Meet and greet ariana grande honeymoon tour song

meet and greet ariana grande honeymoon tour song

The Honeymoon Tour was Ariana Grande's second concert tour and debut arena tour in VIP fans who purchased Meet & Greet tickets got an Ariana Grande bag with Grande said that they tried to fit as many songs from My Everything and. The Honeymoon Tour (); Dangerous Woman Tour (); The Sweetener Sessions (). The Dangerous Woman Tour was the third concert tour by American singer and actress Ariana Grande to promote After the song, Grande put on a jacket and performed "Everyday" as red lights dimmed the stage to a. One reserved ticket in rows 1 through 15 on the floor*; Meet & Greet and Group Photo Op with Ariana Grande (photo taken in groups); Pre-show Break Free.

Dangerous Woman Tour

During this time, there were many rumors of fellow recording artist Iggy Azalea joining Grande on tour due to their massive success on Grande's track, " Problem ", but these rumors were proven false when Grande and Azalea announced separate headlining tours in September and December, respectively. Tickets for the first leg of the tour went on sale to the general public on September 20, through Live Nation's website.

meet and greet ariana grande honeymoon tour song

The second leg of the tour started on May 14, in Paris, France and ended a month later on June 16, in BarcelonaSpain.

Tickets for the second leg of the tour became available to the public four days after the announcement, on November 21, To show her devotion for the tour, Grande tweeted "These rehearsals are kicking my ass but I love it.

Really want to make this show the best I'm capable of. Mu Gloves, which she will be using onstage during her performances. Mu Gloves, which were designed and created by Imogen Heapare used to alter the wearer's voice by moving their hands in different directions.

In the rehearsal video, Grande can be seen singing chords from songs such as "Why Try" while practicing with the technologically advanced gloves. It was then revealed during the opening night show that the same video posted is a part of a tribute dedicated to Grande's grandfather that takes place during every concert before she sings the ballad, "My Everything". Also noted in the article was that the rising ticket prices of Grande's tour had surpassed the ticket prices of fellow pop stars Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

In comparison to other pop stars, Grande fell behind the likes of Perry and Taylor Swiftbut managed to top other artists such as Meghan Trainor. She emerges from the stage to perform " Bang Bang " in a black bodysuit with a transparent skirt, followed by "Hands on Me".

Dangerous Woman Tour - Wikipedia

A short string interlude from the "Honeymoon Band" follows, which eventually transitions to " Best Mistake ", which sees the screens splitting with her atop a floating cloud prop wearing a jacket designed to match with the backdrop behind her. The next act starts with the hype man of the tour, also Grande's co-musical director "DJ Dubz" tap-dancing and leads to a video interlude showing Grande getting ready for an unknown event in front of a mirror.

This leads to the screens splitting once again and sees Grande riding a chandelier, wearing a sparkly short fringe-style dress accompanied with a feather boa, which drops her on the stage to perform " Right There ", then performing the song " The Way " and eventually announcing she will be singing a very old song, "Pink Champagne", followed by the song "Tattooed Heart" before exiting the stage for a costume change.

The next act starts with an interlude from the band, which leads to the screen showing the beginning of the music video for Grande's song " One Last Time ", which she performs after in a silver two piece similar to the one she wore earlier, accompanied by a plain dark teal hood white for later shows. Another video interlude follows, which shows artist Imogen Heap showing off Mi.

The Honeymoon Tour - Wikipedia

Mu gloves and explaining how they work, which is followed by Grande using the gloves on-stage while performing "Why Try". This is followed by another video interlude which shows a conversation between Grande and her now-deceased grandfather, then singing "My Everything", where she sits on top of a white grand piano wearing a long transparent attachable petticoat covered in fake white roses.

After an interlude from the crew dancing to her song "Lovin' It", she performs " Love Me Harder " which sees her atop a pedestal above the stage, followed by performing " All My Love " with a very upbeat and overworked choreography.

meet and greet ariana grande honeymoon tour song

It's very flattering on her so we have a lot of items in that shape. After the end of the countdown, ten dancers emerged onstage followed by Grande, who wore a black dress and high boots. The show began with " Be Alright ". Grande sang while performing a vogue-style choreography, while dancers, dressed in black costumes, move around her.

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During the performance, the rapper Future appeared in the projected video singing his verse. The song transitioned into an orchestral string interlude followed by video of Grande, with a purple aura around her, singing an intro for " Dangerous Woman " that did not appear on the video release. Grande performing "Knew Better" The second part of the show began with an extended version of "Knew Better" during which Grande and her dancers dressed in street-style white clothes, followed by "Forever Boy", featuring colorful stage effects.

Stage projections and visual effects were shown as Grande again stood atop an elevated platform. After the end of the song, an extended version of the song played as Grande went backstage for a costume change, and a backing band guitars, drums, bass and keyboards arrived onstage. Rapper Nicki Minaj was shown on the video screen in scenes reminiscent of the official music video during her verse.

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Next, during "Greedy", fake money with Grande's face on it fell onto the audience. The song then transitioned into " Focus ", during which the screen showed scenes from the music video.

meet and greet ariana grande honeymoon tour song

Grande ended the set with "I Don't Care" and exited as the band played an outro for the song. Grande performing "Thinking Bout You" The fourth part of the show started with Grande returning to the catwalk wearing a white bra and harem pants and singing " Moonlight " as she knelt in front of a celestial background and projections.

Grande thanked the audience and bade them farewell as the band ended the song.