The indecent relationship between four lovers full

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the indecent relationship between four lovers full

If you liked the The Indecent Relationship between Four Lovers (Light Novel) manga, Anime-Planet thinks you'd like these manga. Learn more about Full Project Approval Requirements. Volume 1 Cover. The Indecent Relationship Between Four Lovers (나와 그녀와 그녀와. The Four Lovers was a band formed in that was the result of vocalist Frankie Valli joining . on RCA Victor. Thus it contains the entire Four Lovers output except the two sides on their Epic single ("My Life for Your Love" and "Pucker Up"). . Edit links. This page was last edited on 28 August , at (UTC).

Two of her part-times were gone, so I was worried if things were going to be okay for the evening. Fortunately, it seemed her friend had come over to help her out. Although the Manageress was still exhausted, she started brewing the coffee. We were close to silent. All four of us were just sitting still, unable to look each other properly in the eyes. Eventually, the Manageress brought us the coffee personally.

As her older sister, I won't approve of this! Rather, put me in your harem instead of Ka-ryeon! There was a sound of a heavy thud for a second, but it became quiet shortly after. At that moment, the three girls who were sitting before my eyes stopped what they were doing and shifted their focus me, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.

However, I really had no desire to receive apologies from them. Were they feeling uncomfortable…? Ka-ryeon had sociophobia and was possessed by her fixation to become independent from her older sister whom she was relying on.

Yeon-hee had lost her parents at an early age, and was afraid that she would even become estranged from me— her only family.

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And it was the same for me as well. Perhaps it was because we had been living in such loneliness that we were trying form an indecent relationship with a person who could supplement ourselves. Their eyes were sparkling brightly for some time. I felt an immense burden every time I met their eyes. Please train me as you please.

There might be a boy that you really like. Since it was unnatural for a boy and a girl to be together constantly in a secluded room, she probably thought she had to step up to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Although I think there can be friendship between two genders. However, there were people in this world that were far better than me. All the girls were gazing at me: Yuyu with her face dyed red, Ka-ryeon with an ice-cold look, and Yeon-hee with a deep sigh.

I wanted us to get along and cherish each other as a school friend, as a co-worker, and as a family from now on… Why were they so discontent?

the indecent relationship between four lovers full

You really are a slow student in this subject, Sunbae. Yuyu got up from her seat all of a sudden and yelled, cutting off Ka-ryeon.

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People become insensitive if they only study! Also, why is Glasses picking your underwear?! We have to stop her. Yeon-hee, as though not to be outdone, grabbed and clung to my arm. Why are you acting like this?! Apparently the girls had more to discuss among themselves. It was good that they were getting along, but I wondered what they were discussing. It was in the Audiovisual Reference Prep Room, where we often meet up.

Every time she rubbed her knees against each other restlessly, her short skirt began to ride up, exposing her soft, white thighs to a dangerous height.

Even though I was surprised, I was a little excited, and before I knew it I was pressing my body against yours. S-So, I think I might have gotten you a-a-aroused. I'm ending it there! Perhaps embarrassed from her own recollection; the image of her quivering with her eyes closed shut reminded one of a small animal. As a beautiful girl who would certainly draw the attention of everyone if she were to walk down a street, her clear skin and her long, lightly coloured hair made her seem like a mystical foreigner from some other world.

Dressed in a sky-blue uniform, her slim figure was impeccable, and her long, slender legs below her skirt were adorned in a pair of translucent, black stockings. But halfway through, we had gotten into an argument with each other. She continued in a mellow voice with a mysterious smile on her lips.

The Indecent Relationship between Four Lovers

When I asked you if you really liked me or not, you suddenly forced me against the wall and stole my lips. The precocious allure of the girl, on top of her fragile appearance, created a strange ambiance around her. Any further description is dangerous, so I'll stop there.

the indecent relationship between four lovers full

Anyway, that's what happened in my case. Even at the very end, she had not blushed even once. The reason why you had laid your hands on me was because Although the two girls who spoke before weren't that big themselves, this girl was almost as small as a middle school— no, elementary school student. Her breasts were naturally flat, but she looked great in her black sailor suit school uniform that was quite a rarity in our country. Even though she had an exceptionally beautiful appearance that provoked one's protective instinct, her expression was stern and her eyes were devoid of coquettishness; anybody could tell that she had a cold personality.

They still had your scent. That's my secret hobby. Although it was a mistake getting caught by the actual person himself Looking at the results, you could say that it turned out pretty well in the end.

Swaying, her short black hair brushed delicately against her white cheeks. As soon as those words had left her lips her white cheeks turned slightly pink. Even so, she tried to continue the story, maintaining her composure. Don't you think you've been reading too many weird comic books?! Weren't you the one who claimed that you did obscene acts in school?

the indecent relationship between four lovers full

That's a public place, you know? I think you're the biggest pervert here. You're number one in the World Pervert Ranking. She should be number one, too! You should have done it at home like me. Especially when that little sister had so daringly threatened and assaulted her older brother when she was caught in the act.

Isn't that right, Miss Yeon-hee? Are you suggesting that I'm lying? We did it even more times even after that! That's totally like r-rap It was just that he had an intense desire for me. You're still in your first year of high school.

In reality, isn't it just taking advantage of him sexually under the pretext of marrying him?