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Junior NTR starrer 'Nannaku Prematho' figured in the CAG report, tabled in Parliament yesterday, with the government auditor pointing out that the actor claimed. Nannaku Prematho Story Leaked Online Spoiler Ahead Ntr Sukumar Plot. SPOILERS AHEAD! Is This The Story Of NTR's Nannaku Prematho? direction of Sukumar has been announced by the duo at Kumar 21 F's success meet, yesterday. Nannaku Prematho () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Years pass, his three sons grow up to be successful in life. Story: Nannaku Prematho was the story of love between father and a son. . Watched this film yesterday and i was blown away, i came out of the cinema and literally had no words to say about.

The climax deserves a special mention. The scenes between father and song,hero and villain are strong points and scenes with heroine are just okay.

Its rare to see films like this these days and Nannaku Prematho has to be watched by one and all for its visual grandeur and Gripping narration despite its flaws.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Spoilers Nannaku Prematho brings together in my opinion the best Telugu actor in the industry at the moment and easily one of the best directors in Tollywood.

The NTR and Sukumar combo is deadly on paper, this is because neither has Sukumar ever came close to making a bad film neither has NTR ever given a bad performance.

So they fit like a glove on a hand. So as you can see like others I also had mammoth expectations with Nannaku Prematho. Sukumar as he is know for now,made sure the film was up to international standards.

The sets, the locations, the clothing, cars etc all the production values were top notch. The films biggest asset however is the films hero NTR, who is shown in a completely new light,he totally commands the film, Sukumar made this ultra massy hero into a sophisticated man convincingly on screen.

But the films not without its blemishes which I will get into later. Story wise Abhiram,whose father is in deathbed and has only 30 days of life left, takes the revenge on Krishnamurthy,who cheated his father in the past.

He gives him a run for of his money by trapping his daughter Divyanka. To take a look into the flashback, Krishnamurthy cheats his close friend and Abhiram's father, Ramesh Chandra Prasad, due to which Ramesh Chandra Prasad changes his name and identity and lives a normal life, away from his people. As known well that, the function is not just restricted to presenting the awards, but colorful dance performances and other events, even this time, IIFA kept its credit, planning many cultural events.

Almost all the awards are bagged by Baahubali and Srimanthudu in Tollywood. Especially Mahesh Babu is on the cloud nine as he got the best hero award and also several other awards to his first production venture Srimanthudu.

Why does experimental films, mostly lack commerciality? The Questions are many? Finally feltbyroses B Jr. Continuing the legacy, even NTR is able to opt unique characterization films, without missing the commercial aspects Commercial circle is inevitable to NTR No doubt, NTR is an out and out commercial hero. He has to carry out that image on his shoulders, throughout his life, with no option left, as blockbuster knocked his door, through movies like Aadi, Simhadri etc, which are dipped in commerciality.

But the interesting thing is, he managed to do experimental roles, remaining in that commercial circle itself. Movies like Adhurs, Yama Donga, Oosaravelli etc, come under the same genre. Though the young tiger enjoys, immense following in mass, there is a buzz that, he has the least female following.

The reason behind this buzz is any away there.

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Firstly, NTR is away from smooth romance in the films. He is even away from ultra modern avatars, considering that as a sign of threat, to lose mass pulse. Too much of violence is another major issue, in NTR films, where girls would be reluctant to watch his films. It seems, even NTR has felt that difference and is trying to wipe out that image and even trying to hug hotties, without dropping out the masses from his shoulder. What all they need, Nannaku Prematho gave! That attempt is made through Nannaku Prematho movie.

NTR is seen in an ultra modern avatar in the film. Throughout the movie, NTR managed to present himself in a different style. Be it in his dialogue delivery, emotions expressing style, several different shades can be observed in Nannaku Prematho movie.

Director Sukumar, who has proved his abilities in bringing out a stylish entertainer earlier, even proved the same this time too, with Nannaku Prematho. Along with that, he even owns the credit of bringing out a different stylish NTR in the film, which even girls are falling for this no more violentic, versatile hero now.

Temper is a teaser After the continuous failures like Rabhasa, Dhammu, Ramaiah Vastavaiah etc, which have huge violence content, NTR made up his mind to change his route. He again experimented portraying a negative shade character in Temper and fortunately secured a blockbuster, he was waiting for long. It was then, he got an idea of what to do and what not to. Luckily, Temper was followed by Nannaku Prematho, which was released on Sankranthi. He again experimented portraying a negative shade character in Temper WWW.

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After the continuous failures like Rabhasa, Dhammu, Ramaiah Vastavaiah etc, which have huge violence content, NTR made up his mind to change his route. What I do believe in is equality. There are issues that do disturb me when I read about things like domestic violence, what women have to go through… That is very disturbing. What I can do at my level, I try doing. COM Mumbai made Nimrat Nimrat moved to Mumbai inwith no knowledge that, the same city, is going to make her a star.

Popular brands behind Nimrat She even has the credit of being the model for over Childhood in army environment Born in Rajasthan, Nimrat was brought up in an army environment and thus hopping from city to city and from one school to another school. At a very young age, Nimrat lost her father in a counter- terrorist operation.

Com in Sri Ram College of Commerce. The movie even got screened at the Cannes international film festival. Being the first big movie, Nimrat got a challenging role and fortunately, she lived up to the expectations of her fans. The experience she garnered through her ads and few shows, helped her in correcting herself, in a few key scenes in the movie. This is a grand start to her career and hope she would be able to sign many big movies was identified by Bollywood audience.

The movie received a positive buzz among the audience and more than the collections, opposite Bollywood top stars in the coming days. It was then, Nimrat instantly rose to fame and was identified by Bollywood audience. May be most of the directors in Bollywood, had that knowledge and so coming out well, while others did not have such knowledge, and so delivering continuous flops. May be people like Farhan Akhtar, wanted public to know that, he is aware of all the crafts and so started exhibiting his talent in several crafts of the cinema.

Even after delivering a huge success, Farhan had to wait 3 years for bringing out another film. His second film was Lakshya, released incould not reach the expectations and at that time, he found tough to get the producers for the next film. Mixed talk became a milestone film After Lakshya, instead of convincing others to produce his film, he himself started WWW.

The impact of that movie, made Akhtar, to plan series and that confidence on the subject, gave Akhtar this time a tremendous hit in the form of Don 2, collecting about 2. Not just participating in the several crafts of cinema for show-off, Akhtar even earned an identity through awards as a singer, director, producer and also as an actor.

That boosted him to continue with acting, putting direction aside. However, he continued to produce the films of his choice, in which he made a screen presence and also other star movies too. They announced their decision to move away through a statement.

Our children remain our priority and it is immensely important to us, as responsible parents, that they be protected from unwarranted speculation and public glare. We sincerely request that we are given thea curse to Akhtar! It seems, is not going well for Farhan Akhtar, be it personally or professionally.

While, his 1st movie of the year, Wazir, could not impress many, on the other side, personally, he got divorced from his wife, after 16 years of relation. Even the female lead actors, can get good roles, in their 30s, 40s and even 50s too. B But the case is different in Tollywood. How charming and talented, the heroine is, after doing a couple of films, the makers would search for the new actresses. Especially, this trend is ongoing more, currently in Tollywood.

Fortunately, most of the talented actresses like Meena, Soundarya, Russia, Rambha etc. Challenging from early days itself Ramya Krishnan, is the actress in the similar lines of Meena, Raasi etc.

Even in the early days of her career, she performed many daring roles like Ammoru and earned a huge recognition in the Telugu film industry. Unlike other heroines, not sticking to the glamor and housewife roles, Ramya Krishnan explored herself, performing a variety of roles. COM time, Ramya was the only choice, if any maker tried to make a different kind of female oriented film or characterization. She even had the training in a number of dance arts like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, along with the western forms.

Right from the age of 13, she started acting in the films and till today, she is unstoppable. Dominated Rajinikanth Rajinikanth, who had a universal craze and, most of his films are said to be a one man show. She gained the countrywide recognition through that film.

Spicy too Even after the entry of the new heroines, she continued to do films, opting good roles. She never restricted herself to a single or two or three genres. But tried out every possible character, she can. She even performed many spicy roles, in her second innings, apart from performing the aunt, mother and other aged roles. Sivagami at the top notch No one can ignore Sivagami role in Baahubali, when something is to be talked about Ramya Krishnan.

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The actress, who had an experience of doing several roles for almost three decades, she herself accepted that, Sivagami role was her best role in her entire career. The emotion in the character was perfectly captured by Ramya Krishnan and thus became one of the major reasons, for the super success of Baahubali.

She was even part of Baahubali 2. After a long gap, Ramya Krishnan, was seen as one of the heroines of the film and pouring glamor even in this late age, was not an exception and that was proved through Soggade Chinni Nayana movie, which is roaring at the box office, increasing the theatres, week by week.

All her fans, who developed immense of love for her over the decades, are treating it as fortune to see, Ramya Krishnan in different type of characters, till date. She gained the country wide recognition through that film. He even increased his popularity, after his entry into the politics. He is considered as the god by millions of fans, across the Telugu states.

The film went on to be a huge success. It is the first days movie When a person, that too his son, has been announced to make his debut in the films, the expectations would obviously be very heavy. Starting from there, Balakrishna was opted in several films, as a child artist and second hero roles. The movie is even the industry hit at that time, running days in Guntur and days in Macherla.

After that movie, Balakrishna, did not have to look back in his career and went forward with the number of hits and also started giving competition, to his fellow heroes like Chiranjeevi. Open to experiments Even after earning huge fame as a commercial hero, Balakrishna did not stick to the same image and tested his luck in the variety entertainers like Bhairava Dweepam, Aditya etc, and proved that he can score success with the experimental films too.

Not just being the industry hit, the movie showered Nandamuri fans with the memorable acting of their hero. In those times, Samara Simha Reddy was termed as the trend setter and it even gave Balakrishna, a cult following among the masses, considering him as the trademark of faction leader roles.

Samara Simha Reddy influence was to that range, that audience could not accept him in any other role, and thus made, all his further movies as flops. It is said that he has bought himself a BMW 7 series which is white in colour. The BMW 7 series is supposed to be a super fast luxury car with a really powerful engine. We wish the Vikram Vedha actor hearty congratulations on his new buy! Oviya Exit Bigg Boss House? The latest is that,Oviya has requested for medical consultation and help because she is supposed to be feeling depressed and not fine.

The actress has also stated that, if not given medical help, she would want to leave the show immediately. Only if medical experts consult her and say that she is fine, would she ready to continue with the show.

Oviya also jumped into the swimming pool post the tiff and the other contestants had to help her out from the pool. She has now taken her stand regarding her stay and we shall have to wait to find out to know what would happen next.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates. Kanasu Kaano Kaalagalu, Starcast: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyricst: To know more, watch the full Interview. The official music video for the song, which was uploaded to YouTube inaccumulated close to six million views in just two years.

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