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bragg. braggsr. brahim. brahma. brahman. brahmin. brahms. brai. braian maddi. maddie. maddison. maddog. maddox. maddux. maddy. maddy_ .. meet. meeting. megan. megane. meganerin. meganj. meganr. megant swap. swap_. swapna. swaps. swapsfti. swaraj. swat. swatch. swathi. swati. Throughout the day, at coffee shops, at gas stations and on Facebook, residents continued to swap stories of confusion and alarm. Maddi. He did an excellent job to meet my requirements on my hair. .. If you don't know who Maddi Bragg is, she is a YouTuber with a shoulder cut hair length.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas haul for and lemme know in the comments if you stayed till the end because if you did wow ur an OG. I show you what I'd typically do after school for my night time routine! I did vlog it, dw! Music provided by Audio Library https: This is my realistic morning routine for back to school Don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos: I will state in the video and in the description if the video is sponsored by a brand or company.

I am 17, my birthday is October 13th. This week was such a good week for me! I made my first mukbang in this vlog, let me know if you want to see more of them! Don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos: In today's video I show you how I edit my thumbnails for free.

I also get a present for passing my driving test! I was planning on doing weekly vlogmas but when I edited this I found that It was already so long so I decided to only put 3 days together!

I hope you enjoy it even if I'm not doing much, but this is my life right now. Dropbox isn't profitable but it's fully committed to its free service tier Peterson: Dropbox has a freemium model for consumers. We see this at Spotify too, which is also going public soon, where neither company is profitable, and you both have this freemium model.

Do you think that's a necessary part of your business model, or do you ever see Dropbox phasing out that model?


The million registered users are important to us. They create network effects that are how we grow. People sign up for Dropbox. Usually they find out about it from a friend.

Then they share a file with another friend and that friend signs up. What happens in many businesses, you already have many people using Dropbox as an informal solution before they even pay us. So those users effectively are sales people over time. And that enables us to spend less on sales and marketing than our competitors.

You joined Dropbox in How has the company changed? Are there any big programs that you think have been important in your time there? We've grown a lot. We were about people then and now we're about 2, Revenue has roughly quadrupled.


From a business standpoint, Dropbox Business existed and was pretty nascent. We had not built some of the controls that were required to compete in larger and larger teams.

So we have done that and obviously we're winning in the market lots of larger companies. I think from a cultural standpoint, Drew and Arash have been really focused on preserving the culture, codifying the values, trying to make sure that as we grow, we don't lose touch with those values.

And that goes from who do we hire, to who do we promote, to how do we evaluate people? Can you share what those values are? I'll share a couple.

One of them, and one of the most important one, is be worthy of trust. If you think about our business, people are entrusting us with their most important information. It could be project plans, or videos related to Saturday Night Live.

That's been fundamental to the business. Another one is aim higher, so always be stretching yourself, stretching your team, trying to deliver experiences that are magical, and surprising and helpful and delightful.

And that also informs our product vision. And we think Paper is that kind of experience where you ind of discover things along the way that you wouldn't have expected the product can do. Dropbox straddles the line between consumer and enterprise Peterson: Is there anything about the Dropbox story that you think surprised investors?

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I think it did surprise people that we have four billion pieces of content, we have a billion AutoCAD files, we have billions of Office docs, and we havedevelopers working on the Dropbox platform that integrate Dropbox into all kinds of workflows I think some people who haven't followed the story for a long period of time think of us as that consumer company that we started out as.

People like to put you neatly in the consumer box or in the enterprise box. Keep yours in check by brushing them upward, then plucking or trimming any stray hairs. Use a pencil to lightly fill in any gaps—we love M. Makeup artist Erin Parsons has the fix for that. Use a clean lash curler to carefully! Sophie wears Pierre Cardin glasses. Freckle Face Freckle FaceLike glasses, freckles were once seenas offbeat. Since freckly types are jacket.

Skip themakeup, and put on abright pair of frames. Choose a shade thatflatters your skin—or justmakes you happy—andwatch your whole facelight up. Photographed by Matthew Frost. I was obviously nervous but was immediately put at ease when she gave me and my For Zendaya and the First mom a big hug and we all instantly bonded over our Lady of the United States, height.

We have the dopest First Lady ever. Sorelle earrings, ensure that adolescent girls around the globe have access to the education they deserve. Details, see agreed to do anything for Mrs. Obama, but as the daughter of teenvogue. Oakland, California, at inner-city schools that were always underfunded. Watching her was magical; it instilled within me a true appreciation of and devotion to the importance of education. This is especially true for girls, who are sometimes targets of physical violence for even trying to get an education, and who can do little to improve their lives or communities without schooling.

Once you have knowledge you are empowered, and no one can take it away from you. What inspired you to start Let Girls Learn?

This issue has always been personal for me. But with a lot of hard work—and a lot of financial aid—I had the chance to attend Princeton and Harvard Law School, and that gave me the confidence to pursue my ambitions. A few years ago, I had the honor of meeting a young Pakistani woman named Malala Yousafzai, who was shot and nearly killed just for trying to go to school.

There are girls like this in Z: Who did you look up to growing up? Clockwise from top left: In fact, there are more than 62 million MO: But he was determined to pay whatever tiny part heMO: Sometimes the issue is resources: You recently traveled to several countries, including Liberia,their periods, and they wind up falling behind and dropping to promote education rights for girls.

What did you witness? But often the problem is attitude.

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Many wake up before dawn to work ineducation in the first place. At school, they are thoroughlyminds as well. Theysecond-class citizens or as full human beings entitled to the dream of being engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, andsame rights and opportunities as men.

Did you like school?

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I was an incredibly devoted student, and I would often especially after you leave the White House? But even so, there MO: I see myself—and my daughters—in these girls. Zendaya wears a Monse top. Here, the money rules no one tells you. Artwork by Rachel Baran. As the child of very strict, working-class parents, earning my own money was everything to me.

My mom was thrilled I want- I wish I could say that after all my hard work, I had some- ed to work as a teen and showed her support by driving me thing incredible to show for it, that I had a fat savings ac- around our three-stoplight North Carolina town, from de- count, graduated from college with zero student loans, partment stores to restaurants to movie theaters, as I excitedly or bought my first house by the time I was The truth is I wasted every cent.

I blew it on the usual suspects: When the but by Monday morning I was digging change from the time came, my dad helped me fill out tax forms and showed seats of my car to pay for a caramel macchiato. According to I can pinpoint the moment I went off course.

It was around investment firm T. More arrived later in had authored many of them.

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I quickly found the answers tothe week, each envelope marked with bold, red letters, all of my burning questions: How can I earn money onInterest! I dove into all of it, determined to resurface debt-freezero to about 20 percent, in my case.

Soon, I was regularly throwing down The first cutback I made was on my social life. Turns out,my credit card any chance I got. Iwas quickly getting into debt and ruining my credit score.