Lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

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lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

Sexton was a major influence when Gabriel wrote "Mercy Street," a beautiful Gabriel didn't see the fun, and he mocked the whole thing in his song "In fact, [bassist] Tony Levin reminded me that he was packing his bags to go "In Your Eyes" was a pretty big hit when it came out as a single in. Pleased to Meet You may refer to: Contents. 1 Music. Albums; Songs. 2 Other uses; 3 Pleased to Meet You (Sleeper album); Pleased to Meet You, by Hank Jones · Pleased to Meet You (MercyMe album) to meet you"; "Song 2", song by Blur, the lyrics of which contain the phrase "pleased to meet you". That's where you'll find me. Somewhere over .. I'm glad He set you free from sorrow. I'll still love you So I ask you Lord have mercy, you lost a son once too .

How did you arrive at the ten you ended up with on the album? These are the ten that I had the most vivid memory of grandmother singing to me as a kid.

It is like every song has a moment where I specifically remember her singing that to me. I wrote that song.

That is the moment … sitting down on the third row pew that is exactly what I would do on Sundays. I would get up on my knees to try and see her sing in the choir with like eight people.

lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

This church would hold 50 on high attendance Sunday. I was in the third row and Maw Maw had the worst voice. She loved the Lord and she would sing as loud as she possibly could. She would always say it was about making a joyful noise not singing off key.

We just sang that song over and over and over. I had 50 or 60 songs that I could not let go of. So, I started looking at them and reading through them and if some memory hit me of her singing it, I checked it off.

These ten were the ones. There were only ten checked off.

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What made the record so special is that there is a story behind every song. Do you have a favorite song on the album? Just the way it turned out production wise with the clarinet and everything, it sounds like something from a movie.

It has a lot of character musically on that song. I absolutely love it. We played it live for like three takes. The vocalist and the violin you hear on the bridge were added later but the dobro, the acoustic, the stand up bass and me singing were all done live together.

And we did it in three takes.

lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

We ended up taking the first take because it was just magic. I remember — I was standing in my vocal booth looking out and Barry Graul playing acoustic was sitting, facing Paul who was playing dobro, with this three foot foam wall thing sitting between them to deaden the sound but they could still make eye contact. I remember that for the first time in my life, I had sung that song a cajillion times, but for some reason that night the chorus came to life for me as if I had never heard the song.

And as soon as the tape stopped running and we were done recording, I started bawling in my vocal booth by myself. I took it for granted and never once even flinched at those lyrics or thought about them until that night.

lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

I knew the lyrics inside and out but it is either stand around and know them or actually experience. And on that night I experienced it.

A special moment indeed. You have several guests who appear on the record with you and one of them is one of my absolute all time favorite singers. I cut my teeth on him.

It has to be Russ Taff. I grew up listening to Medals and The Way Home, his self-titled album too. What was it like to work with him? It was a dream come true.

My absolute hero in music is Russ Taff. I worship the ground he walks on. All of those albums you mentioned are some of my absolute favorites of all time. The Way Home especially, I wore that thing out. We did a Gaither event a few years ago.

Mercy Me lyrics: 84 song lyrics

That must be pretty cool — someone you look up to, even idolize and now he is there listening to you. Yeah, it is totally cool. That kind of freaked me out. Afterwards I got to go meet him and we talked for awhile. I just kept telling him over and over again how much I loved his stuff.

I think he thought I was a stalker because I knew things about his career that he had forgotten about. I told him that if I ever did a hymns record that he had to be on it.

In fact we can only do a vocal today if we do it. But you are probably not even in town so never mind. He calls back and says he had just finished jogging and that he would be there in two hours. And of course I was a nervous wreck. He came in and knocked it out of the park. We are just dear friends now. As you were saying that I was thinking that this project is definitely God-ordained just in the way it all came together.

Changing gears, what do your Mercy Me band mates think of all of this? They are totally digging it. They were the ones who kind of encouraged me to do it. I was nervous as far as how they were going to feel about it.

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I thought, do they think I am leaving? It would be natural for them to think that. I have pretty much always been about — if I write that song or whatever, it is all for Mercy Me. Anything I want to do is for Mercy Me.

But this was one idea that if it was Mercy Me it would be career suicide because it is so different. They got it when they heard it.

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Artistically they thought it was great. They were really proud of it. It is very non-threatening. They were cool about it. I wanted to do this so badly that the hardest thing would be if they just really insisted on me to not do it. That would be harder to bear for me. Not that I would quit and say I am doing it anyway. And I know you'd live with me my darling in a cardboard box But I'd rather build you a castle with doors and locks Something to own, something to call our home Foundations made of stone And I almost had it, you know.

But when I looked at the big picture I saw the rich getting richer When I tried to play the long game I was on the losing team. Age 30, still lives with his mum Some think him slow, some call him dim. Now Jim has an allotment He inherited it from his dad. He spends his daylight hours there Some call him weird, some think him sad. I often pass the allotments with their Neat and tidy rows and rows Of onions, carrots, peas and beans.

Was it One of them who snitched on him? Cos one fine day two men in suits Turned up and wanted words with Jim.

lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

They told him they would call him in To take a new computer test. To see if he was fit for work He needed to be reassessed. Jim said, I work. He handed them the spade he used As if to say, you try it then. They were distinctly unamused. They tried their best to make him see That welfare cheating was a crime. Soon after that Jim disappeared. His patch in which he took such pride Was left uncared for all year long.

His flowers withered soon and died. Sent for a night job office cleaning Poverty pay, unsocial hours. I see him smiling to himself And wonder, is he quite so dim? Or is he really faking it? And if he is, good luck to Jim.

lyrics pleased to meet you mercy me songs

Can We Afford the Doctor? Kerr Can we afford the doctor The dentist, the midwife, the nurse? And if only the rich can afford to be sick How cheap are the lives of the poor?