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Apr 14, Simone Simons: I started listening to a lot of music and getting into that and then I meet Mark (Jansen) and they signed me up, and that's how . Spotlight Report: Nadia from Melbourne wants to know how is your relation with your fans, would you mind to give us any advice for young aspiring Australian. Nov 14, So says guitarist/founder Mark Jansen, while discussing his fit Epica and I needed something to do if Simone (Simons, singer) gets pregnant!. What extreme fans should know about Simone: Her full name is Simone Johanna Maria Simons. She previously was in a relationship with Mark Jansen.

Strictly on time, everything is well organised.

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Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks Epica has arrived at a signature sound which means that nowadays it is rather easy to spot an Epica song. But with such success also comes expectations when new music is created and some artists feel that they become constrained to create music that fits into what is expected of them.

I learnt to not think inside the box, but to just do whatever feels good. In the end, there is always something happening that makes it sound Epica. Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks One part of the Epica sound that sets it apart from some of the other symphonic metal bands, is that they use death metal-like growling or grunting in addition to clean singing.

When I started to listen to metal music, I ran into an album of Amorphis. I was listening to it and as soon as the guy started singing: We were also looking for a background singer. Floor Jansen came to do an audition.

We heard, instantly, this is not a background singer. This is somebody who has to be the front. Then we decided to do some of the grunts ourselves in After Forever. I kept doing it with Epica ever since.

Now I love them again! That is already so much work. It would take me twice as long as Isaac to record it, so I prefer him doing it, rather than me working my ass off doing all these riffs.

In the studio, if I have to work on the lyrics and to study these licks and to record them, I would go nuts! What did you write?

Interview: Mark Jansen on how Epica’s sound has evolved

Let me listen to it. Let us work on it. Because in the beginning we like to work on our own. There are a lot of opinions in Epica, a lot of strong opinions. When you feel like you cannot bring it any further, then we start working on it together. Then it is also easier to accept criticism.

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Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks With a firmly established signature sound, is the Epica sound still evolving? But it is too early yet to know what direction will evolve. I know that some other guys have recorded some ideas. So, everybody is already doing something, but it is too early to know where it will go to. But we always try to make things better. That is also how you keep the stuff fresh. When I listen to all the past albums…at that time it was the best we could do then.

If we would make it now, we would do it differently. These albums have to be like they are, they have to stay like they are. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of it. Sascha is a great guy to work with and he made me feel comfortable. We spend 3 months in Germany to record the album, a wonderful time!!!

The concept of 'The embrace that smothers' continues. The rest of the album is just individual songs, with their own content. Mark writes a lot about political issues, believes, I write mostly about things that happen in your life that people can refer to.

We love them; we had no negative critics at all. Of course our main goal was to make an album, to think that everyone would like it is just wonderful! And with someone like Mark by your side?

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I mean, it's no mediocre band you are singing in. I didn't know what to expect. I was going to record an album, after that I did not know what was going to happen. We didn't expect to get so successful. I am still not used to that. In the beginning it was hard sometimes, but now I am more experienced because of the many shows that we have done in such a short period. A lot of fun But don't think that because of the fact that I am his girlfriend he doesn't get mad at me How did you become the Lead singer in "Epica"?

I mean, did someone tip them about you or did you take a shot and went to an audition? I met Mark in the summer of on the After Forever chat. We got along great and I told him that I sing. He was looking for a singer for his side-project, perfect When we met we not only became musical partners But after a while Mark was getting very busy with After Forever, but then suddenly he was kicked out in April I supported him in everything but it was wise not to become the singer of his new band, because I was too young and unexperienced to be in a professional band.

After a long search for singers, and me taking singing lessons I finally became the singer of the band, which made me very happy 06 I know that you have Tarja Turunen in Nightwish as a big idol, at least she was. Do you ever think that you can beat her? And became a big idol yourself and win the boys hearts?

It is not about beating I respect every talented musician.