Batman and harley relationship advice

20 Crazy Details About Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy’s Relationship

batman and harley relationship advice

The new DC animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn is far from the causes is due to her relationship with the Joker, and Batman stands as. Through his care and guidance, Bruce learnt to care for others and the As Batman, their relationship was purely professional, though Gordon held the vigilante in . Their fight with Bane, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn turns Joker and Batman. I'm astounded that Harley Quinn's mother did not lose her mind fretting Relationship Advice From Harley Quinn's Mother 1 Relationship Advice From Harley Quinn's Mother Batman Describes The Batman Who Laughs.

But the aftermath was tough. I never thought someone could manipulate me the way this guy had.

And that's when the abusive nature of Harley's relationship with the Joker, which I didn't understand when I saw it in childhood cartoons, began to ring true. Over the years, I had watched and read as Harley distanced herself from the Joker. She came to realize who he really was and put an end to their romance.

That journey was not easy for her, and she is still recovering in the current run of her comic series. That is what makes Harley so real to me. She's been though sadness, regret, rage, and trauma as a result of this relationship, but she comes through stronger with every turn of the page. It's there that I found the inspiration to work through my own experience.

Granted, Harley is a fictional character and there are many stories of actual survivors that make much more of an impact than a comic book anti-hero ever could. I found strength in those stories as well, and I do to this day.

But there is something to be said about seeing a character you grew up with go through something you relate to, and coming out the other end stronger than before. About knowing that a character you love has been through a painful relationship, but refuses to be defined by it.

batman and harley relationship advice

DC entertainment She's here. She's queer Harley is funny, endearing, intelligent, and fearless. If she sees something she disagrees with, she attacks it with all her might.

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If she supports something, she is the best cheerleader you could ask for. She is empathetic yet opinionated, kind-hearted yet relentless — a complex character who does not always make the right decisions, but who is always empowered to make those decisions for herself. She shows us the importance of female friendship and support, and understanding of those who have different lived experiences than we do.

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Bruce tries to settle things with his pocket book instead of his fists, but Harley then shows up to beat up the activist and rescue the billionaire. Harley is later visited by Batman, who offers approval for her rescue; the one where she took down a passionate activist and condemned countless fish just so she could go on a date with Bruce. Its popularity was great enough that DC eventually began printing a new comic Batman '66 intended to tell new stories with this iconic version of Batman and Robin.

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To make things interesting, this comic eventually introduced its own version of Harley: Like in the main comics, she starts as a psychiatric specialist at Arkham Asylum before striking out as a villain.

In one issue, she and Batman convince Arkham's Warden to let Joker set up a special comedy night at the asylum! As you might have guessed, this is a terrible idea, and the Joker along with Catwoman use the distracting hilarity of the inmates' standup comedy to make their escape. The Dynamic Duo end up capturing them and saving the day, but it's pretty silly even for Adam West's Batman to go along with any plan hatched by the Joker without realizing it's a trap!

One of the more shocking universes is the one seen in the Justice League: Gods and Monsters movie. In this movie, the Justice League is filled with violent thugs who are very different from the heroes we know and love. To promote the movie, producer Bruce Timm and company released a series of online shorts, and in one of them, we see a frightening vampiric Batman.

Here, he's a human-looking vampire and eventually sets his sights on Harley Quinn. Harley is a serial killer who keeps heads in her refrigerator and poses dead bodies in her home. Batman defeats her, and when she surrenders, he bites her. What makes this terrible is how ambiguous it is— it is not clear if Batman is converting Harley or simply feeding on her blood.

Whether he kills her or converts her or lets her go, they are both complicit in her killing rampage. Batman didn't bother to try to stop her until he got hungry.

While these games do use much of the voice cast from the Animated Series, they are set in their own universe, and these games often kill or significantly change major characters.

Initially Harley just views Red Tool as a nuisance, but she does eventually get used to him enough to view him as a friend. So to her going on a date with Bruce is like going on a date with an entirely different person. And in this story Harley definitely wanted that date, even to the point of being willing to pay over a million dollars for it.

Bruce is auctioning off a date with himself for charity, and a lot of women turn out for it.

batman and harley relationship advice

Having heard of the event in advance, Harley decides she wants that date and proceeds to get the necessary funds through robbery. Harley wins the auction, rescues Bruce from being kidnapped, and then the two of them grab dinner. Despite how different they are, they both seem to enjoy themselves and end the night with a kiss.

A lot of people have questioned why a trained psychiatrist would so easily fall for a psychopath like the Joker when attempting to treat him, and it turns out the answer to that question might be that Harley isn't as well-trained as we have been led to believe. One interpretation shows that she went to school, but she may not have gotten an education out of it.

The panel above shows Harley at first stepping into the office of either one of her professors or perhaps even the dean of the school. But in the background you can see her school supervisor with his glasses askew, a dopey look on his face, and hearts surrounding him. The implication is clear: Let us know in the comments!