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Puerto Rico trailed by just one after three free throws by Gian Clavell They joined 12 teams who had done so Sunday: Olympic silver. SIX CROOKSTON GIRLS EARN HONORS AT GYMNASTICS COMPETITION. Six Crookston athletes participated in the Holiday Spectacular gymnastics meet at. At Commodity Classic you're certain to raise your expectations for your farm. Commodity Classic is America's largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show—unlike any other farm show you've ever 1. New Orleans, .

But that would be something to look at. If current Mitchell students are zoned out of our district, will they be able to apply for school choice to come back to Mitchell? But we also always want to provide opportunities for kids who have a mom or dad that teaches at the school, and they want to school choice in, we always want to give them that option.

Just like we want kids to be able to choice in for the engineering program at River Ridge, or the IB program at Gulf. Now when schools are overcrowded, certainly school choice becomes very limited. So it is about a wash when we looked at it last year. Students currently here on school choice at Mitchell will have to reapply to school choice if there is a rezoning? Everybody who wants to go to Mitchell that does not live in the new zone has to apply.

What about school choice for athletes? What will happen to other schools if they become too crowded from the rezoning process? Those are the things that the committee looks at. River Ridge is under capacity, but not by that much. Why should I move out of the River Ridge boundary and go over to Gulf just to make room for new folks? There are some people who buy their houses specifically so they can be in a certain school district because they like the way that district is run.

What if there is a new person coming in and buying in so that they can go to Mitchell, and then all of a sudden where they live is rezoned for River Ridge.

How would you take those people into consideration? That is a great question. That is the most popular thing I hear from everybody. Usually I tell them in a nice way, that I understand that they bought their house to go to Mitchell High. Unfortunately, so did other student families. And so, at some point we have to figure out how to rezone people. We, as Pasco County, cannot guarantee that when you move into Pasco County you are always going to stay in the same school….

If you tried to make that happen, how would that look? Everybody who moved to this school district gets to stay there. I should be allowed to go to Mitchell High. I live in Dade City. Does that mean I can take my son, who goes to Pasco High, which is a good school, by the way, and now displace somebody at Mitchell High, because I have lived in Pasco County for 50 years?

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Would that be fair? Those are the kinds of things you have to think about. But at some point you still have to do some rezoning. There are two major developments right here in the Trinity area, one right across the retention pond in the Mitchell field across from Target and Wal-Mart, and the other across the street behind the church, that right now are projected for lots and lots of homes. Do you have any idea of the timeline of those construction projects beginning? And if those will be a factor in this rezoning, or will we have the potential for Mitchell to be rezoned yet again in 5 or 10 years?

Certainly those developments are moving forward. So we would see those communities…. They might get built homes at a time. And we can give people that number. So how much room do we need to try to leave at Mitchell to accommodate those students, along with all of the other students that are coming, and do we try to spread that out between Mitchell and Anclote and River Ridge?

And those are the things the committee will deal with. How will Reduction in Force be handled? And those teachers would get transferred potentially to those schools that are receiving those students. There is a process and it happens before the start of next school year. What factors will be used in determining the new zones?

One is Future Growth and Capacity, how much room to leave at all schools to take future growth. Because if a school is not going to take future growth we can kind of make sure it is pretty full, vs.

There might still be some overcrowded conditions. We also look at Feeder Patterns. We also look at something called Subdivision Integrity. And that means we try to keep neighborhoods together. Now, people have different definitions of a neighborhood.

If you live in a little gated community, that could be considered a neighborhood. So is Seven Oaks one neighborhood? Or is it several neighborhoods? We also talk about transportation issues, such as proximity to the schools, and how long would it take to get from this home to this school, and how do we bus that particular student?

Are there any things we need to be concerned about in terms of transportation? So I always make the promise that we are not going to rezone you in your different school types.

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But we are not going to rezone you twice during your high school career. And then Feeder Patterns is another thing we look at. Those are the main criteria we look at when looking at the boundaries. Is socioeconomic balance a factor in determining school zones? Yes, that is one that we also look at. We can never achieve perfect socioeconomic balance but we do look at it and pay attention to how any rezoning may affect the balance of each of the schools.

How often are zones changed? Any time we build a new school. We have to make a zone for that new school, which means we pull from existing zones. It just depends on conditions. Do you know our projected numbers for next year? I would have to look. We are waiting on new data to come in…. If Mitchell High is atthat means we need new portables. There are new fire codes. What that means is that the fire department wants to have at least some area that they can pull a fire truck and get back to that area.

So you have to have a portable within so many feet of this fire road. We have talked about adding a classroom wing onto Mitchell and onto Seven Springs. And we potentially could do that and we might do that in the future.

But what you have to be careful of, if your school was built for a certain number of students. But the thing we have to be careful of is your facility was built for so many students, and so that means your cafeteria, your media, your gym, your parking lot was built for that number of students.

So we have to watch out for that, too. Is the district considering an audit of current students to find those students not on school choice that may live in other zones, but are attending Mitchell with falsified addresses?

The problem is there are a lot of legal issues with that. We have to be careful and look at what we can do legally. But it also takes resources, but if anything else, we need to look at our procedures.

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You are taking it at face value that people are going to tell you when they move. From my understanding, when the school suspects a student of living out of zone, they send out a letter, and within so many days they have to return proof of address. And can people falsify that? I assume they can. Students will tell you an address, and parents will give you an address.

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But my thought is, if a minor gives you an address, and an adult gives you an address, what are you going to do with that? Legally you have to be really careful.

There are some procedures we ought to shore up and think about. Wyatt is always respectful, eager to learn and very coachable- always works hard, regardless if in practice or game time! One of those kids you really enjoy coaching. In Saturday's game he showed agility when he, as a center- experienced a defensive player go out of position to offense, he stayed back and covered as defense- something that we haven't touched on much this year.

Saturday morning, they took on the Bemidji 10UA team again, and this time had more scoring opportunities, played their positions well, and worked hard. The game ended in a loss ofbut it was fun to see improvement since their last game, only 3 weeks prior. Saturday afternoon, they played Fergus Falls, and won in overtime, The overtime goal was scored by Emma LaPlante, who also had 2 assists in the game.

Sunday afternoon, the girls finished their weekend with a win against Detroit Lakes. The lone assist in Sunday's game was on one of Alexa Bartrum's goals, and came from her sister, Aubrey Bartrum! The girls are having fun on and off the ice, and continue to grow in their hockey sense and skills. They're understanding their positions better, communicating on the ice, and looking to make the plays.

Keep up the good work, 10U Girls!! This coming weekend, the girls will have two home games - Friday vs Thief River Falls at 5: She continues to improve every day, and is evident by her goal on Saturday and hat trick on Sunday. Sunday they lost to Fergus Falls Koda displayed his shooting abilities in his quick snap shot goal against a tough Omaha team.

Peewee B Crookston played in the Breezy Point tournament and played some tough competition. In the first game of pool play, they lost to Rosemount and they lost to Elk River In the bracket play they beat Northern Lakes Pequot Lakes area in overtime for their first win of the year!

In the championship of their bracket, they lost to Brainerd Conner scored 2 goals in our exciting win over the Breezy Point team with his second goal of the game coming with 9 seconds left in overtime! It was an extremely exciting game to be a part of and I am so happy that Conner could finish the game off for us in overtime. Conner has tremendous speed and is always flying around the ice, Conner is at his best when he is using his speed to create turnovers and getting to the net.

His overtime goal was exactly what we love to see out of Conner, using his speed to get scoring opportunities and when he gets those opportunities the puck usually ends up in the back of the net.

Keep up the hard work Conner! On Saturday, the 12U came out a little sluggish in the first period and could not seem to put the puck in the back of the net.

West Fargo took a lead in the first period, but Crookston came back in the second scoring three nice goals and moving the puck quickly. Karlie Arthur was in net and had 22 saves. Assisting for Crookston - Ashlyn Bailey 2. She always does what is asked of her, and does it well. Cassie is also a great role model to the younger girls. On Friday night, Crookston defeated Virginia Alex Longoria led the team with 2 goals.

Jaren Bailey came up big for Crookston in net stopping a late penalty shot and ending the game with 37 saves. On Saturday morning Crookston faced off against Greenway completing the weekend sweep with another win. Nathan Kelly opened up the scoring for Crookston. Alex Longoria and Blaine Andringa had a pair of goals each to seal the win for Crookston. Jaren Bailey had another solid performance in net stopping 32 shots. Player of the Week. Zachary is usually the smallest player on the ice each week, but plays like he is the biggest.

His ability to forecheck effectively gives us many scoring opportunities each week. Just 14 seconds into the game Nolan Pederson sent a pass to Brett Pioniemi at blue line who fired a wrist shot through traffic to beat Jack Ricord. Sam Overgaard would make a great individual effort late in the period starting behind his own goal, outskating everyone and getting to the front of the Park Rapids goal where he beat Brendan Kruchowski to cut the Park Rapids lead to with 6: Individual efforts look pretty, but we need to get more towards playing as a five-man unit on the ice which we did better in the second period.

Cameron Hoyt picked up the turnover inside the blue line, spun and fired on Ricord who came high out of the crease to make the stop, but the puck caught his pads and fluttered off into the right faceoff circle. Pioniemi beat Logan Wardner in a foot race as Ricord was unable to scramble back to the net and his second goal of the night gave Park Rapids a lead 7: Eric Delorme would start the Pirate comeback when Brock Heppner passed to Delorme in the left circle and he lifted a shot over the shoulder of Kruchowski for a powerplay goal with 5: