed. Minor clipping occurs when your allies stand atop certain objects, and you'll occasionally notice weird panel clipping when you zoom the camera out, but both are rare complaints.

Some characteristics of the dungeon can be seen before creation, including the type and general number of enemies present, the floor conditions, and if the use of equipped weapons is restricted or not.

Dungeons also have titles, which are applied to every enemy in the dungeon. As the floors of the dungeon are cleared, the title of the dungeon will improve. These titles can later be removed and placed on player characters or weapons to alter their stats.

Random dungeons can also be retitled. A popular leveling trick is to give a random dungeon the "failure" title, allowing the player to beat hordes of high level enemies easily. Random dungeons tend to take the form of a linear series of floors, although occasionally a floor may have a special named layout for example, "Self-Styled God" floors have a stronger enemy in the center of a terraced layout. These floors occur randomly and confer an extra bonus upon completion.

Unlike in Disgaea, where to descend to the next floor one may merely move a character to a certain panel, in Phantom Brave one must defeat all the enemies present to continue. To leave a random dungeon, one must either clear every floor, or use a Dungeon Monk's Return skill, which costs money proportional to the current depth. While between battles, Marona can return to her home; Phantom Island, where she can summon create new phantoms to aid her in future battles.

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

The player starts off by being able to create characters from a limited selection of classes, but each class of enemy that is defeated in battle is added to the selection of phantoms the player may summon. Summoning phantoms requires only a nominal fee, but new phantoms always join at level 1 no matter when they are summoned.

Marona's phantoms populate the island, and the player can converse with them. Many classes have a special utility on the island; Merchants sell items, Healers can recover the damage that units have sustained Fusionists can combine characters and items, Witches allow the player to reorder a character or weapon's spells and skills, and Blacksmiths combine mana with weapons to either level them up or to awaken latent skills hidden in the weapon.

Phantom Isle hides several secret items and character classes, such as the Changebook, which allows the player to switch the character they explore the map with. Phantom Brave has a series of extra maps following the main storyline. These post-game maps offer more powerful enemies and feature cameos by some members of the cast of the Disgaea games as enemies. After defeating these characters they will join the player's pool of playable characters as "phantom doubles".

While the first couple of extra maps can be completed immediately after the main story, the later extra maps are very difficult and require a large amount of time invested into the game to be spent leveling characters and fusing weapons before they can be completed.

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

Kaori Mizuhashi Japanese ; Sandy Fox English The heroine of the game, Marona is a year-old girl who has the ability to see and communicate with phantoms, a set of abilities collectively known in-game as "Chartreuse". This power enables her to make a living as a Chroma, a kind of adventurer-for-hire, despite being at such a young age, but it also makes her feared and shunned by other people, many thinking that she is possessed.

She lost her parents when she was five, but Ash, a friend of her parents and a former Chroma-turned-phantom, came back to protect Marona after the demise of her parents and himself. When he was alive he worked alongside Marona's parents as a Chroma.

After dying along with them, he found himself stuck between life and death, thanks to the efforts of Marona's father. He has since sworn to watch over and protect Marona, feeling that he owes Marona's parents for being the only one to "survive" their unfortunate demise. He is usually careful and well-intentioned, if overprotective of Marona, but is sometimes known to frighten the unwary when he accidentally speaks aloud while concealed in his phantom form.

He frequently objects to Marona's selfless behavior. Bijou A werewolf who impersonates Raphael of the White Wolf Army in order to steal from people who have heard of Raphael's renowned fighting prowess. He later returns in the Sand region under the influence of Sulphur, which fuels his impersonation into a belief that he really is Raphael. After he is defeated again, he is shown to be a member of the Raven clan, the Fighting Beasts, under Captain Drab. Bijou, along with many other characters that show up in the original game's story, is a playable unit in the Wii and PSP exclusive side story "Another Marona".

Kousuke Toriumi A Chroma Oxide, a person that makes a living by waiting for a Chroma to near the completion of their assigned job and then takes proof of the work's completion in order to steal the reward. Willing to do anything and step on anyone to achieve his goals, Walnut is the older brother of Marona's newfound friend Castile, and puts aside his Chroma Oxide earnings to pay for an operation for her. Walnut's power, "Psycho Burgundy", is the same power utilized by the legendary hero Scarlet the Brave, and is fueled by burning the wielder's soul to create a powerful energy.

An alternate universe version of Walnut joins Marona and company as a playable character in "Another Marona", a side story that is exclusive to the Wii and PSP versions of the game. Yui Itsuki Castile is a young wheelchair-bound girl, whose family was rich before spending most of their fortune on her treatments. She is kidnapped by minions of Sulphur, but rescued by Marona and Ash. Castile learns about Marona's ability to see phantoms, and meets with Ash, and she and Marona become best friends as the events of the story unfold.

According to an after-game bonus map in the PS2 game Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred TomeCastile eventually recovers from the sickness that keeps her in bed and becomes healthy enough to fight alongside Marona, while searching for signs that her brother Walnut may still be alive.

She is generous and polite to a fault, but her calm demeanor holds a few secrets. Even her assistant, Murasaki, is clueless as to Sienna's true motivations, or what it is about Phantom Isle that makes it so important to her.

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It is later revealed that she was the legendary hero Scarlet the Brave before she was severely wounded in her battle with Sulphur, and that she gave up being a famed warrior to live a calm life of relative obscurity. Takashi Nagasako A fierce and powerful year-old man whose family was slain by Sulphur's hand 30 years ago.

Once the famed wielder of a holy sword, he has sworn to kill Sulphur and avenge his family, turning to the use of dark powers in order to achieve his revenge. He is the former mentor of Raphael, and one of the warriors known as the 9 Swords of Ivoire. His signature technique is the power "Dark Eboreus".

An alternate version of Sprout joins the player's party in "Another Marona". Junji Majima Leader of the White Wolf Army; a group of Ravens a large team of professional demon slayersRaphael is one of the warriors known as the 9 Swords of Ivoire. He is first seen in the quest to find the rainbow bird. His signature technique is called Heliotrope Blade.

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

Sulphur The story's main antagonist and a powerful demon that periodically threatens the world of Ivoire. The very thought of his return causes chaos and widespread panic across all of Ivoire. His power possesses a number of characters throughout the game.

After his defeat, Sulphur returns to Ivoire in a bonus battle on the Island of Evil. The Hermuda Trianglein the new campaign "Another Marona".

phantom brave we meet again ps2 games

Carona The Marona of an alternate reality, she shares the same phantom-related Chartreuse powers that the original Marona has. In order to avoid confusion amongst the people of this reality's world she goes by the name 'Carona' instead.

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Whereas Marona is both carefree and optimistic, Carona is usually serious and pessimistic, although she does show a twisted sense of humor. Her goals and intent are both unknown, and she mostly keeps to herself when she's not training Marona and company for their upcoming battle with Sulpher.

Carona appears in Ivoire just after a mysterious veil of darkness claimed the lives of all of the peoples of Ivoire, save Marona. God Eringa A powerful character that appears alongside Carona, this bearded mushroom creature claims to be God.

He entices Marona and company to work in his interest under the proposal that if they can defeat Sulfer within a certain number of days, he will revive all of the people who were felled by the darkness that swallowed Ivoire. During the final battle of "Another Marona" it is revealed that he is actually the fabled Merchant of Death, and was responsible for the spreading darkness that killed everyone.