One to marketing vs relationship

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one to marketing vs relationship

One is focused on customers; the other is focused on sales. What's a marketer to do? In this lesson, we'll talk about the basics of relationship. DOI: / // Customer engagement: transactional vs . relationship marketing. Tereza Šonková, Monika Grabowska. Relationship Marketing Vs. Internet Marketing; which one. Contribute to Gain Higher Level of Consumer Loyalty. By. Abstract- Under intense and rapid change .

The transactional approach views the client solely as a vehicle for sales, while relationship marketing establishes a relationship with the person behind the sale. Transactional Marketing Transactional marketing is focused on a single objective, and that is making the sale.

one to marketing vs relationship

Transactional marketing tactics include advertising and promotions exclusively geared towards immediate sales. The clock is ticking, and the goal is to sell as many of the featured item as possible. The product manufacturers do not take the time to build relationships.

one to marketing vs relationship

Rather, they use incentives, discounts and buzz words to make as many sales as they can during a short period. Relationship Marketing Relationship marketing has broader, longer-term goals than transactional marketing. Relationship marketing focuses on developing long-lasting relationships with clients to secure sales well into the future.

one to marketing vs relationship

Some relationship marketing strategies including branding, customer service training, community and media relations, social media, newsletters, blogs, referral programs and frequent buyer incentives. These marketing efforts are investments in the promise of long-term sales. The results were both clear and compelling.

Relationship Marketing vs. Transactional Marketing: A Biased Discussion

Reputation Trumps Relationship Figure 1 tells the story. We also looked at what factors tipped the scale in the final selection of the services provider. Why Reputation Marketing Matters Why is reputation so important for professional services? On one level it is quite simple. Put yourself in the Buyers' shoes. You have an important challenge facing your organization and you need professional help to solve it. You have narrowed down potential vendors to two firms.

One is well known as being the best in the business at solving that very problem. The other is one with which you have a good personal relationship with one of the partners but they have no reputation for solving your important challenge.

Relationship Marketing vs. Transactional Marketing

Which firm would you choose? In most cases Buyers have no direct way to assess the competency of a firm.

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They are compelled to rely on indirect indicators, such as reputation. Perhaps your golfing buddy could solve your problem. But are you willing to take the risk?

one to marketing vs relationship

What if you are wrong? Unseating an Incumbent One of the biggest challenges facing a professional services business developer is how to unseat an entrenched incumbent.

Reputation Marketing vs. Relationship Building in Professional Services

It is usually very difficult to overcome the familiarity and trust established in an existing relationship. But the data points to a possible approach. Of all the potential marketing approaches, developing a reputation for producing results is the most likely to be successful.