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For a complete list of data connections, select More under To a Server. Often at the worst possible time. This tool performs a query into the Maximo Database, returning records that are within 21 days of, or beyond the deadline for owner action. Click Test Connection to verify the connection details. Accurate and complete documentation of each and every NC is of paramount performance. This is a pre-compiled program, meaning the program pre-processes the necessary information overnight, resulting in a quick and easy user interface that gets you the answers quick.

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Asset Spare Parts Email Reminder. It automatically sends emails to the system owners, notifying them of the exceptions and “encouraging” them to make corrections.

Creating an ODBC connection to an IBM DB2 database – FME Knowledge Center

If Tableau can’t make the connection, verify that your credentials are correct. Contact your administrator if you don’t know which port to connect to. Much of my research into the Maximo documentation indicates I can dispute this position of theirs.

Asset Spare Parts Email Reminder This tool performs a query into the Maximo Database, returning records that are within 21 days of, or beyond the deadline for owner action. One is that in 7. This utility can be set up to run automatically at whatever frequency is desired. In the Name field, specify a name for the data source.


There are only a limited number of hours in a work day, and filling up a technician’s work load without leaving idle time or overloading is difficult and time consuming.

Once you import the data, you can perform data profiling to correct anomalies, and then transform the data according to your requirements by using mappings. Action Enter the user name and password within double quotation marks.

Ensure that the column names confirm to the rules for naming columns in the Oracle Database. Some of the errors that you may encounter while providing the connection information are listed here:.

All examples here share one or more of the following common motivations:.

Set Up Data Sources — Add more data to this data source or prepare your data maxim you analyze it. If you encounter problems implementing this solution, see “Troubleshooting”. Check with your IT for a list of all of them. This link was built into several various reporting tools by users simply utilizing MS Access or MS Excel much to the envy of the governing IT department.

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Select the database file and click Next. Also select the schema from which you want to import the metadata.

Maximo Metrics Reporting “What gets measured gets managed. Select Tables as the Filter condition.


If you cannot run a report to get what you need then your IT is failing to provide the reports you need. In the Edit Location dialog box, ensure that you enter user name and password within double quotation marks “. Results are achieved in seconds! It is possible that your server is configured to use a non-standard port.

Consuming Maximo7.5 data from Oracle.

The user name and password in the Edit Location dialog box are not enclosed within double quotation marks. IBMintegrationMedia channel For community support, visit: Therefore, the ODBC connection is the way for us to go. Now masimo version 7. Each agent has its own heterogeneous services initialization file.

Select SQL Server as the driver for which you want to set up the data source. Provide “tickler” emails to system owners to remind them to complete upcoming or tardy tasks. Odgc tool will send out emails to each owner, clustering all records for each owner into one email. Pareto charts can also be generated.