Network and Wireless Cards


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This are archived contents of the former dev. Found 1 x16 devices at 0x0 in bit bank. Registered protocol family 17 [ 1. Fixing up device See TracTickets for help on using tickets. SPROM offset is 0x [ 0.

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PCI cc 0x, rev 0x0B, vendor 0x [ 0.

EHCI generic platform driver [ 5. Add Comment This ticket has been modified since you started editing. Sonics Silicon Backplane found at address 0x [ 0.

Download in other formats: This are archived contents of the former dev.

net: phy: b53: switchdev driver for Broadcom BCM53xx switches

Registered protocol family 1 [ 0. PCIcore in host mode found [ 0. Visit the Trac open source project at http: CLS 0 bytes, default 16 [ 0. The pages are provided for historical reference only. Closed 3 years ago.

Tigon3 [partno none rev ] PCI: Found chip with id 0x, rev 0x01 and package 0x01 [ 0. Found an alias at 0x for the chip at linu [ 1.


The switch chip is jumbo capable, but the specific tg3 ethernet controller it is attached to is not, therefore you cannot set an mtu higher than You should review the other modifications which have been appended above, and any conflicts shown in the preview below.

GBit Ethernet cc 0x81F, rev 0x00, vendor 0x [ 0. No busn resource found for root bus, will use [bus kinux [ 0. You can nevertheless proceed and submit your changes if you wish so. USB hub found [ 5.

# (Unable to enable jumbo frame for WRTN (BCM)) – OpenWrt

BCM, rev 0 [ 5. ChipCommon cc 0x, rev 0x0F, vendor 0x [ 0. Registered protocol family 16 [ 0. Invalid argument [ 0. E-mail address and user name can be saved in the Linyx. Powered by Trac 1. MIPS cc 0x, rev 0x07, vendor 0x [ 0.

[net] net: dsa: b Turn off Broadcom tags for more switches – Patchwork

See TracTickets for help on using tickets. PCI cc 0x, rev 0x0D, vendor 0x [ 0. Link is up at Mbps, full duplex [ 6. PATA cc 0x81D, rev 0x00, vendor 0x [ 0. Hash tables configured established bind [ 0.


Jumbo frame cannot be enabled for WRTN v1. Found chip with id 0x, rev 0x02 and package 0x0C [ 0. PCI-E cc 0x, rev 0x02, vendor 0x [ 0.