Max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

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max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

Tagged with max keiser stacy herbert married. The couple also host the weekly economics programme Double Down on Radio Sputnik Back. Stacy Herbert (born 12 March ) is an American television presenter and producer. Born in Huntington. In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the lead poisoning caused by bad decisions about the water supply in Flint, Michig.

Max Keiser

He's a prolific tweeter of bitcoin gifs. He's the founder of Heisenberg Capital and the love of my life which is why I've tried to play fair to the others on this list and tuck him away in the middle of the list.

D Jon Matonis - Jon Matonis is actually the reason we are even involved in bitcoin. In earlyhe sent me an email out of the blue to ask me if I had heard about this new thing called 'bitcoin' and that he'd like to appear on Keiser Report to discuss it.

The rest is history. He is, of course, a key player in one civil war raging in the community relating to blocksize. Amir Taaki - If Jon Matonis first got us involved, it was Amir Taaki who not only invited us speak at the first ever bitcoin conference in Prague inhe helped us understand the mind-blowing divine possibilities of bitcoin.

Adam Back - is an original cypherpunk and if you follow Lopp's excellent piece on their role in the development of bitcoin; you will understand the significance of Dr Back. Again, as founder and CEO of Blockstream, he is in the middle of one of the myriad civil wars raging in the bitcoin space; but he's OG so go follow and listen and then make your own decision.

'Get outta here!' Max Keiser beats 'Jamie Dimon' bankster

He was a gold bug, now he's a bitcoin fanatic. He's written a new book about it. Elizabeth Stark - co-founder of Lightning Labs. You'll be hearing a lot about her and her work in Jim Rickards - Jim is a frequent guest of Keiser Report. He hates is no fan of bitcoin and it's important, imo, to listen to such voices.

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He is a big believer in gold, rather than bitcoin, as a means of storing wealth and maintaining sovereignty. His background is as a lawyer, including as chief counsel for Long Term Capital Management, and managed that bankruptcy which almost took down the world's entire financial system. And, yes, he also works in intelligence. He engages with all as long as they are polite. She's seriously smart and an amazing presence. She's one of the women of AI which is really moving deep and far into the blockchain space.

Sensay recently had a successful ICO. Richard Heart is an entrepreneur turned bitcoin maximalist. He posts lots of interesting content on his Twitter feed and produces some really good interviews all about crypto.

Actually really only about bitcoin, he hates shitcoins. Perianne Boring - Perianne is the founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and was an early advocate for bitcoin and blockchain.

She tweets often and she speaks often at conferences all across the world. She's a tireless fighter and lobbyist for blockchain. He tweets interesting bitcoin related content all day long.

Max Keiser: The end of Britain

Great charts, great content. Jaromil was mining bitcoin on his laptop inor rather, Amir Taaki was mining bitcoin on Jaromil's laptop. Jaromil is a gifted speaker on the entire bitcoin, altcoin and blockchain topic because he's a top grade open source developer and a man of great integrity.

Charles Hoskinson - a real live cryptographer on the list. He was part of the ethereum launch team and is now involved in Cardano. Another smart guy, lots of interesting info.

max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

Pierre Rochard - a bitcoin maximalist with a great Twitter feed. Trace Mayer is an early investor, we've known him forever. He's such a great speaker on the topic and is a super generous guy, like crazy generous. Roger Ver is a shit stirrer of the first order. Everyone hates him now but that's probably all the more reason to follow him. He's a very early bitcoin investor and has used his vast bitcoin fortune to help people like Ross Ulbricht. DashForceNews - the Dash community is quite amazing.

I love their treasury model - it's the first DAO and it works. Lots of great content in his feed. He's been on Keiser Report and is an awesome guest. RT has million viewers. Everywhere I go, people stop me in the street. This perception is some way removed from the truth. Raised in an affluent New York suburb, Keiser was a highly successful Wall Street stockbroker and the creator and former chief executive of HSX Holdings, a company which, using his own software system, allowed traders to deal in virtual securities.

Put simply, this allowed you to gamble on the success — and, more disturbingly to the studios, on the failure — of a Hollywood film before its release. The practice was halted by the industry, but not before Keiser had sold his shares at the top of the market, adding to his already substantial fortune. But all around the world, working people love the show.

That, as you know, is an American company. The people who feel challenged are the banksters. Keiser maintains that the most effective form of resistance is through individual financial activism. He currently runs a highly successful crowdfunding site, piratemyfilm. Keiser was based in Villefranche-sur-Mer, near Nice, when he met Herbert, who is eight years his junior, in She was later associate producer on the acclaimed but highly controversial animated series Popetown.

Herbert and Keiser moved to London a year ago. Pretty much every financial scandal of the past 20 years has had its main component in London, because it has the least regulated banking environment.

This is very important for the US, because America outsources its own fraud to London, just as it outsources its labour to China. He has become fabulously wealthy with the contacts he made as prime minister.

Max Keiser: The end of Britain –

It is since New Labour that you have the rise of these incredible scandals: Low interest rates wipe out savers and devastate middle-class workers. The banksters have orchestrated this wealth transference of trillions, from the poor to the very wealthy. Which makes it amazing that George Osborne has a programme whereby people will exchange their rights as workers for shares. Why is he proposing this, if not to exploit that knowledge gap?

I am pro-capitalism and I am pro-free market. But what you have now is not capitalism. It is a state- controlled, command and control, centralised politburo. Both in Britain and the United States. The States is run by the Federal Reserve, an institution that answers only to itself and to a few large banks.

max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

Ben Franklin said that one of the main reasons America revolted was to get away from the Bank of England, the mother of all central banks; the most pernicious and insidious of all. What should he have done? The foremost reason that America got out of the Depression was not World War Two, or because of the Keynesian stimulus.

max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

There were others he failed to remove from office, who were guilty of orchestrating this economic collapse. He is a lawyer. But in Wall Street there is no law. Private-equity firms tend to specialise in leveraged buyouts: But if he does release the genie of even more deregulation, bankrupting the country, he would do so in the full knowledge of the crime he was committing.

I believe that Obama was less consciously aware of the stupidity he was engaged in. So how did he wind up prospering on Wall Street?

max keiser stacy herbert relationship advice

I did a lot of radio, and stand-up comedy. My biggest fear in was that the party would end. I remember walking in and seeing the brokers all looking up at the ticker tape on the wall. They were in very expensive suits and smoking cigars. I could see that, by this means, the party could continue. So I became a stockbroker. And the party not only continued, but intensified. It was a DIY revolution. I had no background in it whatsoever.

But in the early s suddenly there was the start of this bull market: It required no talent whatsoever to make gobsmacking amounts of money. A rhesus monkey could have done it.