The relationship between pastor and church board

The Pastor as First Among Equals on an Elder Board | For The Church

the relationship between pastor and church board

the relationship between the pastor(s) and the congregation and when necessary , to and make recommendations to the church council or church board. by Jilmer Cariaga. “I pastored Dampalit (AG Church) for 17 years. It was never easy and I cried before I left. I think that's what life is, there are. In the church we frequently talk about the relationship between pastor and people as . Consult with the Committee on Ministry in the presbytery of my residence.

the relationship between pastor and church board

Or, worse, they feel as if they are viewed as an obstacle to be overcome or persuaded. When I mention to board members the potential of training, they almost always light up. Tweet The only way to build good relationships is through the investment of time.

Get to know your board members by visiting them at their job, having dinner with their family, simply asking how they are doing and how you can pray for them. These relational investments are as important as everything else you put on your calendar.

The Pastor as First Among Equals on an Elder Board | For The Church

Most elders know that there are significant differences between leading a business and leading a church, and they want to be trained to lead their church well. Consider inviting your elders to attend a church leadership-training event with you.

And provide some training yourself: Choose a good book on leadership and discuss it together. Invite a denominational or association trainer to provide a training session for the whole board. Share and discuss with the board the things you are learning as you are learning them. Yet board members want their pastor to have a pretty good idea of where he is leading and how he plans to get there. Listen to your board members when they provide well-meaning criticism about how you lead or how you relate to or work with them.

Tweet How might pastors lead their board members well? Never spring on the board a decision to be made that you have thought about for a time but not mentioned. Conscientious board members need sufficient time to make decisions; in fact, making good decisions is their responsibility. Be guided by your compass, not by the clock or calendar. Never let the leadership team forget why they are there in the first place. I encourage pastors to do the same with their boards.

Pick board members carefully.

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Please listen to your board members when they provide well-meaning criticism about how you lead or how you relate to or work with them. People who see themselves as leaders often believe their emotional and relational health frequently referred to as EQ is higher than others think it is. In his book, he puts it this way: Well, who then is involved in these decision?

The head coach decides how the team will play the game. He or she decides on what types of plays, who is on the field, when to call timeouts, etc.

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The senior pastor sets the vision of where the church is going and the tactics employed to get there. The senior pastor oversees the staff team, whether paid or unpaid and they are all responsible to him or her.

The senior pastor is the only person responsible to the board. The board holds the senior pastor accountable to the guiding principles. In other words, if the football team is winning games, the senior pastor is rewarded and if the senior pastor misses the playoffs three years in a row, the senior pastor loses his or her job.

These decisions are in the realm of the senior pastor. This is where most of us find ourselves.

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No, the staff is responsible to the senior pastor who is the Head Coach of the team. Well, you can probably see where this is going. They are the players in the game.

the relationship between pastor and church board

They execute the plan. The volunteers just support what the staff is doing. I think we might have this backwards. Paul writes to Ephesus: Clarity could keep you away from major conflict and it could lead your church to a place of greater effectiveness in ministry. Perhaps you follow a different model that works really well in your context or maybe you have experience in this model.

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