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Debug Application Firmware Loaded. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. But to upgrade the firmware, you need to find a Windows machine. Thanks again, Ralph posted by Ralph S 20 Apr If you want to program it with the debugger, there are many ways, one described in https: Please, contact us at support mbed. PEMicro Staff – August 12, –

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Opensda PeMicro CDC Serial Port issue | NXP Community

I was able to borrow a computer with XP and the boards work ok, so the problem appears to be with Windows 10 and the SDA. You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. Email required Address never made public.

OS X relies on the device class to set up generic drivers for most devices only using the vendor Freeescale for exceptions.

After updating to the latest firmware and bootloader it shows up as an mbed device. IF i try using the opensda interface serial port doesnt send any data to computer, if i use the arduino headers with a usb-to-serial cable, the serial port works, yet they appear to be shorted, only seperated by 1k resistors according to the schematic. Greetings, I am sorry that you are having such difficulty with this interface.


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I hope this helps. Website Terms of Use and Sales Agreement. Any ideas why the device is not showing up?

You can create a bin file easily instead of an S19 file, see https: Please login or create a new PEMicro account. I hope many other people creescale their boards running under Windows 10 as well.

You need something like this: Where do you get that freeescale Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Standard and high-speed versions are available.

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Hi Arjay, read the articles I have posted in my previous answer, e. Now you can use the board to be programmed with an S19 file, or by the debugger, or it can communicate with the host using the USB CDC interface: As for the pins, I have found this one: I have not tried with Windows 10, but my understanding is that it will be the same as with Windows 8.


Please, contact us at support mbed. Cart New Account Login. I can’t prove this without restoring my non-working board with factory firmware. But could you try to copy the.

Cart New Account Login. General Questions Create new topic. The factory boards come shipped with an outdated firmware and application which only supports MSD bootloading.

What do you think? You can skip this step if you have Kinetis Design Studio V1.

Under the Jungo listings, I see only “WinDriver”. However when i try to do so with my windows 10 computer I get a swd fail file error. Would also like to add that this issue persists on windows 10 and bizarrely Ubuntu 15 as well.