Life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

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life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

The startling orchestral arrangement—particularly the spiraling strings tumbling downwards at the end, the cellos stamping about and slowing. Season 1 | Episode 7. Previous · All Episodes (18) Jason O'Mara and Dean Winters in Life on Mars () Jason O'Mara in Life on Mars Plot Keywords. The American version of the British hit has the same writer, the imported on cable (does anyone stateside remember Life on Mars?) Fox made the first seven episodes of Gracepoint available for review, and although it is surprisingly similar to Broadchurch, as the episodes wear on, the plot diverges.

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As an only child, she became fascinated with the brain and how it worked, which she wished to study A2A Series 2: She was educated at a private school for the rest of childhood. While growing up, Alex became very fond of Evan who often gave her with presents, including the Rubik's Cube, which was a new toy in A2A Series 1: Lewis to young Alex. With her school, she went to Boulogne, France.

While her father was working away in the United States, she caught her mother and her godfather having an affair, though she was unaware of what they were doing A2A Series 1: On 9 Octoberwhile at school, her parents were falsely arrested for the possession of cocaine, however, they would be released on the following day.

Presumably, Alex spent the night with her godfather unaware of what happened to her parents A2A Series 1: Episode 8 On the following day, Alex was taken out of school early by her mother so they could go on a trip away from London for a few days. Alex's father, who had discovered Caroline's affair with Evan, insisted that he would drive them to the train station in Evan's Ford Escort that he borrowed. The car was armed with a bomb which was fitted by Arthur Layton who had just been released from police custody.

While leaving the school, Alex was holding a red balloon that she had accidentally released when she got into the car on Ashton Street.

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As they set off, her father armed the bomb using a tape cassette of Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie. Distracted by the balloon, she got out of the car to retrieve it. Seconds after she rescued her balloon, Tim detonated the bomb and the car exploded, killing her parents in the blast. Alex's memory of the event was that her godfather had quickly arrived, scooped her up in his arms and carried her to safety, however, when she experienced it a second time, it was Gene Hunt who carried her.

Young Alex was taken to Fenchurch East where she reunited with Evan to begin a new life with him.

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When she left the police station, Gene Hunt offered her help from "the Gene Genie" for the future. The two different versions of this event A2A Series 1: Episode 8were never reconciled or explained during the programme. Late 20th Century Edit Following the death of her parents, Alex spent the rest of her childhood in the care of her godfather, Evan White.

After she finished school in the early s, she joined the Metropolitan Police Service where she trained at Hendon Police College and learned about Operation Rose. Her fascination with the brain encouraged her to go to Oxbridge University for a number of years where she studied psychology and became a police psychologist who was trained to "get inside the criminal mind" A2A Series 1: At some point in the s, Alex met Pete Drake and they entered a relationship together.

They married and had one daughter together in whom they named Molly after Alex's great-grandmother and Peter's black cat A2A Series 2: However, their relationship was shattered when Pete abandoned Alex and six-month-old Molly. While in grief, Peter's father Bryan Drake comforted her and encouraged her to be optimistic.

life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

Episode 5 21st Century Edit In the years leading up to her coma, Alex Drake became a Detective Inspector and began to study colleagues who had experienced trauma and wrote a book on the subject A2A Series 1: In Aprilshe began to study the psychiatric evaluation results of DCI Sam Tyler who had woken up from a coma following a car crash and committed suicide in Manchester shortly after.

Tyler's case was so unique that she was dedicating her own book towards him. Episode 8 Alex is led to her death by Arthur Layton. Episode 1 In on her daughter Molly's twelfth birthday, Alex became involved in a hostage situation involving Arthur Laytonwho was threatening to kill a busker outside the Tate Modern museum. As she attempted to negotiate with Layton, he revealed that he knew the truth behind the death of her parents. However, her daughter suddenly intervened and was briefly taken hostage until Layton appeared to escape.

After leaving Molly with their godfather Evan WhiteAlex was taken hostage by Layton and was forced at gunpoint to drive to Greenwich. When she was led by Layton into an old barge, she was shot and sent into a coma and woke up in Gene Hunt's World. However, the bullet did not penetrate A2A Series 1: The network aired all 17 episodes ordered, with the final episode airing April 1, Sam Tyler Jason O'Mara — He often finds his values in conflict with the values of his colleagues, and is forced to rely on his wits when the commonplace technologies he's used to from modern life aren't available or don't even exist yet.

He frequently uses pop culture references from his era as undercover aliases, such as " Luke Skywalker " for dealing with his mother in the era, claiming it is a Navajo name" Tom Cruise " and "Sam Bono " when undercover with an Irish brogue. Ray Carling Michael Imperioli — An ambitious and bluntly macho detective with the th Detective Squad, he is arrogant and condescending to almost everyone but his mentor, Lt.

Carling resents Tyler's arrival, having expected to be Hunt's senior detective. He is short-tempered with his demure wife. Policewoman [promoted to Detective in the finale] Annie Norris Gretchen Mol — A uniformed policewoman with an undergraduate psychology education from Fordham University who has aspirations of making the detective squad, Norris constantly struggles against sexist attitudes about the role of a woman in police work.

Owing to her gender, her nickname among the detectives is "No Nuts Norris". She is the only one on the force to whom Sam has revealed that he's from the future — although she doesn't actually believe him, she's the most willing of any of his colleagues to listen to and offer kind advice about his state of mind rather than simply dismissing him as crazy.

After Sam's seemingly crazy prophecy results in him saving her life, Annie is less willing to simply dismiss his incredible stories. Annie fervently wishes to become a detective, like her comrades in the th; she is promoted to detective in the finale.

He's also the most willing of the detectives to consider that as crazy as Sam may be, he does have valuable and useful skills from which the others can learn something. Unlike his older and more traditional colleagues, he's also a fan of current pop culture, including contemporary glam rock music.

In the episode "Take a Look at the Lawmen" we learn his middle name is Gordon.

life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

He accepts and even encourages the casual corruption and physical abuse rampant in the police force, although he lives by a very strict code of loyalty toward fellow officers and honor toward law-abiding citizens even if he personally dislikes them. He is often exasperated by Sam's outspoken insistence on doing things differently, but seems to have a grudging respect for Sam's crime-solving ability nonetheless. He has a long-standing rivalry with a fellow police officer, Lt.

life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

Anthony Nunzio of the th Precinct. Minor[ edit ] Maria Hunt Belanger Maggie Siff — A youth social worker who assists when a young child is a witness to a crime. Although she's Gene's daughter, they have a strictly professional relationship and are largely estranged from each other on a personal level. She and Sam are immediately attracted to each other, and end up having sex in the precinct house's file room; she later shows up at his address wearing nothing but a trench coat.

However, Sam only later learns that she's the boss' daughter, and desperately tries to keep Gene from finding out what happened.

life on mars us episode 7 ending a relationship

Sizable Ted John Cenatiempo — A fellow detective, known for his strong physical appearance. He is part of Gene Hunt's th Detective Squad. Windy Tanya Fischer — A free-spirited hippie neighbor of Sam's in three early episodes, who encourages him to embrace higher consciousness and makes him pot -laced lasagne. It is revealed in the final episode of the series that she is the voice of the onboard computer of the HYDE Her cryptic statements often have double-meanings that can be interpreted as applying to both an issue at hand, and to Sam's confusing journey back in time; in this regard, she is the counterpart to the BBC series' barman character, Nelson Tony Marshall.

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Maya Daniels Lisa Bonet — Sam's professional and personal partner in She plays a prominent role in the first episode, when her apparent abduction leads to Sam's car accident, but in subsequent episodes she appears only occasionally in visions Sam sees of a future that may or may not be happening. Rose Tyler Jennifer Ferrin — Sam's mother. Struggling to make ends meet, she takes out a loan from a gangster, forcing Adult Sam to step in and protect her.

Due to the situation, Sam uses the pseudonym Luke Skywalker instead of revealing his real last name to her. Changing her name in the American version brought the name full-circle; Sam Tyler's surname was selected by writer Matthew Graham 's daughter in homage to Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler.

In the last episode, Sam finally reveals his real name to his mother, who smiles, having suspected all along that he was her son in an older incarnation. Vic Tyler Dean Winters — Sam's father in Sam discovers some disturbing information about Vic, as well as the real reason he disappeared on Sam's fourth birthday. He and Sam cooperate on an investigation into Black militants. He is referred to by his nickname, "Clams", in both and Gathegi plays young Bellow in ; Peters plays the older man from While not mentioned, his line to Sam, "You weren't supposed to peek behind the curtain", in the 16th episode is a reference to The Wizard of Oz ; Frank Morgan was also the name of the actor who played Professor Marvel, the door-keeper, the carriage driver, the Wizard's squire, and the Wizard in the movie.

Morgan is also the director of Mission Control in the last episode of the series; in that context, his British counterpart is Sam's surgeon, Frank Morgan Ralph Brown. Colin Raimes Michael Bertolini — Suspected serial killer.