Skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

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skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

Skylanders: SuperChargers (but only for unlocking Skystones) In the 3DS version of Trap Team, the Nightmare Villains take over the role of Dr. Krankcase with his own "Meet the Villains" trailer, being the main villain in the Light in the. Watch the latest trailers, reviews and interviews from Skylanders Trap Team: Meet the Villains: Dr. Krankcase Trailer on Gamereactor UK. Check out the latest Skylanders characters and discover all of their background information and stats. Dr. Krankcase Master Candy Coated Chopscotch.

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skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

Scroll down to the bottom for a list of villain time stamps. All Bad Guys of Swap Force https: This is our first gameplay surprise, enjoy the fun! Royalty Free Music by Audiomicro.

Skylanders: Trap Team - Nightshade Boss Battle

Favorite All Undead Villains in Skylanders: Battle and Capture Sequence of Kaos in Skylanders: We all play Mirror of Mystery for you guys! What do you think?

skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

Then they hop in the game! Kaos vs Skylanders Imaginators Again!

  • Skylanders Trap Team: Meet the Villains: Dr. Krankcase Trailer

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skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

We bought this at Target and the other 6 traps are duplicates so we are giving those away for a contest. He is still, however, a maniacal mad scientist who enjoys creating evil inventions and won't hesitate on unleashing them and his own abilities upon those who oppose him and the Doom Raiders.

After his rehabilitation in Imaginators, Krankcase still holds great pride in his inventions, but now believes that science should be used for the greater "GOO'D" of Skylandsas he puts it. Story History No one is really quite sure exactly what Dr.

skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

Krankcase is a doctor of The secret to his success lies in his modified concoction of glowing green goo, which causes wooden objects to come to life and turn evil. His unique skillset makes him a valuable asset to the Doom Raiders, who have plenty of nefarious uses for evil wooden creatures called Evilikins.

It is also commonly known that Dr. Krankcase served as an evil inspiration to Kaos once upon a time, who had figured out how to make his own wooden creatures, the Wilikinscome to life after reading about the doctor's exploits in the Minion Monthly Catalog. Kaos also respected Dr. K's interest in world domination and doom engineering, not to mention his well-documented love of pickles. Krankcase as seen in Skylanders Issue 12 Dr.

skylanders trap team dr crankcase meet the villains

Krankcase, and the other Doom Raiders, were freed from Cloudcracker Prison by Kaos who attempted to assume leadership over the villainous group. However the villains were more willing to follow the orders of their original leader, the Golden Queen. When the Skylanders shut off the supply of goo needed the power the weapon, Dr. Krankcase quickly found a solution to the problem to avoid the Golden Queen's wrath.

The mad scientist explained that by burying a slice of cheese, it can grow incredibly stinky 10, years in the future where the Doom Raiders can retrieve it and bring it back to the present.

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Since a Portal Master was needed to travel through time, Dr. Krankcase and Wolfgang were assigned to retrieve Kaos. The Skylanders confronted Dr. During the fight, Wolfgang arrived, and the mad scientist was left on his own when the werewolf only came to collect Kaos and take him to Time Town. Krankcase was eventually defeated despite the best of his abilities, and was captured shortly afterwards.

Dr. Krankcase

He wanted the mad doctor to see a diorama to see if he found it fun. However, Krankcase instead melted it with goo gun, much to Leyland's horror, though he hinted that their might be a surprise behind it.

Krankcase was then awarded with the Wilikin's thanks, a new outfit, and the Bobby hat. Krankcase attempted to enter the race and win despite being in a clear advantage over the Mabu children. Knight Mare quickly entered the race as well and chased after the villain.