10 and 11 meet the war doctor regenerates

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The War Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction After regenerating into the War Doctor, he disowns the name of the Doctor, with his she then sends the War Doctor into his future to meet the Tenth and Eleventh .. This page was last edited on 4 December , at ( UTC). Thu Sep 25, am 40 comments Favorite This The First Doctor regenerated at about years old, which is supported He then claimed to be when he met Romana, but she corrected him to We know that the Eighth Doctor aged somewhat before regenerating into the War Doctor, who also aged in. The War Doctor regeneration does count and the Doctor explicitly said it counted, Doctor, the War Doctor (Hurt) was still a regeneration and he says that Doctor # 10's If your looking at fan classification, we just didn't meet the War doctor in order, 11 tv/movie Doctors, plus the War Doctor, plus the Journey's end partial .

However, the Moment is sentient, possessing a conscience that requires the user to morally justify his use of it, and interacts with him in the shape of his future companion Rose Tyler Billie Piper. Although acknowledging that she can do what the Doctor asks of her, she then sends the War Doctor into his future to meet the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith respectively to understand the sadness and regret they endured while continuing the good he failed to accomplish.

Having witnessed his future selves prevent a Zygon conquest of Earth and the destruction of London, the War Doctor concludes that he must destroy Gallifrey, reflecting that he is lighting the fire so that better Doctors can be forged, only for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors to travel back to activate the Moment with him, the later Doctors declaring that they now recognise the War Doctor as having been "the Doctor on the day it wasn't possible to get it right".

However, aided by the Moment's interface which shows them a vision of the horror and destruction wrought in the Fall of Arcadia, the last battle in which the War Doctor fought, and Clara's plea to remember the vow they made in taking their name, the Doctors ultimately conclude that the loss of life that would be caused by using the Moment is something they cannot accept.

They instead pool their resources, and with the help of the Doctor's various incarnations, attempt to save Gallifrey by freezing it in a moment in time, creating the illusion of the planet's own destruction. The Daleks are effectively tricked into firing on each other, annihilating themselves. The War Doctor accepts that upon returning to his own timeframe, he will forget his own heroic actions and must live with the false belief that he killed his own people.

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Before leaving, he takes a moment to thank his future selves for helping him "become the Doctor" again. The War Doctor appears in archive footage in the episode " Listen ". The episode reveals that the barn to which the War Doctor travelled, in order to activate the Moment, was the Doctor's childhood home. Through similar footage he also appeared in " The Zygon Invasion ", during which it is learned that the peace talks orchestrated by himself and his future incarnations resulted in 20 million Zygons taking up residence on Earth disguised as humans as part of an uneasy truce.

The novel details the events leading to the Doctor's decision to detonate the Moment, as seen in "The Day of the Doctor", including his decision to act against the resurrected Rassilon and the death of a temporary companion as he acts to stop a Dalek plot to develop a weapon that could erase Gallifrey from history. The War Doctor appears alongside the other incarnations of the Doctor in the collection The Shakespeare Notebooks. A further prose story titled "The Stranger" was released in as part of the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

The War Doctor appears in the first issue, in a flashback.

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He and Rose become stranded on a planet orbiting around a black hole where The Beast is waiting, with a Torchwood team. During the Olympic Games, the Doctor picks up the Olympic flame and carries it to the end, starting the Games.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor regenerates

The series finale takes place in contemporary London, where modern-day Torchwood is the scene for war between the evil alien Daleks and parallel-universe cyborgs the Cybermen ; saving the Earth costs the Doctor Rose, who is stranded in a parallel universe, along with Mickey and her mother, in " Doomsday ".

The Christmas special sees the Doctor and bride-to-be Donna Noble save the Earth; Donna saves the Doctor from going too far in his revenge against the alien Racnoss and declines his offer of companionship. Together, they witness the mysterious Face of Boe Struan Rodger prophecy to the Doctor that "you are not alone.

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Martha's plan sees the Doctor infused with the world's psychic energies, and he easily defeats the Master, who seemingly refuses to regenerate and dies in the Doctor's arms. Set moments prior, another Children in Need mini-episode, " Time Crash ", features a brief encounter between Tennant's Tenth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor Peter Davisoncontaining meta-humour surrounding the fact David Tennant had watched and loved Davison's doctor as a child.

In parallel with the third series, Tennant lends his voice to the animated serial The Infinite Quest. The Christmas special sees the Doctor and a waitress, Astrid Kylie Minoguesave the Earth from the impending crash of the starship Titanic; Astrid dies heroically, and the Doctor encounters Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins for the first time. Martha accompanies them for three episodes; in two, the Doctor battles the alien Sontaransand last of which sees him become a father of sorts to Jenny Georgia Moffettin " The Doctor's Daughter ".

The Doctor was fatally wounded during the event, aborting in mid-regeneration to maintain his current self while transferring the residual energies in his previously severed hand. This resulted in a metacrisis that created a half-human Doctor who would live with Rose in the parallel universe while imbuing Donna with a Timelord's mind, forcing the Doctor to erase his companion's memories to save her life and leaving her with her family.

In lieu of a series, Tennant appears as the Tenth Doctor, without a regular companion, in several special episodes over the course of andthe last of which aired on New Year's Day, In the Christmas special " The Next Doctor ", the Doctor mistakenly believes he has met a later incarnation of himself in an amnesiac Londoner David Morrisseywith whom he saves Victorian-era London.

In " The Waters of Mars ", the Doctor tries to alter history and avert the death of one-off companion Adelaide Brooke Lindsay Duncan ; when she commits suicide, he begins to feel his mortality weigh down upon him. In the animated serial Dreamlandthe Doctor is joined by two one-off companions in s Roswell, New Mexico. In the two-part send-off The End of Timethe Doctor confronts the Ood about their original prophecy and is led to contemporary Earth where, in the second part, the again-resurrected Master Simm restores Gallifrey and the Time Lords to existence, although he redeems himself by assisting the Doctor to defeat Time Lord President Rassilon Timothy Dalton before disappearing alongside the other Time Lords.

The Doctor sacrifices his life to save Mott, exposing himself torads of deadly radiation and triggering his regeneration.

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He holds it back and is shown visiting several companions. Tennant reprised the role for the show's 50th anniversary in " The Day of the Doctor "appearing alongside the Eleventh Doctor Smith and a forgotten past incarnation, the War Doctorplayed by John Hurt. He helps the other Doctors in saving Gallifrey at the Time War's conclusion, but will not retain memories of the event.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor regenerates

His final words are, once again "I don't want to go" after being told that he will die on Trenzalore. Spoofs[ edit ] David Tennant has also made numerous cameo appearances as the Doctor outside of Doctor Who, frequently in spoof appearances.

Logan, who Cooper teases for his resemblance to the Doctor; eventually, he reveals himself to be the Tenth Doctor and shrinks Cooper into a 5" Rose Tyler action figure.

In the final episode of Extras Decembera brief scene shows the Doctor and an unidentified Wren companion attacked by Schlong, a slug-like alien played by Andy Millman Ricky Gervais.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor regenerates

The Tenth Doctor is also featured in political satire; in a episode of Dead Ringerswhen faced by the question of Gordon Brown 's succession, Tony Blair impressionist Jon Culshaw regenerates into David Tennant after promising " New Labour is all about renewal", later vowing more years of power.

Tennant modifies his first line in "The Parting of the Ways" "New teeth, that's weird"to "New Labour, that's weird" and proceeds to address the public in a Tony Blair impression resembling Culshaw's. Tennant also guest voiced his incarnation of the Doctor in an episode of Family Guy He later played the role in full-costume for a sketch with The Muppets in a live performance at The O2 Arena in Literature[ edit ] As the face of the Doctor Who franchise for —10, the Tenth Doctor appears extensively in Doctor Who spin-off media; in the majority of these series, the character simply takes after the place of the Ninth Doctor, and in turn is replaced by the Eleventh following the debut of the series.

A number Decide Your Destiny novels were published between July and Marchas well as five books published as a part of Quick Reads Initiativea government-sponsored adult literacy project.

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Additionally, short stories are frequently published in Doctor Who MagazineThe Doctor Who Storybook series —10 editionsthe BBC website, and annuals and suchlike; one example being the story "The Lodger" by Gareth Robertslater adapted into an Eleventh Doctor television episode of the same name. American comic book publisher initially published a Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones miniseries between January and June This was later followed by a truly ongoing Tenth Doctor series in Julyset during the — specials and lasting sixteen issues before relaunching with the Eleventh Doctor.

In stories set after "Journey's End", the Doctor is accompanied by numerous one-off and recurring companions who do not feature in the television series. Arriving inthe Doctor hints to Sparky the Wonder Penguin the strip's main character that in five years' time, the next President could be a black man, with the middle name Hussein, whose father was a Muslim, referring to the popularity of Senator Barack Obama in the Presidential election. A number of Tenth Doctor novels were also abridged to become audiobooks, again featuring David Tennant's voice alongside other cast members such as Freema Agyeman and television series guest stars such as Georgia Moffett, Reggie Yates and Anthony Head ; the last of these scheduled is Judgement of the Judoonfor December On 26 Octoberit was announced Tennant would reprise his role for The Tenth Doctor Adventuresa series of full-cast audio stories produced by Big Finish Productions.

He received critical acclaim for his complexity and humanity and is considered one of the greatest incarnations of the character.