Pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

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pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

John Smith sees the arrival of the new world through a port in his cell; he is a prisoner. First Contact: The English and Indians meet in a field. of expected impact, and when it comes live again, Pocahontas rescues Smith and negotiates with her father Powhatan. . He claims that someday she will love him . an alliance of native tribes in the tidewater regions of what someday would be Virginia. At one such gathering, she met a man by the name of John Smith. holding some English captives, and of course, the colonists wanted them back. During this period, Pocahontas met another Jamestown resident, John Rolfe. Pocahontas and John Smith meet soon after the English settlers arrive at in a Disney recreation of Powhatan, then switches back to English when she sud .. her, Powhatan says: "Even the wild mountain stream must someday join the big.

At the ball, Pocahontas wins over the King and Queen with flattery and almost manages to prevent war, but a bear-baiting arranged by Ratcliffe and greatly enjoyed by the snobbish nobility infuriates Pocahontas and she openly accuses the King of savage behaviour.

James angrily orders Pocahontas and Uti imprisoned in the Tower of London, and declares war on the Powhatan tribe. At his home, a despondent Rolfe is approached by a hooded stranger who helps him break Pocahontas and Uti out of the tower and take them to an inn, where the man reveals himself to be John Smith.

Smith implores Pocahontas to stay hidden with him, but she instead takes Rolfe's advice and decides to try and stop the war one last time. She openly confronts the King in the palace and reveals Smith, thus proving that Ratcliffe had been lying the entire time.

Realizing Ratcliffe's treachery, James sends a battalion consisting of Pocahontas, Smith, Rolfe, Uti, and their animal friends to stop the armada. They are successful in stopping the ships before they can set sail, but Ratcliffe refuses to give up and tries to kill Pocahontas. Smith appears and fights Ratcliffe one-on-one until Ratcliffe draws a gun, but before he can fire, Rolfe sends him overboard with the ship's mast. Ratcliffe makes it back to the port, where he is arrested by the King.

Smith receives a royal pardon and his own ship from the King as a sign of apology. Pocahontas and Rolfe, meanwhile, appear on the verge of admitting that they love each other.

Before they can, Smith appears and implores Pocahontas to accompany him on his new journeys around the world, but Pocahontas chooses otherwise and she and Smith part ways as friends.

As Pocahontas later prepares to return to Jamestown, she finds Rolfe waiting for her on the ship, having chosen to go and live with her in Jamestown with Uti remaining in London in his stead. They kiss as the ship sails into the sunset.

Desiring everlasting peace between England and her people, she travels to London as a diplomat, falling in love with John Rolfe on the way.

Billy Zane as John Rolfe: Donal Gibson as Captain John Smith: Pocahontas's one time love, presumed dead after a confrontation with Ratcliffe. He later resurfaces to aid Pocahontas and John Rolfe against Ratcliffe.

Gibson replaces his older brother, Melwho voiced Smith in the first film. David Ogden Stiers as Governor Ratcliffe: Having lied to King James about the events in Jamestown, Ratcliffe becomes more determined than ever to go to war with the Powhatans in order to find his falsely speculated treasure, even if it means influencing the King. John Kassir as Meeko: Pocahontas's pet raccoon, ever looking for fun. Russell Means as Chief Powhatan: Pocahontas's father and chief of the Powhatans.

Kocoum's death makes Pocahontas angry, and John orders Thomas to leave. As soon as he does, warriors from Pocahontas's tribe appear, and capture John, believing him to have killed Kocoum. Meanwhile, Thomas reports John's capture. A plan is set up to rescue him, though Ratcliffe intends to take advantage of the situation and kill the Indians to get the gold he believes they have. At the village, Powhatan sentences John to death at sunrise, as the first casualty in the upcoming war. That night, Pocahontas comes and apologizes for getting him in trouble.

John Smith

John refuses to accept, stating that he was a better person for having met her, and that he would be with her forever. Pocahontas leaves, and soon John is forcefully taken to a cliff, near where the battle is to take place. Just then the English settlers arrive for the battle, Powhatan prepares to execute John. Before he can do so, Pocahontas intervenes, throwing her body over John's, with a proclamation that Powhatan will have to kill her along with John.

Pocahontas proclaims her love for John, and rebukes everyone for following the path of hatred and discrimination. Powhatan, seeing the truth, chooses to release John, and calls off his warriors. The settlers are content to let the fight go, as John has been released. Ratcliffe tries to shoot Powhatan, but John takes the shot saving his life.

Thomas and the others realize that John was right the whole time and they should not listen to Ratcliffe earlier and they bounding and gagging him and sent him back to England. John initially survives, but is forced to return to England for medical treatment from Ratcliffe's bullet, otherwise he would die.

Pocahontas arrives, bringing food, healing bark from Grandmother Willow, and says goodbye to John. John invites her to come with him, but Pocahontas initially refuses, stating that she's needed with her tribe. John wants to stay, but Pocahontas tells he has to go, because she would be with him forever no matter what. Powhatan comes, and thanks John for saving his life earlier, stating that he is always welcome among their people. John is soon loaded onto the ship, and he is able to wave goodbye to Pocahontas as the ship sails out to sea.

In the beginning of the second film, John, still in England and having recovered from his injury, is attacked by guards, who attempt to arrest him for treason in Jamestown. Ratcliffe arrives, revealing that he has framed John, and attacks John.

pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

John is forced onto the roof of a house and falls off into the river below. He is presumed dead by Ratcliffe, who informs the king. Soon, word reaches Pocahontas in Virginia and she chooses to move on with her life. Near the end of the film, a hooded figure overhears a sailor talk about the upcoming execution of Pocahontas.

Pocahontas had been sent to England as an emissary for her tribe but had offended the king after witnessing a bear-baiting. The man is shown to be disturbed and he rides off. The man meets with John Rolfeand together they plan to free Pocahontas. The plan is pulled off, and in the safety of a secluded cabin, the mysterious man reveals himself to be John Smith. John had disguised himself to avoid being arrested for treason. John Smith obviously wants to resume his romantic relationship with Pocahontas.

But all Pocahontas can think of is the threatened attack on her tribe. Smith, knowing that her people need to live, wants her to stay hidden to prevent her from being hanged, but Rolfe wants Pocahontas to listen to her heart. The two men start to argue. Upset by her friends' fighting, Pocahontas runs off. Then Smith realizes Rolfe's now in love with Pocahontas.

pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

The group decides to confront the king. Pocahontas is able to convince the queen to halt the attack, but the King, whom Ratcliffe is personal friends with, is reluctant to believe her.

pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

John then chooses to reveal himself, in turn revealing that Ratcliffe has lied to the King and Queen and their court about virtually everything. The King finally agrees to stop the attack but realizes that the Armada has already set sail. Smith, Rolfe, and Pocahontas race to stop the armada.

John engages in battle with Ratcliffe, which results in the governor being thrown overboard--Ratcliffe's caught by the King and his men and presumably hanged as a result of his crimes.

pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

The next day, John reveals that he has been awarded his own ship, and invites Pocahontas to travel the world with him. Pocahontas who's now in love with John Rolfe declines the offer, explaining that while she does still care about him, they've grown too far apart to make a compatible couple.

Smith accepts it and admits that he ultimately just wants Pocahontas to be happy.

pocahontas and john smith meet again someday

They wish each other happiness in their futures before departing. House of Mouse John Smith made a couple of rare cameo appearances in this series. His most notable cameo occurs in the episode " House of Turkey ", where he is seen walking through the club's lobby alongside Pocahontas as Donald Duck greets them.

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The colors of the wind also blow past Donald. Trivia In real life, Smith returned to England due to a gunpowder injury in September of This event was two years after Pocahontas rescued him by preventing his execution. It did not involve Ratcliffe shooting him like in the film. In real life, before founding Jamestown, John Smith became a mercenary after his father's death in in the army of King Henry IV of France at the young age of 16 to fight against Spain for Dutch Independence.

Smith is the first Disney Prince to wear a hooded cape. The real John Smith did not meet Pocahontas for the first time until she rescued him by preventing his execution. There were no other English colonists watching this incident like in the film.

His uniform appeared as all-blue in the original film and it's sequel, but in merchandise, his long-sleeved shirt is white, his armor breastplate is silver, his pants are blue and his boots are black.

He wears an armor breastplate and helmet which looks like a Spanish conquistador. This could be an allusion to how the English settlers in the 17th century feared that the Spanish might overtake them in establishing the American colonies. In real life, John Smith and Thomas did not arrive in Virginia together.

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Smith came to America in May of Thomas whose surname was Savage came to America on January 8, His voice actor, Mel Gibsonalso starred in and directed Braveheart, which was released the same year as Pocahontas. In real life John Smith was considered a womanizer by many Englishmen, besides that he had affairs with other women, so his claim that Pocahontas saved his life is proven false by historians.

Besides that fact, he published the event 17 years later when he was still traveling to many different places.