Love meet french tom

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough Algonquin Missions

love meet french tom

This site is introduced in the mission Out of the Closet which involves Niko to " date" "French Tom," where Niko must kill him. The founder of Love-meet is Mr. Use a computer to get on and find FRENCH TOM. Part 2. • French Tom is inside the diner. Look for him. • Take down French Tom. For Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where am I supposed to meet French Tom?".

Aterwards, hurry and escape because the attackers will come. For the next mission get to the M icon. Get to the Algonquin Bridge. Then, follow the train where the enemy is.

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When he gets off, go find him! When you do, kill him. Go to the "?

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Francis will want you to go to the viewpoint off Union Drive East. Your target is int he park. Francis will give you the number so you can call him. Find the guy that's answering a phone. Afterwards, pick up the storage device. Then, take the storage device back to Francis. And that'll be the end of that mission. For the next mission, go to the F icon on the radar. Head back to the internet cafe.

Click on the lawyer ad. Then, go to the Careers tab. Then, submit your resume. Go to the E icon on the radar for the next mission. Elizabeta wants her coke back The old hospital will be filled with thugs so take them out to get to the coke.

The coke should be on this table. Looks like some authority are coming. As soon as you lose your wanted level, call Little Jacob and he'll tell you where to meet him. And after you give him the stuff, that'll be it. Go to sleep for about 3 days to wait for the next mission. When you wake up, go to "i" icon on the radar after you get a suit because this is the big interview.

Talk to the receptionist and she'll take you to Goldberg's office. Retrieve the files after you kill him. Then, escape from the building.

love meet french tom

Now, take the files to Francis. Go to the F icon for the next mission. Head to the projects. Walk on the yellow arrow to start the battle.

Go to the left and find a good spot to see Clarence. Right should be okay. Now, lose your wnted level. When you do, the mission is over.

For the next mission, go to the X icon on the radar. Go to the alley where the car is with Playboy. Then, enter the car. Drive to and kill the lookouts. I went in, shooting because I'm pretty good. But I'd recommend just sniping them for beginners. For the next mission, go to the F icon. This is a sniping mission so go to the car that has ammo to reload your sniper.

After you get the ammo, go to the dealers apartment on Denver Ave. Head inside the building and get to the rooftop. Shoot a window to make him come and check the window. Then, he'll be in sight and able to kill.

Exit the rooftop afterwards. For the next mission, head to the X icon on the radar. Head to the basketball courts on Exeter Ave. When you get there, kill the gang members that are playing. After that, the mission is over. Head to the "Pm' icon on the radar for the next mission.

love meet french tom

Get to the harbor warehouse. Follow Packie to the destination. To get on the roof, get on this little ramp thing. Then jump to the pile of planks. Then jump on the vents to your right. And finally, shimmy up the roof.

Kill the thugs who are guarding the truck. Then, get down and steal the truck. Take it to the lockup now. For the next mission, head agin to the "Pm" icon.

love meet french tom

Make sure you have a car big enough for Packie and the others. The crew is only in the PC verison I believe. Then, drive to the waste depot. Enter the depot and pick up the money. Kill the guards too. The cash will be in the office. There'll be other thugs trying to get that money also.

love meet french tom

Take them out and leave. Go out the back with Packie. There'll be about available so get in quickly. Then, get Packie and yourself outta there with the money still with you. And that'll be it! For the next mission, go to the "? First thing you'll have to do is get to Oleg's apartment in Hove Beach. Check his computer for some more information. There'll be a email from Vasily to meet them somewhere. Call the paper to see what they want you to do. Get a car and head to the jewelry store.

Oleg will speed down the road. Chase him and eliminate him.

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Once you do that your own way grenades, guns,etc. To start the next mission, head to the U icon on the radar. Go to Dukes Blv. Thugs will be there guarding your target so take them out. After you kill everyone, the mission is done. For the next mission, head to the U icon on the radar. Get to Civilization Plaza. The helicopter will take off. So follow where it's going! Wait for the helicopter to land. Once it has, move in and steal the helicopter. Once you are online you go to www.

The easiest way is to click on the advertisement on the start page. Then click on the "Male"-button. Search for him and then click on the "more"-button. You will read some more information about French Tom. Scroll down and click on the "date"-button. Now you have to wait for French Tom to respond by e-mail.

In the meantime you are free to do some other things, like going out with your friends. Roman will send you a text message to remember you of your date, and he tells you to check your e-mail.

Do this and you will see that French Tom has responded. Open the e-mail and respond positive. You will have to be at the 69th Diner by If you have enough time, you are able to do some other things first. When you have already done the mission Blow your Cover by Elizabeta and have finished the first part of this mission, the last mission by Manny Escuela will be available; The Puerto Rican Connection.

Out of the Closet After the first reminder at When you enter it you will meet French Tom. You will start talking and after a while you will get the message to take out a weapon.