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oportunidad de volar o buscar, y aprender la canción, mito e increíble sabiduría que los where he or she meets spirits, ancestors, and all kinds of forces, as well as the spirits of .. Crystals of dewy thought woven by magic, Por qué no amarnos todos nuevamente .. Dentro de nosotros mismos en felicidad y amor. Es una industria donde se aprende constantemente. . It's lunch hour at the eatery in Downtown LA where I'm scheduled to meet Leyna. . Pure magic. .. Ahora más que nunca es importante amarnos a nosotros mismos y. If I only had one wish before I died,it would be to meet you face to face and tell you how much I LOVE YOU! .. You are the magical mixture of a man and an angel. estara siempre con nosotros y vivira en nuestros corazones y en los hombres, amarnos todos sin distinción y asi tener un mundo mejor.

To take the risk. I am now able to give and recieve love again. You have been the bestfriend I never got to meet but hopefully will someday.

You have been the only person who would grieve over the pain of the world like me. The pain of the children, the planet. I could not watch tv and see these things for I would cry. But you, you understood me completely and let me know that it is ok to be different.

You have brought me closer to God. You have brought me closer to life and you have healed me on so many levels. You have inspired me to take chances.

You have inspired me to live. One more thing, I just want to say that even if you never return I will not be disappointed. In fact, more than anything I want you to be happy even if it means being absent from you fans and admirers.

I love you and support you completely. I give you my heart to keep and to hold. May it shine and keep you warm on even the coldest nights. You are not alone.

I enjoyed the melody, the harmony, the song, the dance, the short film, the talent. I apologize for my ignorance. I hope you forgive me. I have a funny feeling you will. I appreciate and thank you for this incredible adventure. No matter where you are, I know your stamp is all over this.

It has been and continues to be a learning experience for me. I thank you for your message of awareness, awakening and L. I now know what I have—a wonderful genius. I also know that I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to. I can be awaken and know that my power lies in how much love I feel for myself, others and the world. I love you and you are alive in my heart no matter what. Thank you sooo much!! I wish you all the best!

I send my love and prayers to you, your children, your family, your friends, your pets, you fans, everybody. Lol Sincerely, T P.

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This blog actually inspired me to start a blog of my own. You can click on the letter T to check it out if you like. I would never ignore you.

We love you and we will wait for you for all eternity. You brought me convictions, you brought me joy, you uplifted my self-esteem and you brought me into a game of L. Also, I made friends because of you. Good people, fans that wanted to search the truth just as me. I know you did this to bring more love to this world that is so full of hate… I know you are realising your biggest dream right now, which would be to change the world.

You taught us Love, compassion and respect, and we followed you. Michael, I am one of the privileged one that had a chance to meet you. I feel really blessed by it, really. And since I met you, I never stopped telling to people how much your love for the fan is so true.

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You were very loyal to me, you treated me as a friend of yours, as If I had always been into your life. You do really care about us… Since, I met you back on september 12th with my daughter Kelia who was born on same day than you and my boyfriend Sebastien, I have had the opportunity to get the attention of the media here in Quebec, Canada.

Anytime something big would happen with you, they would call me. I have always defended you and always will. And I have a strong feeling they will call me soon! I would be so honored.

People really knew me here in Quebec canada for being your number one fan so I would be a pretty good choice, lol! And being a mother, it would be fun to be able to stay at home with my 2 kids and doing at the same time, the best job in my life… Here is one interview I did on the day of the memorial before I was a beLIEver: I did it with respect, I put a lot of work and research into it, and most of all, I put all my heart into these videos. I am really proud about it and I hope you will get the chance to have a glimpse of these: You have so many people selflessly Now we come.

The beloved soldiers are ready, at any time. I would like to see you smile. You give me hope! If you need us, if you only want conversation, or to share sadness, sorrow or joy, you can find us at any time. The blue planet is probably not too blue? But what good was not so long ago. Now gray, smelly, smoky. Therefore, only the man is guilty! To beat the man in nature, And this natural joy? The normal intelligence have to deal with this? Take only as much as needed The voracity useless.

Our ancestors, the nature requested, Just say what they read enough. No matter at what cost? It does not matter if you are not a bird sitting on a branch? Rainforest shrinking, Waters are no longer donate. Everything you people attack Why is this good, and to whom? Where is the common sense? MAN Are not you afraid? Suddenly you realize you will not be where you live!

I ask that when you meet with Michael again remember me! I have a gift to give to Michael. My twitter docesmensagens Amanda Hellen teresa25 1. That I have loved you from the beginning. It seemed like a crush at first,you know how you like the performers music and such,but then as I grew older and began to see Michael Jackson-not Michael the performer,fame,fortune …etc.

I became one with you,my heart ,my soul,my entire being. I wanted to tell you so many times How much I love you,sincerely love you,not for your fame,fortune,but for You Michael. I wanted to tell you this for many years,and wanted to sooooooo bad be physically by your side during your hard times with the molestation crap going on. Believe me when I say I was there in spirit and heart.

Unfortunately,you were very hard to reach and I became shy of trying anymore to reach you. A person like me would never be able to reach you,I am a mom ,and live a quiet life. My life has been hard,abusive childhood,abusive relationships,so bad that I remained single now for 14 years. And not the fan love but the true deep butterfly stomache love.

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No,this is no crush,this is REAL love. Your everything I wanted in a man,sweet,caring,loving,giving. Are not afraid to show his emotions,a family man who loves his kids dearly as do I. In the way towards the door of the room there was some people stopping and prostrating themselves in front of Guruji. My first thought was: Oh, no, how ridiculous! But then something happened and my heart said: I walked and kneel in front of him while touching his feet with one hand and touching my heart with the other.

But he was wrong.

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The moment I was able to prostate myself in front of him changed my life: At the same time I was discovering my ego for the first time and beating it up. The problem was not his ego, it was mine. My enormous ego, the size of Mt Everest. And with one small act I let it go, connecting instantly with the most beautiful feeling of humbleness and gratefulness, not only towards Guruji but towards myself, for putting me in that position that was so hard to handle until I discovered that, when in difficult position: Iyengar will be known because of his incredible work stimulating yoga in the West.

When we think of him in the future, we will think of his method, the alignment, the props and his passion at the moment of teaching. We will think of his bestsellers and we will imagine him doing something amazing with his body, or taking an ultra long inhalation at Harvard, receiving recognitions from universities all over the world and even from his own nation.

Out there we can find all the senior teachers that have been studying with Guruji and learnt directly from him all of the things that constitute his method of teaching. They are also responsible for the expansion not only of the method itself but also for the devotion that exists towards Guruji. We can also find the people that work close to him in his institute and in all the charity work he did in Bellur his hometown. I went and spend those months in India expecting to become a better Iyengar Yoga practitioner and teacher.

Sometimes we think we know why we are going somewhere but I have learnt that the reason we believe in is never the reason that life has prepared for us. On that trip to India I not only got what I expected, but much more: I got a better understanding and knowledge of myself observing me through the eyes of an incredible man that taught me that yoga is about learning how to deal with ourselves only to be able to go further and transcend the world as we know it.

May the fire he lighted in our hearts, illuminate his way towards the Self. Pero yo estaba equivocada. Yo —mezclando shock y jet lag- no supe que hacer en absoluto. No dije una sola palabra. Fueron solo cinco a diez los minutos que pasamos solos. La clase de las Mi primer pensamiento fue: Puse mi frente en el suelo, diciendo Gracias! Estaba descubriendo y combatiendo mi ego, al mismo tiempo, por primera vez. El problema no era su ego. Era mi problema, mi propia pared interna, mis prejuicios y mi mente jugando juegos conmigo.

Mi ego, enorme, del porte del Everest. Yo no soy ninguna autoridad al hablar de Guruji, su vida y su manera de ser. Yo fui a pasar esos meses a India esperando transformarse en una mejor practicante y profesora de Iyengar.