James roday and dule hill relationship questions

The Top Ten Things Psych Did Right

james roday and dule hill relationship questions

After a couple years away, America's favorite fake-psychic investigative duo is back in the form of Psych: The Movie, and early reviews indicate. 27, photo, actors James Roday, left, and Dule Hill pose for a portrait in New York to promote their TV film, “Psych: The Movie,” debuting. Comicbook Top Ultimate Users · Comicbook Ultimate Staff · Top 10 Hot Topics The relationship between James Roday's Shawn Spencer and Dule Hill's Burton Guster was The way the relationship between Shawn and Gus drove the show was never more extra-stage-jamesroday-dulehill-psych.

And then we have Burton Chocolate Silk Guster. Oh, Chocolate Silk, okay. And then Henry McFly. And then Chocolate Thunder. And then, my personal favorite, because I could totally see Shawn doing this is introducing him as Burton Ernie. Anyway so that ties in with my first question. You know, I — because when he first threw that out it kind of caught me off guard first of all because I believe that was one that was just off the top of his head.

And it cracked me up. I just thought it was a hilarious thing. Stoney and the Silly-Pants, you know.

james roday and dule hill relationship questions

Do you guys get a say in those or do they come already in the script? Are you guys having a Christmas-themed episode and if so, can you tell us anything about it? We are returning to holiday Yule entertainment this season. But I think, you know, first on the list is when is the time to do it. About some of the upcoming episodes and storylines James: Shawn and Gus have to save a polar bear that may or may not be being framed for murder.

We have an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park. That will be our finale where everything comes out in the wash. Pretty packed, pretty solid winter. Hearing Dule say this was brilliant and hysterical. We can probably work that in there. Baseball has been on the board for awhile. Somebody has a little thing for Larisa Oleynik, huh?

That was a lot of fun. She had a fun character. She got to wear a nose ring. Not that many people who come on site can say that.

On what they think makes Shawn and Gus relationship work so well since they are such polar opposites: I think you just answered it right there. I think they fill each other out. They both bring each other to the center. You know, one is extremely to the right and one is extremely to the left and they balance each other out. I think without their relationship they would both be too far in either direction.

I think Shawn would be doing something — I mean Shawn his life would be a long time ago spin out of control and Gus would be a hermit going to work, going home. On what reality show Shawn and Gus would go on together or separately: And they would win. It would be Gus, right. How do you think your relationship with Lassiter is going to change now that, you know, they are working together more and he sees how well Shawn is working, you know, helping solve the Yin case and stuff like that?

What character dead or alive would you like to bring back? That would be someone I would like to see come back.

james roday and dule hill relationship questions

On what they would like to see Shawn and Gus do more of: I would like to see Gus obviously release some tension. Do you remember, Dule? Yes, I mean I remember how it affects our relationship. I mean at some point he knew that Shawn and Juliet were going to get together. If we had to wait five years for them to kiss, how long do we have to wait until they actually go all the way? But are we to assume that it happens this season? I guess so, yes. Theme Episodes There were so many theme episodes, so well done, that even before the head trip that was " A Nightmare on State Street ," featuring zombies, Tears For Fears's Curt Smith and Bruce Campbell, we had a list of the ten best.

‘Psych’s’ James Roday, Dule Hill Savor Series’ Creative Freedom

It was something that started to really define the series fairly early on, with Abigail being introduced for the first time in a John Hughes homage episode, complete with the line "Can I borrow your underpants?

The Villains On police procedurals, it often tends to happen that recurring villains are more of a liability than a benefit. Oh, and that's before we even get started on Cary Elwes's Despereaux Arrested Development In most sitcoms, you watch and eventually you start to be frustrated by the never-ending loop of arrested development that the characters find themselves in.

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This allowed them to keep Shawn and Gus more or less unchanged for nearly a decade without getting that sinking "why don't Marshall and Lily ever move out of the apartment? Getting Away From the Premise As the series progressed, it became clear that the fake psychic element was taking a back seat to the character interaction, the mysteries of the week and the pop culture references.

We actually made four or five jokes over the course of that season and hopefully they have a sense of humor about it," Roday told me in an interview. I think it was just the idea that the premise was so similar that it gave us the opening to take a few fun, spirited jabs. When hiding the fact that he wasn't psychic stopped being a central part of the show, it could easily have felt like they were going too far afield. Instead, building the show around Shawn and Gus's personalities helped keep the show on the straight and narrow even while the "most important" part of the show fell by the wayside.

Short of Rick Grimes discovering that Lori had died, I can't remember a more emotional scene in recent memory on TV than the one where Juliet discovers Shawn's secret. Even just thinking about it, I'm a sympathetic cryer.

Psych: The Movie interview -- James Roday and Dule Hill reunite

Kirsten Nelson is great, too, and the biggest name on the show going in was Corbin Bernson, who overcame ridiculous wigs to deliver some of the best performances of his long career. The addition later in the game of Kurt Fuller was inspired. They all played characters who were iconic enough that they developed their own shorthand and could carry an episode by themselves or, when need be, disappear into the background completely and bring the solid performances in the one and only scene they have in a week.