Relationship of xml and ado net

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relationship of xml and ado net supports SQL Server XML integration features, both in code to set up the relationship, whereas in the case of XML schema or. Native support for XML is another principal feature for In native Here are the relationships between the tables in the Access file. XML Integration with Relational Data and 03/29/; 3 columns, relations, and constraints, and is a stand-alone, in-memory user data store.

Programmatically using ADO.NET and XML

However, there was something in your last article—I can hardly say what and where—that has thrown some doubtful exceptions in my mind. So the question is, can you shed some more light on the use of the DataSet's GetChanges method in batch update? NET batch update is based on a loop that walks its way through the rows on the specified table. The code checks the state of the row and decides which action to take. The loop works on the DataSet and the DataTable you provide as an argument to the adapter's method Fill.

The optimization is minimal and serves only to reduce the length of the loop. During the batch update process, rows are processed sequentially from the middle-tier to data server. There is no snapshot of data that is sent down to the database in a single shot or as a single block of data.

relationship of xml and ado net

In this case, in fact, using GetChanges would result in much more optimized code. The key parameter that determines how many significant operations are performed during the batch update is the number of modified rows.

This parameter does not change regardless of whether you use the original DataSet or the one returned by GetChanges. By contrast, if you batch update from the DataSet returned by GetChanges, you may run into serious troubles when a conflict is detected. In this case, the rows processed prior to the one that failed are regularly committed, but not on the original DataSet!

relationship of xml and ado net

RowError ; else Console. WriteLine "Everything is OK.

XMLDataSource in asp net Part 4

Here is a complete example: GetElementFromRow row ; Console. More information about XSLT can be found here. Then we create an XSTL file like this: CreateNavigatornull, writer, null ; writer. Fortunately, it could be enhanced with customized XPath functions.

XML Features in ADO.NET

But his approach is too complex to follow. You should manually point out the function name, arguments number and their types, return type for every customized function, etc.

It is not so flexible to add new XPath functions and is hard to maintain.

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Now, let's use the Reflection mechanism in. NET Framework to simplify this process refer to Figure 5. A function name and required argument types will be passed to its constructor. This is a very flexible approach to extend the XPath. If you want to add your own function to XPath execution context, you just need to write a static method in the XmlDbXPathFunctions class.

The new function will be detected automatically. There is an entire suite of classes in the namespace System. If you've used JDBC, you already know basically how to use these classes. Along with these classes, ADO. NET also introduces the DataSet. A DataSet instance represents an entire database, including the ability to track changes made to individual data elements and to persist them to the underlying database when necessary.

relationship of xml and ado net

The DataSet can maintain its state while disconnected from the actual database. This time, since we're building a database, the database schema for the dog show will require the following schema: Normally if you were building a database like this, you would use SQL or have access to a graphical entity relationship modeling tool. NET DataSet class, however, you can build a database schema dynamically.

The following code demonstrates one way to do that: Add "Id", typeof Int32 ; showTable. Add "Name", typeof String ; showTable. Add "Id", typeof Int32 ; breedTable. Add "Name", typeof String ; breedTable.

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Add "Id", typeof Int32 ; dogTable. Add "BreedId", typeof Int32 ; dogTable.

relationship of xml and ado net

Add "Id", typeof Int32 ; judgeTable. Add "FirstName", typeof String ; judgeTable. Add "LastName", typeof String ; judgeTable.