Setsuna seiei ending relationship

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setsuna seiei ending relationship

Marina didn't want the conversation to end and Setsuna decided to stay. . to continue being a Gundam Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei, for he was a "Gundam. Marina would get mad at her, but Setsuna said that their relationship wasn't like that. She chose not to get married because she was waiting for Setsuna? (well it was implied in the movie ending *shrugs*) It's really too bad; she loved children. Saji Crossroad/Setsuna F. Seiei · Saji Crossroad/Louise Halevy Nyfain and Domnall were happily married except for a few spirited.

Even though he's not very emotionally sensitive, he still prefers you not to clean him as he values his decency. If you forcefully try to clean him, you might end up with bullets in your head as he might mistaken you ask taking advantage of him.

Setsuna F. Seiei

You could try to knock him out in order to clean him, although not recommended, as his hard head makes him hard to knock out, and you might end up being the one knocked out and hurt do not blame us, as you signed the waiver during purchase.

If for some reason he is incapable of cleaning himself, remember, do not machine-wash; towel-dry only, do not tumble dry. Unit may be dry-cleaned. SEIEI unit is a growing boy, and therefore needs lots of food to give him energy.

setsuna seiei ending relationship

Feed him thrice daily, and give him lots of milk for his growing body and build strong bones. What do I do?

setsuna seiei ending relationship

SEIEI to be violated by some pervert! SEIEI unit just revealed his identity while going undercover. I'm angry, but I'm afraid he might hurt me if I try to lecture him. SEIEI unit's programming that causes him to reveal his identity to random people even though it's top-secret.

setsuna seiei ending relationship

I thought he was a humanoid unit… A: It's okay, he is a humanoid unit. It's nothing to worry about.

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He won't try to fly away or try to operate as a Gundam or anything. SEIEI may be damaged, but he's build tough.

setsuna seiei ending relationship

And he has strong will to live. Just wait a few 4 years, he'll show up again all grown up and more handsome when there's a big conflict involving some A-LAWS people, or just any conflict that will distort the world. What a strange name!

Setsuna F. Seiei - Wikipedia

And what does the "F" stand for? SEIEI" is a code name. If you really think it's strange, feel free to give him a new name. However, it's not guaranteed he'll answer to the name you give him, as he's not a dog. He might answer to names like "Gundam" or "Setsuna F. As for the initial, we're not sure what it stands for, it just sounds nice. If you really want, you could try calling him "Setsuna G.

Seiei" where the G stands for "Gundam".

setsuna seiei ending relationship

You're afraid he's broken, or you're just really annoyed. This was done as critique to Japan's apathy towards religion. Director Seiji Mizushima wanted to give viewers a close approach to the wars in the Middle Eastbelieving the problem would not be solved in a long time.

Mizushima aimed to make the viewers understand Setsuna's feelings as a result of living under war conditions. In regards to his personality, Mizushima wanted the series' protagonist that could not be related with the audience.

This was done to contrast previous Gundam protagonists and appeal to young viewers. Late in the series, Setsuna's Quanta system was introduced in order to convey his message that he wants war to end through communication rather than violence.

This idea was explored once again in the movie where the plot was written so that nobody except Setsuna could end the conflict.

Setsuna F. Seiei/History

Mileina once asked if Setsuna and Marina were lovers, which they replied: It means that Mileina's woman intuition was actually right about Setsuna and Marina based on how they treat each otherit's just that the both of them were so focused on their own goals that they didn't consider about having love in their lives. A kid even asked Marina if she was going to be a bride, which replies No, because she had too different priorities.

Marina is the only one who Setsuna told about his past and possibly vice versa. He was open to her, even if they only spent a few times together, unlike Feldt and the Others, who had to work hard for him to open up to them, and that's still not the reason why he opened up to them.

He wrote the letter to Marina, even though he lied to Feldt about not sending a letter to anyone, cause he didn't care about anyone well except marina 5. In this part of the manga, we see Marina looking dearly at the flower, with setsuna also being at the panel, and it looks like he's actually staring at her. The next time he met her, he wanted to hear the children sing. I just found this very romantic, I mean why would he want to hear a group of children sing?