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Among the first to drop out was the winner in a VW The draw had already taken place so Bert had to start at the back of the field, irrespective of seeding, and his start number was The Lionnet-Bates Peugeot was then excluded for working on the car at Nairobi control. Thus apart from sampling the region’s rich flora and fauna, which were and continue to be, second to none in the world, tourists visited East Africa during Easter to witness, first hand, the test between the man and the machine. Log into your account.

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Jimmy Feeney drove in several Safaris himself – some of them with Nick Nowicki – with some success. Shabkland, when it came to speeding, no one could beat Zasada on a straight road! The draw had already taken place so Bert had to start at the back of the field, irrespective of seeding, and his start number was Oooh Beti Shakilendi mungu akulaze mahala pema.

Huth and Grant then were delayed for 65 minutes at a flash flood – up until then they had over an hour on the 2 Peugeots.

Tanzania: Joginder’s Death Marks the End of Living Legends

Posted 13 February – A few hundred miles from the return to Nairobi, reports of difficult going for the front-running Fords and Datsun came in. The event first attracted the interest of a factory team inwhen Ford UK entered a number of Zephyrs and Rootes used three Hillman Minxes.

Soderstrom and Palm led the rally through the first three days on the entire southern leg of well over shanklandd.


Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The Automobile Association of Tanzania and the rest of motor sports fraternity, drivers, navigators and fans wish Shankland to rest in peace. After the rally the actual car was shipped north for some promotional activities – and I actually got to drive it. His wins in and 67 are well chronicled but he maintained that the drive which gave him the most satisfaction came in It was a pleasure to know him.

This time his navigator was not Rothwell who had returned to England, but Chris Bates.

Bert Shankland

Among the first to sgankland were three of the Triumph s at Dar es Salaam, due to flooding in the mountainous terrain. Advertisement Vandalism again was evident, as Pat Moss and Liz Nystrom in a Renault 16 hit a man-made barrier of stones which was laid across the road.

The cars were believed to be the fastest in the realm of motor cars after the two Britons won the regional rally two years in succession.

Throughout it all, the Injection of Shankland-Rothwell led, which was at least in part due to their very careful waterproofing effort prior to the start of the rally. The dismal record of foreign drivers in this event was confirmed about miles north of Nairobi, on the northern leg of the rally. Shankland used to drive with Peugeot brand of a car and was born on November 11, The third factor after the dust and bumps, was the loose nature of the road surfaces, which varied from the relatively adhesive to the very Slippery.

First place overall in definitely incorrect, a SE won inFirst in Class inand Second place overall, First place overall inFirst in Class inFirst place team inand Second place overall, culminating in the hat-trick in67 and The same trick was used when driving in the dusty route, especially in Kenya.


Smith were able to extricate their car in a mere 75 minutes. He was transferred to Dar es Salaam in with same company while participating in various motor rally events staged by then. He took active part in international motor rallies between and under Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz teams.

The last of the Triumphs was time barred at Nairobi at the halfway point. Rallu drove in mud for hundreds of miles at a time. The version of the Easter classic had another full roster of entries: This time his navigator was not Rothwell who had returned to England, but Chris Bates.

John Fife: Rally – Bert Shankland

Please log in to reply. We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. Inthe recent Tulip Shakland winner, Maurice Gastonides, entered, without notable success.

A newspaper article from 1 February [ source ]:. Nimefurahi kuiona sura yake, nilipokuwa mdogo, tulikuwa tunasimama kando kando ya barabara ya Soni kuelekea Lushoto Milima ya Usambara pamoja na wazazi wangu, tulikuwa tunamshangilia hivi, shekiland! He also had the ability to look after his car.