Magcon preferences how you meet

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magcon preferences how you meet

Read How you meet~Matt from the story Magcon Preferences by nat12styles (Natalie Grier) with reads. preferences, magconfam, imagines. Through. Read Where you meet from the story Magcon Preferences by izzy28young (_xx. teenbooks.info_) with 45 reads. shawn, nash, aaron. Nash: Lacrosse game Cameron. Read How You Meet from the story Magcon Preferences by Dallas_x (claudia) with reads. taylorcaniff, nashgrier, shawnmendes. Cameron - You're at a.

I should have put them closer to me. Let me help you up! Matt finally speaks up and says "I'm fine don't worry about it. I might need a break from that fall though. Mind if I sit with you?

You got meet and greet tickets to his concert in your local arena. You were the last one to see him. Shawn looked so tired and drained from his amazing performance but as soon as his eyes met yours he found a new lease of life and was so energetic.

He raced through all the girls that were eager to meet him, taking a photo, signing things, kissing their cheek.

Once he got to you, he was speechless. He was blown away by your beauty he couldn't talk, you had to do all the talking! You were stood there with him for 20 minutes talking about everything, your conversation flowed so naturally.

magcon preferences how you meet

He was desperate to see you again. He shyly asked for your number and of course you gave it to him. You didn't sleep much that night because you were texting him all night long! You were his new nextdoor neighbour. You had just moved to Shreveport, Louisiana and you were terrified about starting a new life in somewhere completely new.

magcon preferences how you meet

As you unloaded your boxes from your car, you saw your new neighbours come back to their home. Your mum arranged for a meal in town with them because you had nothing in and you hadn't even unpacked yet! You sat at the table at this lovely little Italian restaurant absolutely bored until someone caught your eye. Your eyes followed him to see where he was sat, turns out he was your neighbour's son she had been gushing about!

You both blushed and looked away, his mum and your mum smirked and nodded at each other knowing what was going on. You were at the cinema watching the brand new movie that you had been dying to see, you dragged your bestfriend with you so you wouldn't have to watch it alone. As you got to the ticket desk, you noticed the ticket guy was extremely attractive. Your bestfriend nudged you, but did it a bit too hard and you fell over.

You were so embarrassed and your popcorn had gone everywhere! The cute ticket guy- who's name badge said Jack- helped you up and helped you pick your popcorn up. He walked you over to the popcorn stand and got you a new tub for free. The boat is now completely next to you when the passenger gives you his hand.

MAGCON Imagines and Preferences

You can't just jump in front of a speedboat like that. You heard Nash laugh and yell "payback", so you splashed him too. They brought you back to land and you left with Cam's number in your phone. What you were wearing Shawn: You we're signing the song "Thinking Out Loud" in the mall to earn money for charity, when suddenly you hear the most beautiful voice signing along with you.

You look around and you eyes finally stop to a guy with a big smile on his face who is signing to all the words of the song. After the show, he comes to see you. When he gave you the paper, you saw there was already something written on it: Would you like to have a coffee with me right now?

You told him yes while he turned the piece of paper over, for you to see his phone number. You laughed and talked while heading to the nearest Starbucks. What you were wearing Jack G: You we're at an awesome party with your friends. Out of nowhere came one of the hosts announcing that it's time to pick a partner to dance a slow. You needed a bit of air so you went outside while the host puts on a slow song and your friends start dancingyou sit down while you can still hear people laughing and the music playing.

You heard someone approach you from behind. You turned around only to see guy looking at you with a big smile on his face. You guys continued dancing for a bit, then talked and laughed, and by the end of the nig ht you guys chose to see each other again the next day. What you we're wearing Carter: You and Carter have been friends since birth. You grew up as neighbors and we're always inseparable. Everyone always thought that you and him would end up dating one day but you guys always denied it.

At 13 years old you thought you had found the perfect guy. His name was Mark, he was funny, sporty, did everything with you and you loved him, but Carter got jealous because you weren't spending as much time together anymore and he was scared that he would hurt you. He told you this, which made you shocked and you guys got in a fight. It had been a year now, that you and Carter had hang out anymore and also your four year anniversary with Mark, but on this day Mark decided to dumps you over text.

So there you were crying alone in your bed room, since Carter's window was in front of your bedroom window, he saw you and decided to go comfort you. You jumped in his arm as you both started crying "you right You made tons of awesome, cool and popular Like us -; but after a week you really wanted to do some school activities.

Since you we're a cheerleader at your old school you decided to tryout for the squad. During the next 2 days, you we're waiting impatiently for a respond.

magcon preferences how you meet

You finally got the good news, you were now in the cheer leading squad with your friends. First practice was at noon outside at the same time and place as the football practice ohh, where all the cute and popular guys are -. You got to practice and started stretching.

Suddenly, You here someone screaming. He tackles you while screaming "I got it". He gets up embarrassed, wipes his shirt and says "How you doing? Can I have your number? Oh I didn't realize how gorgeous you we're so That night, Hayes texts you. What you were wearing Nash: You were at the beach since you are a lifeguard.

Your shift was almost over maybe about a half hour left. Nothing had happened that day so it had been a very long one.

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You heard screaming and yelling, you looked over to see a group of guys running around the beach, yelling and being annoying. Since you were bored you decided to go over and ask them to be quieter. I didn't get your name? He smiled and walked back to the other guys.

You smiled and went back to your chair. Your shift was finally over and you were on your way to your car. You turned and saw Nash running over to you. He had caught up with you and you were both slowly walking towards your car.

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His face lit up and you exchanged phone numbers. You both said bye to each other and you left smiling. What you were wearing Matt: It was your first day at your new school, and you were starting third grade. Your dad had just gotten a new job and had to move to a new town. You were nervous since you weren't sure if you would be able to make new friends. Your parents brought you to the new school and you met your principal, he was very kind to you.

He gave you and your parents a tour of the school and the last class left was going to be your new class for the year. The school year was already a few months in, so all the students were learning and busy in class. The principal brought you into the class where he let you introduce yourself. Usually you were confident but all the kids were staring at you like you were an alien. You can't play sports!