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From the Visual Studio main menu select Build , Build Solution , to ensure that everything compiles correctly so far. If choose one of these methods, click Next and then proceed to step 5. Support for the ODBC descriptor, which improves the handling and metadata of columns and parameter data. Overload methods for MySqlCommand. Once the files have copied to your machine, the installation is complete. Make sure to revert back to the release version of the driver DLL once you are done with the debugging because the debug version may cause performance issues. You will see how to create a MySqlCommand object.

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Native Windows setup library. Microsoft Query will start. Initializes a new instance of the MySqlParameter class. Note There is a known issue with certain versions of Crystal Reports where the application is unable to open and browse tables and fields through an ODBC connection.

Only use double-precision float fields.

Chapter Connectors and APIs

Gets the number now MySqlParameter objects in the collection. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. False will cause a System. Select the check box for the tables whose links you want to change, and then click OK.

How to install the MySQL ODBC driver

The first column of the first row in the result set, or a null reference if the result set is empty. The DSN is a configuration string that identifies a given database driver, database, database host and optionally authentication information that enables an ODBC application to connect to a database using a standardized reference. Check each status value error is returned.


A DataSet object is instantiated, which can store multiple tables of data. The Linked Table Manager lists the paths to all currently linked tables. Gets the value of the specified column as a Decimal object. If you want to add a System DSN, you may need to authenticate with the system. You can also create a new DSN using the New Note that there are two Mono C compilers available, mcswhich accesses the 1.

Forums: [SOLVED] 1st timer – ODBC connect error – Forums

Within the disk image you will find an installer package with the. I encountered a bug in the lastest in both of these, and tried to remoce the 5.

Within Microsoft Word, this facility is most useful when importing data for mailmerge, or for tables and data to be included in reports.

Create a new Worksheet.

Committing or rolling back the transaction enclosing the SQL statement. Click the name of the table or query you want to export, and then in the File menu, select Export. This option is automatically enabled when working with ADO applications. The MySqlConnection constructor takes a connection string as one of its temove.


For a list of all members of this type, see MySqlConnection Members. The clone commands open the corresponding editor for a new object: Mysqk several selected tables have moved to the new location that you specify, the Linked Table Manager searches that location for all selected tables, and updates all links in one step. You should have a primary key in the table.

MySQL :: MySQL Reference Manual :: Configuring a Connector/ODBC DSN on Mac OS X

At some point, changes to data will need to 3.51 written back to the database. As mentioned before, you can double-click a certificate in the Microsoft Management Console to display the certificate’s details.

Note that anonymousIdentification has been set to true. DbType Gets or sets the DbTypeof the parameter. You can use the Column Editor to set or change the name, data type, default value, hwo other properties of a table column.