Obama homosexual relationship sinclair

Catholic Monitor: Obama's Gay Sexual Misconduct Accusations & Atheism

obama homosexual relationship sinclair

There, Larry Sinclair, a gay man from Minnesota who alleges he snorted cocaine and had sex with the Democratic nominee, held a news. Official Sites: teenbooks.info teenbooks.info Páginas Oficiales: teenbooks.info teenbooks.info White House ramps up damage control over Obama Chicago gay history 1 embarrassing revelations about his homosexual relationship with her son. Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual.

Although their relationship is shrouded in mystery, there is a photo of the two men sitting together on a couch see above photo in what can only be construed as an intimate setting for no straight males would ever purposely sit that close together.

Despite rumors to the contrary, there was no travel ban to Pakistan prior to, during or after the time in question. Considering that the allegations which claim that Obama snuck into Pakistan on an Indonesian passport have since been proved false, it begs the question as to why these allegations were made in the first place. Said cancer is an apparent reference to the Islamic extremism and nuclear terrorism that the country of Pakistan allegedly engages in.

The two men reportedly bought cocaine and crack together before having homosexual relations in the back of a Chicago limousine operated by Five Star Limousine Service, and in the Comfort Suites hotel in Gurnee, Illinois. After revealing details of his encounter with Obama at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D. Considering that Sinclair has not been assassinated and was even allowed to publish his alleged sexual encounter with Obama in a book that is now being sold on Amazon, it can be deduced that Sinclair is a CIA operative who was either: Regardless of whether the encounter transpired in reality, the incident has given the CIA the blackmail material they need to keep Obama in line.

Roughly 3-years later on November 14,reports surfaced that Sinclair was killed in a hit and run accidenta claim which predictably turned out to be false. Like the book itself, the Sinclair death hoax served as a veiled warning to anyone thinking about going public with their homosexual relationship with Obama. After all, they may just suffer a fatal accident of some kind. TUCC was previously pastored by Jeremiah Wright who was allegedly running a matchmaking service for gay married black professionals within the church e.

Shortly after Obama launched his U. According to his death certificate, Bland was murdered in his home, dying of multiple gunshot wounds.

obama homosexual relationship sinclair

The cluster of three dead African-American homosexuals in less than days who all coincidentally belonged to the same gay club within the same church where Obama was an active member is no accident. Consequently, it appears that the men in question were killed due to: Coincidentally, all of the deceased were evidently gay men living in the Chicago area who were personally known to Obama.

Needless to say, dead men tell no tales, especially homoerotic ones. Consequently, Signator was privy to insider information about Obama, a political liability which eventually proved fatal. Evidently, Signator was more than just a driver to Obama. He wore his black White Sox cap; a gray T-shirt and black workout pants. He only stayed about 15 minutes.

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Considering that Obama belonged to the East Bank Club in downtown Chicago, his all too brief workouts with Signator appear to have been of a sexual nature in which no foreplay was involved.

Interestingly, when Politico contacted Signator via telephone, he declined to comment on his relationship with Obama and asked how Politico obtained his telephone number. People of Voltaire's time believed Christianity is "the art of making men drunk with ecstasy in order to divert their attention from the evils heaped upon them by those who govern them.

Jeremiah Wright was a useful tool and nothing else So Obama lives a life as president identical with his life before being president: It translates practically into humanism-atheism Marxism which started in the 19th century is essentially humanist, affirming the towering domination of man.

Marx like Obama believed in essential economic rationale meaning that the production of goods and services form the real basis of society. Economics is totally under man's control and he need not look to any god beyond his own collective genius to achieve happiness.

Among intellectuals there are two ways of looking at the purpose of human life. One is to begin with the world and allow one's intellect to soar after that to God. That is what's called philosophy. The other is to begin with God and allow one's intellect to explore the world.

That's what's known as theology. Obama follows neither route. That's why he has tried to redefine what we believe as "ideals and a set of values. Obama is a pragmatic materialist, an atheist-humanist who has placed the totality of his belief in man and the state as created by man. That's what I believe he is. Tell me if you agree or disagree by writing me at thomasfroeser sbcglobal. To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now.

Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Fails Polygraph Test

Following Larry's posting of 3 self made video's to YouTube. What ensued was alot of preparatory work, negotiations and set up. That agreed upon, the next step was for Larry to pass a drug test, which he did on February 22nd. Larry Sinclair wants to change the payout of our polygraph challenge and we've agreed. When he passes the test, he wants only enough money to pay off some outstanding debt of his mother's for Whitehouse.

Obama, his gay accuser and the lawyer in a kilt

What followed were 4 "grueling" hours of questioning. The polygraph was conducted by Dr. Dr Gelb has performed well over 30, tests over his years in the business. Sinclair was given two separate tests. The first dealt with the sexual allegations, and the second dealt with the drug accusations.

obama homosexual relationship sinclair

As a result of the first day of testing it was determined that Mr. Sinclair was being deceptive in his answers.

obama homosexual relationship sinclair